Synonyms of presents

  • as in offers
  • as in introduces
  • as in donates
  • as in todays
  • as in gifts
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Thesaurus Definition of presents

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Synonyms & Similar Words

  • comes out with
  • impersonates
  • reintroduces
  • reacquaints
  • contributes
  • administers
  • metes (out)
  • forks (over, out, or up)
  • pungles (up)

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

Thesaurus Definition of presents  (Entry 2 of 3)

  • here and nows
  • yesteryears
  • by - and - bys

Thesaurus Definition of presents  (Entry 3 of 3)

  • presentations
  • contributions
  • generosities
  • beneficences
  • care packages
  • benevolences
  • benefactions
  • remembrances
  • philanthropies
  • peace offerings

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synonyms for presents

  • here and now
  • present moment
  • the time being

antonyms for presents

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How to use presents in a sentence

Not long after the holiday presents are put away and the guests have gone home, another season begins.

America presents two contradictory narratives that it struggles to reconcile.

What are your feelings about the wave of support that always immediately presents itself from the other side?

As of Friday, just how the final publication would play out remained a mystery, like so many Christmas presents under the tree.

The prizes are impressive and give a window into just what sort of presents people give the pope.

This he was prevented from doing by Nabal's wife, who came out to meet David with fine presents and fine words.

The distinction is based chiefly upon etiology, although each type presents a more or less distinctive blood-picture.

Embodying in itself all the others, in some aspects of its character it presents these united in a singular and beauteous whole.

These facts are without a doubt among the most curious that commerce presents .

Suppose a person presents a check and the maker's deposit is not enough to pay the full amount, what can be done?

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    Synonyms for PRESENT: offer, give, stage, carry, perform, show, mount, display; Antonyms of PRESENT: keep, hold, retain, withhold, preserve, save, lend

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