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Updated August 02, 2023

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A teacher letter of intent is a letter used to attain a teaching position, receive a promotion, transfer to a different school, or to resign from a teaching position. With regard to a new job or a promotion, a letter of intent can be submitted to the appropriate recipient to strengthen a teacher’s chances of achieving their goal.

The letter should state their current position (or schooling/work experience if they are a new teacher), the position/school they desire, reasons they should be hired (qualifications, skills, contributions to the profession), and any other personal or professional information that could sway the school’s opinion.

What Does a Teacher Do?

A teacher’s role is ultimately in educating students, be it children, young adults, or grown-ups, and inspiring creativity and learning through tactical instructional methods. Teachers may teach a wide range of subjects (typical of elementary and high school teachers) or concentrate most of their career in one area of study (colleges, universities, etc.).

The position of a teacher/professor is often a difficult one to navigate as there are many factors contributing to the learning environment that can have an effect on the students, the teacher, and the surrounding faculty and administration. A teacher must learn how to teach effectively and also how to take control of a classroom and implement disciplinary measures.

Due to the varying rates at which students learn, it’s important that teachers are able to present the curriculum in a way that all students, from the eager to the less-inclined listeners, can grasp the material. Teachers often acquire an acute sensibility to distinctive personalities and character traits, which allows them to maintain supervision and sustain concentration. It is a teacher’s duty to be a role model to their students and encourage them to embrace the process of learning, which, aside from understanding the subject matter at hand, is the fundamental goal of education.

Teacher LOI’s By Type

The following teacher letter of intents are defined for each type of situation that a teacher may come across throughout their career. The samples are for guidance and direction only; a letter of intent should be catered to one’s own situation and requirements:

  • Teacher Letter of Intent for a Job Position
  • Teacher Letter of Intent for a Promotion
  • Teacher Letter of Intent for a Transfer
  • Teacher Letter of Intent for a Resignation
  • Teacher Letter of Intent for Returning

Teacher LOI for a Job Position

A teacher letter of intent for a job position is styled in the same way as a cover letter in other non-academic work industries. This letter will accompany a resume and provide some insight into the teacher’s character and passion for education. This is an opportunity to highlight key accomplishments and experiences as well as one’s suitability for the teaching position in question. It helps if the teacher researches the school so they can elaborate on why they want to work at this particular school and how they would be a good fit.


Julia Montague 84 Hampton Lane, Kansas City, MO, 64801 (816) 234-8415

May 17th, 2018

Mr. Albert Brown, Principal Rockhurst High School 5600 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MO, 64817 (816) 822-1485

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am very excited about the opportunity to teach at Rockhurst High School. I have followed the school newsletter for some time now and admire the way the classrooms and curricula are run. It would be a dream job for me and I hope you’ll consider me as the new grade 9 history teacher.

I received my bachelor of education at the University of Missouri with a major in history and a minor in political science. I maintained a 3.1 GPA throughout my post-secondary education and graduated with honors. During my time at Ole Miss I have been engaged in various volunteer and teaching assistance positions in my community. Summers I spent volunteering at the Tony Aguirre Community Center helping with the after-school program held there every afternoon on weekdays. I held a teaching assistant job as well for two years where I was able to flex some of my teaching skills in a classroom of first and second graders. Being an assistant was a great hands-on experience, solidifying my love for educating children and my ability to manage a large classroom setting.

I went abroad for my last year of high school, studying in Madrid, Spain for the first semester and Paris, France for the last. I am fluent in Spanish and quite proficient in French. This gives me a unique advantage in appreciating different cultures and understanding varying rates of learning amongst international students, of which I’m sure Rockhurst has plenty. I welcome the difficult, yet gratifying, challenge of managing the difference of abilities among students. I believe I can maintain the interest of all types of kids with activities tailored to break down complicated concepts to simple examples that all students can grasp.

If the position is offered to me, I know I’ll be a positive addition to the already distinguished staff of Rockhurst High School. I am eager to teach but also eager to learn more about the process of education and the development of young minds. It would be a pleasure to come in for an interview when it is convenient for you. Feel free to contact me if you should need anything that isn’t included in my resume. Thank you for your time.

[Signature] Julia Montague

Teacher LOI for a Promotion

The teacher letter of intent for a promotion is used by a teacher who wishes to upgrade to a higher position within their school. The letter must be addressed to the teacher’s supervisor (or whoever is in charge of the faculty) and should include the following information: the position they want, reasons why the promotion would be in the interest of all parties, and any other information that will support the teacher’s case.


Jane Watts 1023 Maribelle St, Albuquerque, NM, 78279 (605) 555-2580

March 29, 2018

Promotion and Tenure Committee Ms. Delores Linetti, Division Head – Fine Art 300 W Bulham Rd., Albuquerque, NM, 78233 (605) 404-9091

Dear Ms. Linetti,

This letter of intent states my reasoning for a promotion request. My current position at Brenner College is Associate Professor of Literature and I believe I have earned the position of Professor. I have been working at Brenner for 9 years and throughout my time here have provided nothing but the best education for my students.

I believe it is in the best interest of the school as well as the students for me to be promoted to this new position. I will continue to commit the maximum time and energy required to make sure these students get the attention and instruction they deserve. Furthermore, being promoted to professor will help me grow and improve as an instructor, thus, benefiting myself, the school, and the students even further.

I want you to know that I appreciate the loyalty this school has shown me and I intend to continue to maintain this school’s sterling reputation. Thank you for your consideration.

[Signature] Assoc. Prof. Jane Watts, M.A.

Teacher LOI for a Transfer

Download :  PDF , Microsoft Word (.docx) , Open Document Text (.odt)

A teacher’s letter of intent for a transfer will be useful in situations where a teacher wishes to request a job transfer for personal reasons. A transfer occurs when a teacher changes schools within a particular school district. A transfer letter should state the teacher’s current position, the proposed position, reasons for the transfer request, and a closing statement of thanks. The letter should be addressed to the school superintendent.

Mr. Hal Iberton, Superintendent School District No. 130 2000 W Congress St, Lafayette, LA, 70502 (337) 521-2232

Dear Mr. Iberton,

I’m writing this letter to formally request a transfer from Lafayette High School to Northside High School. I have been teaching grade 11 Math and Science for the past three years and am happy in this position but I’m hoping to transfer schools next fall semester for scheduling reasons.

My children are entering into elementary school this September and the school at which they are enrolled is in the northside, where I also live. I am a single mother and am in charge of dropping off and picking up my kids. This will be much more difficult with the drive I have to make to the lower west side to get to my classes on time.

I hope you can understand my predicament and will consider my request for the transfer to Northside High. I want to continue to provide the best education for my students, but not at the sacrifice of my children’s needs.

Yours truly,

[Signature] Maude Brinkworthy

Teacher LOI for Resignation

A teacher of letter of intent for resignation is really just another term for a letter of resignation. The teacher may wish to start a new career, move to a different state, or simply change jobs within their field. In most cases, a teacher will continue to teach until they are at an age of retirement, collecting a comfortable pension and leaving plenty of time for the school to find a replacement. A teacher letter of intent to resign is addressed to the superintendent (or individual in charge of faculty) and should state the teacher’s current position and their last day of teaching.

Mrs. Kaeli Kuznetsov Superintendent 1035 116th Ave Bellevene, WA, 98002

Dear Mrs. Kuznetsov,

I regret to inform you that I intend to resign from my position as P.E. teacher at Bellevue High at the end of this semester. My last day will be June 21, 2019.

I have spent many wonderful years here at Bellevue and it is with a heavy heart that I have to leave. I would like thank the administration for their support over the years. I am confident you will find a suitable replacement and continue to provide the best education for the students.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with the transition.

Warmest regards,

[Signature] Ken Higgins

Sample Letter of Intent For DepEd Teacher Applicant

An applicant shall submit to the head of elementary or secondary school where a teacher shortage or vacancy (regular and/or natural) exists, application letter, with the Applicant Number indicated, supported by the following documents:

a. CSC Form 212 (Revised 2005) in two copies with the latest 2×2 ID picture

b. Certified photocopy of PRC professional identification card or a PRC certification showing the teacher’s name, LET rating, and other information recorded in the PRC Office

c. Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)/Professional Board Examination for Teachers (PBET)

d. Certified copy of transcript of records

e. Copies of service records, performance rating, and school clearance for those with teaching experience. If unavailable, the applicant must submit a justification citing the reason/s for unavailability.

f. Certificates of specialized training, if any

g. Certified copy of the Voter’s ID and/or any proof of residency as deemed acceptable by the School Screening Committee

h. NBI Clearance

i. Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted, signed by the applicant

READ: 2019 DepEd Teacher 1 Hiring Guidelines

Dr. Corazon Laserna Principal Antipolo National High School

Subject: Job Application for Mathematics Teacher

As mentioned above, I would like to tell you that I have a strong intent to be a Mathematics teacher in your school. I finished my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education major in Mathematics in March 2015 and had previously served as a Mathematics teacher and Math quiz bee coach in the two private schools I belonged to in the three previous years.

I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in September 2015 and had started pursuing my graduate studies last year. I am enrolled under the program of Master of Arts in Instruction and Supervision major in Mathematics.

The training and workshops I have undergone during my college years as well as in my teaching experiences developed my skills in teaching the discipline I have chosen. My years of experience has led me to achieve my full potential in shaping the minds of the learners entrusted under my care.

I have experienced teaching grade 7 to grade 12 students in Infant Jesus Academy and Our Lady of Peace School. In a period of three years, I have given effective classroom management, dynamic activities, well-constructed and student-centered lesson plans, detailed student evaluations and well-complimented instructional delivery. I was given recognition and awards during my tenure in the two schools where I belonged to. It was indeed the most challenging years of my life, but the satisfaction I got by seeing my students improved was gratifying. I facilitated interesting but equally challenging activities to maintain their interest of my high-level students without intimidating the less-skilled ones.

Attached in this letter is my curriculum vitae which give you the contact number of my previous superiors for your reference.

My goal is to land a position in which my range of experience will improve much my ability to be a compassionate and dynamic teacher who will make a positive contribution to your school and to the community where it belongs. I would be happy to welcome an interview and hope to receive your favorable response to this application.

Kian Luis Saturnero Applicant

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Letter of Intent for a Teaching Job

A letter of intent (LOI) for a teaching job is a letter that tells about an applicant’s wish to work at this exact educational entity describing reasons for that as well as trying to present themselves as the best candidate for the position.

A LOI for a teaching job might be one of the requirements of a teaching position, but an applicant might decide to send it even when it is not required in order to accompany their resume and provide some insights into their personality and passion for teaching. If you want to work at a specific school, it is a valuable tool for elaborating on why you want to become a part of this exact school and how you can be a good fit based on your key accomplishments and experiences.

A letter of intent for a teaching job is similar to a cover letter, which is used in other non-academic work industries. The main goal of this form is to link a person’s unique individuality and experience with the requirements of a teaching position.

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How to Fill Out a Letter of Intent for a Teaching Job

Sample letter of intent for a teaching job.

In your letter of intent for a teaching job, a prospective employer will expect to see certain information that best describes your personality and qualifications as a teacher.

Step 1 – Opening

First of all, in the top left corner of the letter, you need to write your name, phone number, and email address. Then, include the effective date of the letter.

You also need to know the name of the person you will address your letter to. Usually, it is the name of the principal of an educational institution, not a hiring manager. This information is usually not secret, and you can find the information about the school’s administration on their website.

Next, open the letter with a brief presentation of yourself and the type of teaching work you are interested in. This small section should be used to explain why you consider yourself a good fit for the position based on the aspects of your personality and your background.

Step 2  – Educational background

The next thing to include in a free fillable letter of intent template is the educational background that links you with the position you are applying to. It is essentially a brief summary of what you have included in your resume, but it is also a good chance to show any distinctions or honors you might have got during your studies. As well as that, it is a great place to show how you developed your interest in educating people.

Step 3 – Work experience

Further information to include in your letter is any previous work experience you might have got. It is okay if you do not have relevant work experience; then, you should outline the previous working background that prepared you for teaching work. This is the section to include achievements at previous work that made you most proud of yourself.

Step 4 – What kind of teacher you are

Apart from your educational and work background, it is very important to convey in a letter what your teaching style is. You definitely have your unique ideas on how to teach students – it is the best place to describe them. If there is a specific style that you follow and that your readers expect from applicants, tell about it.

It is also a good idea to tell how you developed your teaching visions – maybe it is an inspirational story of how one of your students helped you shape your way of teaching.

Along with teaching techniques, make sure to include some of your most important personal traits that make you a good teacher. It might be patience, excellent communication skills, or even skills gained at specific training to teach the students with learning and mental disabilities.

Step 5 – Closing

In the last section of the letter, thank your readers for taking time to consider your letter of intent. Here, you might mention that you are looking forward to an in-person interview and tell in what ways you plan to follow up (it might be a phone call or an email message to a hiring manager).

As the final sentence in your letter, try to say briefly how your qualifications make you a good fit for the position. It would be good to make this part of the letter memorable for the readers.

From: Lola Greenfield 17 Mill Pond Rd. Keller, TX 76248 Email: [email protected] Phone number: +13334445551

April 4, 2021

To: Tony Frederic Franco Principal of Texas City High School Texas City, Texas

Dear Mr. Franco,

I have been a History teacher for more than five years, and my dedication to the educator’s job has only been developing every year. Currently, the educational field has its obvious complexities, but they all take the back seat when I get this overwhelming feeling of seeing students who didn’t first show their interest in the subject start asking for in-depth information on the events after classes! I have dedicated my career to teaching students of all levels the history of their country and the entire world. With the goal of helping them broaden their minds and pass state-mandated testing well, I would love to continue this path with Texas City High School.

In my current position, I teach US and World History to students in grades 9 through 12. Over my five years of teaching, I’ve made it a point to stay up-to-date on the most current pedagogy and teaching methods. I have also been utilizing creative and engaging techniques that would appeal to my students. For example, to enhance the education methods and maximize students’ engagement, I carry out monthly surveys among them. I’ve also presented on curriculum planning at the National Federation of Teachers Conference and would gladly share my enthusiasm and expertise with your school.

Knowing Texas City High School’s strong reputation for putting students first, I would love to continue my career as a teacher with your school. If you have any additional questions or need any additional information from me, please contact me at my email or phone number placed at the top-left corner of this letter. Again, thank you for taking your time, and I look forward to hearing more about this teaching opportunity.

Sincerely, Lola Greenfield

Teacher (Education) Letter of Intent

Email delivery.

Last updated April 16th, 2023

Document Preview

  • Letter of Intent (LOI) »

A letter of intent for a degree in teaching   is used to demonstrate a college applicant’s desire to pursue a degree in education. The letter is an opportunity for a candidate to explain to an admissions department why they would be a good fit at that institution. The individual’s relevant experience, such as volunteer work, as well as their qualifications, grade preference, and motivation for pursuing a career in teaching, can all be included in the letter.

How to Write

A letter of intent for a teaching degree can be used to obtain a bachelor’s in education or a master’s degree in a specialized field, such as elementary education. A strongly written letter could be a difference maker in getting the student a spot in a program with limited space. Most letters of intent for an education program will contain the following:

Introduction . The drafting party should introduce themselves to the selection committee, describe what program they are applying for, and what semester they wish to attend.

Background . Completed studies, work experience, volunteering, or any other accomplishments related to their educational background should be included in the letter. This is an opportunity for the candidate to talk themselves up to the reader.

Goals and Intentions . Career and educational aspirations are an important part of the letter. The individual may wish to explain how the program will help them on their journey to becoming a teacher, what they hope to get out of it, and what they could give back. The candidate could also explain what grades they wish to teach and why.

Conclusion . The letter should end with a summary of the points made earlier in the letter. The writer should reinforce why they would be a good candidate for their selected program and thank the selection committee for their time and consideration. Once completed, the letter should be signed.

Download: PDF , Word (.docx) , OpenDocument





My name is [APPLICANT NAME] , and I am writing this letter to accompany my application to [SCHOOLS NAME] ’s Bachelor of Education program for the [SEMESTER SEASON] semester. I recently toured your institution and was impressed by the facilities, faculty, and students I encountered. Pursuing my dream of becoming a teacher at your university would be a true honor.

I have been interested in a teaching career since my early childhood education. I always had a passion for learning and have been truly inspired by the teachers in my life that went above and beyond to stimulate and challenge their students. Seeing how these individuals impacted my life and the students around me has motivated me to want to do the same for future generations of students.

I have gained practical experience teaching by tutoring and volunteering at local schools. These opportunities have reaffirmed my desire to pursue a teaching career. I love connecting with students and creating a warm environment to encourage learning and growth. I am particularly interested in teaching [INTERESTED GRADES] , as I connect with that age group and the subjects they’re tackling.

I believe your program would set me on the path to achieving my dreams and career aspirations. I am excited to challenge myself intellectually and professionally by learning under an experienced and dedicated faculty.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to the opportunity to prove myself in your program and contribute meaningfully to the field of education.



  • Brevity : The admissions committee will likely receive many letters and applications. The writer should attempt to keep the letter to a single page to show respect for the reader’s time and to hold their attention.
  • Proofreading : As an aspiring educator, the letter must be free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Having a trusted friend or colleague look over the letter with fresh eyes may be beneficial to ensure it is as well-written as possible.
  • Personalize : It may be beneficial to find out the name of the individual in charge of admissions and address the letter to them directly to have a more personal touch. This will also signal to that person that the candidate did their research and is serious about their application.

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