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Detective Conan ( 名探偵 ( めいたんてい ) コナン , Meitantei Konan ? , lit. Great Detective Conan) is a Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama . It has been serialized in the Japanese manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Sunday since 1994 and had been collected in 103 Tankōbon volumes by April 2023.

The manga has been adapted into an anime series by the animation studio TMS Entertainment (formerly Tokyo Movie) , directed by Kenji Kodama (episode 1 to 118), Yasuichiro Yamamoto (episode 119 to 161, 163 to 218, 220 to 332, 667 to 677, 680 to the last episode to date), Masato Sato (episode 162, 219, 333 to 504), Koujin Ochi (episode 505 to 666, 678 to 679), Nobuharu Kamanaka (episode 975 to the last episode to date), and is broadcast in Japan on Nippon Television , Yomiuri TV and Animax . The series debuted on January 8th, 1996 and had broadcasted 1000 episodes by March 6, 2021. The series has seen high levels of popularity in both manga and anime formats in Japan since its reception, and has also been adapted into nineteen Golden Week movies, with the first released on April 17th, 1997 and since then followed with a movie released each year, always in the month of April. Ten of the movies held a top 10 box office position in the year they were screened. In addition, five Magic Files related to the movies and twelve Original Video Animations have been released.

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Story summary

what is case closed about

The story follows the adventures of Shinichi Kudo (also known as Jimmy Kudo in Case Closed), a young detective prodigy who was inadvertently shrunk into a child's body due to a poison he was force-fed by members of a criminal syndicate . Neighbor and family friend Professor Agasa strongly suggested Shinichi hide his identity to prevent them from killing him and the people he cares about, so Shinichi takes the name Conan Edogawa . He goes to live with his childhood friend Ran Mouri and her father, Kogoro , and tries to use Kogoro's detective agency as a way to find the people who shrank him—without letting Ran figure out who he really is.

Internal rules

The world of Detective Conan has a set of internal rules that might catch unfamiliar readers of the manga and spectators of the anime off guard, such as the lack of information sharing and the regular illogical and irrational behavior exhibited by many characters. The universe is mostly consistent within its rules, with a few exceptions . The passing of time is difficult to judge, due to a literary device known as a floating timeline, which enables the compression of 20+ years worth of events and technological upgrades into less than one year.

Case Closed

Detective Conan is known as " Case Closed " in North America. The name " Case Closed " results from concerns of copyright conflict of the name Detective Conan . [1] Incidentally, " Case Closed " is later used as the catchphrase for Masumi Sera (whether it's intended as a reference or coincidental is unspecified).

Viz Media licensed the manga series under the name for English-language publication in North America, which is up to Volume 86 as of April 11, 2023.

Because Victor Gollancz Ltd canceled publication of Detective Conan after 15 volumes in UK, [2] Viz Media continues to handle UK's distribution with the American edition.

On May 2023, Viz Media introduces a new subscription service that offers the latest Simulpub for many series including " Case Closed ". The subscription service is only available in the US and Canada. As May 9, 2023, Viz Media has launched chapters 1-917, and chapters 1100-1112 [3] , [4] .

Anime and Movies

Funimation Entertainment licensed the anime series for North American broadcast under the name Case Closed . The character names were also adapted into English ones with some names different between the two. Fifty episodes of the English dubbed series aired on Cartoon Network as part of their Adult Swim programming block on May 24th, 2004 until January 2005 and were discontinued due to low ratings. [5] In Canada, Case Closed premiered on channel YTV , 22 episodes were broadcasted between April 7th, 2006 and September 2nd, 2006. [6] [7] . A separate English adaptation of the series by Animax Asia premiered in the Philippines on January 18th, 2006, under the name Detective Conan. [8] Because Animax were unable to obtain further TV broadcast rights, their version comprised 52 episodes. [9] The series continued with reruns until August 7, 2006, when it was removed from the station. [10] Funimation also released DVDs of their dubbed series beginning August 24th, 2004. [11] Initially, the releases were done in single DVDs and future episodes were released in seasonal boxes; as of 2009, they have released 130 episodes dubbed in English. [12] The seasonal boxes were later re-released in redesigned boxes entitled Viridian edition. [13] [14] The first six films were released on Region 1 DVD in North America between October 3rd 2006 and February 16th 2010, and sold very well. [15] [16]

As a part of its syndication with the Funimation Channel, Colours TV aired Case Closed at the night-time programming block, premiering on June 19th 2006. [17] Till 2012, no more than 130 episodes (episodes 1-123 Japanese version) have been dubbed in English. Detective Conan is later broadcasted in North America on NHK's cable network TV Japan. [18] Though anime didn't get that popular in North America, the manga enjoys high success. The first volume appeared trice in the top ten best sellers, right after its premiere, [19] the same volume has also appeared on the ranking list conducted by Diamond Comic Distributors in August, 2004. [20] Later manga volumes have appeared on the New York Times Manga Best Sellers [21] [22] lists at various times. Volume 41 broke the record making it to the top 5 in sales rank during the week ending on January 14th, 2012. [23] The manga continues to be released in North America, though it trails the Japanese publishing by about 30 volumes.

S. California's UTB, United Television Broadcasting's free digital television station began to re-broadcast already dubbed Case Closed episodes on August 21st, 2011. The next two-episode block was scheduled for Saturday, August 27th, followed by two more episodes on Sunday, August 28th. The episodes were broadcasted at 6:30 a.m and repeated at 10:30 a.m the same day. A one-episode block also aired at 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

As of April 2013, Funimation has renewed the Case Closed license "For Future Use". Additionally on April 2nd 2013, Funimation announced Starting April 16th 2013 seasons 1-5 would be made available digitally through many online vendors, starting with iTunes, Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Season 1 will be available April 16th, season 2 and 3 in May, and Season 4 and 5 in June. Movie release dates have not been announced, however a hint shown in the description hints at a possible new season. Each episode will be 99 cents apiece. Source

As of October 2014 at NY Comic Con's Crunchyroll panel, they announced that "Case Closed" would be added to their roster. Later they began subtitling the Japanese episodes at episode 754. The page for the series uses the Case Closed banner from Funimation. Originally the episodes were posted on Saturdays, a week after they air in Japan, but later they were posted on Wednesdays. Since May 2017, new episodes will be posted several hours after they air in Japan on Saturdays for premium users, while they will be available for free users a week after. [24] As of November 6, 2021, they have subtitled up to episode 1025, excluding specials and movies.

As of January 2016, English language Netflix began to stream episodes under the title "Case Closed". The page for the series uses the Case Closed banner from Funimation. They obtained the rights to air fifty-two episodes in Japanese with subtitles, from episode 748-799. The show's maturity rating is listed as TV-14. [25]

Since 2019, Bang Zoom! Entertainment restarted the English dub for movies, featuring all-new casts. Unlike Funimation dub, the character names are not changed. Discotek Media release the movies in Blu-ray since 2020. As of July 26, 2022, they have released 5 movies (Movie 19-23) and 1 special ( Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small ).

As February 2023, Netflix has worldwide rights to spin-off series Zero's Tea Time and The Culprit Hanzawa . Both series also come out with English dub from Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

As March 2023, Fox Corporation-owned streaming service Tubi began to stream episodes under the title "Case Closed". They have rights to episodes 965-1014, and all episodes are available with English dub. The dub is done by Macias Group, featuring Bang Zoom's casts for some characters, and all-new casts for the other characters.

As of 2013, only one Case Closed branded video game was released, which was Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation , which was a Nintendo Wii exclusive title and released only in Japan and Europe. It features the English voice cast from the Anime for the English version, and has minor changes in script.

Critical reception

The series has been well received in Japan, with the anime adaptation ranking in the top twenty in Animage 's polls between 1996 until 2000, where it dropped below the top twenty. In the Japanese TV anime ranking, Detective Conan often ranked the top six. It has even been used as a mascot to promote citizens to follow the law. The English adaptation has not been as equally popular as in Japan, and has been criticized for the character name changes.

The manga is a huge success and it is continued to be published. It won the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award for the shōnen category in 2000. Some of its volumes appear on the lists of best-selling manga.

The series is successful in Asia and Europe, where some countries translated most of the episodes and volumes. Due to the high popularity DC is re-broadcasting in many countries after the original premieres.

Although popular in many other countries, Case Closed was not as successful in the US, most likely due to poor advertising, name changes, and script changes around Japanese people and culture.

Due to this, FUNimation's dubbed version of "Case Closed" was cancelled at only 130 episodes.

Although, many fans wanted the anime version of Detective Conan to be successful in North America, excluding the renamed character names, it did not do well and still failed and got several negative reviews, and therefore in 2018, FUNimation Entertainment lost the rights to "Case Closed", along with "KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple".

However, the manga is still released by VIZ Media.


Even though Detective Conan is a Shōnen , its audience is composed of a substantial proportion of female viewers and readers. The series also seems to attract all ages.

Appearances in other media

Besides his anime and manga appearances, Conan is the protagonist for all the movies and the video games based on the Case Closed series. Several anime and games have parodied, lampooned or otherwise mentioned him or the series. Some of them include: Yakitate!! Japan , [26] Black Cat , [27] Inuyasha , [28] Hayate the Combat Butler , [29] Proposal Daisakusen , [30] Sonic X , [31] Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple [32] , Angelic Layer [33] , and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [34] In case of Inuyasha, Detective Conan features Conan reading Inuyasha manga first in episode 200 (aired July 24, 2000). Later, Shinichi and Ran made their cameo appearance in Inuyasha episode 128 (aired October 13, 2003).

Conan has also been used as a character to promote people to follow the law in Japan, due to the popularity of the series.

what is case closed about

In other languages

Every title without a note beside it in the table below translates to "Detective Conan".

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  • Detective Conan in Sweden
  • Detective Conan in Indonesia
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what is case closed about

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Detective Conan

Minami Takayama in Detective Conan (1996)

The cases of a detective whose physical age was chemically reversed to that of a prepubescent boy but must hide his true mental development. The cases of a detective whose physical age was chemically reversed to that of a prepubescent boy but must hide his true mental development. The cases of a detective whose physical age was chemically reversed to that of a prepubescent boy but must hide his true mental development.

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Case Closed: The Desperate Truth

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Detective Conan: The Time Bombed Skyscraper

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  • Trivia This anime was originally going to be dubbed in English as part of the original Fox Kids line up, but it wasn't due to the majority of the series containing homicides.

[Repeated Line]

Jimmy : With a keen eye for detail, one truth prevails.

  • Alternate versions In the English version of Case Closed, Jimmy thinks with his adult voice, Jerry Jewell while he is Conan. However in the Japanese version of Detective Conan, Shinichi thinks with just a more relaxed and matured tone of his young Conan voice, Minami Takayama.
  • Connections Featured in The Late Show Con Karim Musa: Che pago a fare, se posso scaricare? (2016)

User reviews 51

  • Aug 18, 2004
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  • January 8, 1996 (United States)
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Minami Takayama in Detective Conan (1996)

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Case Closed

While on a date with Rachel, Kudo is attacked by two shady thugs who slip him an experimental drug. The effects of the poison will turn Jimmy’s life upside down!

Conan sets out to discover the fate of a wealthy businessman’s kidnapped daughter. His new identity is a secret to everyone but his eccentric inventor friend, Dr. Agasa.

Pop diva Yoko Okino is being stalked and she’s come to star-struck Richard Moore’s doorstep for help! Luckily for all involved, Conan is on the job, too.

Treasure hunt! When a mysterious coded map ends up in the hands of Conan and his new friends from school, the Junior Detective League is born!

On a cross country train, Conan comes across two sketchy men that might be connected to the night of his big shrink! To make matters worse, the hoods are packing a bomb!

When Rachel and Serena attend a Valentine’s Day dinner party with some boys, Conan decides to tag along. It’s a good thing, too, because murder is on the menu!

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The Strange Legal Reason Why Detective Conan is Called Case Closed in America

What's the real reason why this Detective Conan had to go by another name once it was introduced overseas?

Case Closed is one of the most popular anime in Japan and around the world. The mysteries of a teenage boy who has been shrunk to the body of a 10-year-old have kept junior (and adult) sleuths pondering clues and trying to solve the various whodunits of the show since 1996. That said, the series is known as Detective Conan around the world. North America is one of the few countries that goes by the name of Case Closed .

Why is this the case though? Was there something wrong with the name Detective Conan ? Why was it an issue when the character is still referred to as Detective Conan in the actual show itself? Did the American studios simply want to Americanize the show? Believe it or not, the reason behind the name change is not only a legal reason for the change, it’s one of the more interesting legal snafus in the history of anime in America.

RELATED: The Legal Hurdle Hayao Miyazaki’s First Movie Had to Avoid

What is Detective Conan?

Detective Conan revolves around a teenage sleuth named Shinichi Kudo, who is aspiring to be one of the greatest detectives of all time. He witnesses a crime being committed, but before he can report on the act he is ambushed by two men dressed in nothing but black. Not wanting to shoot the kid and attract police, the men give him a drug that is supposed to kill him. Instead, it turns Shinichi into a 10-year-old boy. At this point Shinichi moves in with his childhood friend Ran, takes the name Conan Edagawa, and solves murder mysteries while tracking down the men in black who did this to him.

The easiest way to explain the series is that it’s a bit of a cross between Murder, She Wrote, and The Hardy Boys , with most episodes revolving around the death of a random person whose killer needs to be identified. While viewers who care more about story progression may find the pacing of Detective Conan to be a bit slow, if you love mysteries there is no better show to be watching these days.

Funimation Licenses the Show

Considering the show had a lot of episodes and was TV-friendly, Detective Conan was a series that seemed primed for Funimation Productions to come in and swoop it up for distribution in America. While several companies had previously wanted to bring the franchise to America, the high cost of licensing the series made it out of reach for many anime companies. Funimation had the clout, money, and relationship with Cartoon Network to make an aggressive play at the franchise.

They acquired the rights, committed to over 100 episodes right off the bat, and even acquired a couple of movies early on. They had the full support of TMS (who even helped Funimation during the adaptation process, which is quite rare). While plans were being set to bring Detective Conan over, a lawsuit was filed that made Funimation pause. While they themselves were not the subject of the lawsuit, they soon realized that it could have a very negative effect on their show.

The Spike Lee Connection

In 2003 popular cable channel TNN (The National Network) decided they wanted to rebrand and create programing geared towards a young adult male audience. The new network name was going to be called Spike TV. This prompted a lawsuit from Academy Award-winning director Spike Lee , who accused the network of trying to profit off of his name.

Over at Funimation, the situation was no laughing matter. While the general public viewed the lawsuit as silly and frivolous, it was a costly endeavor for both TNN AND Spike Lee himself! What’s more, there were rumblings that if Lee succeeded, it might encourage other celebrities to sue companies and properties with similar names. While there was no serious talk from the official representatives, concerns that Conan O’Brian or the rights holders to Conan the Barbarian were singled out as potential suers in the event that Lee won his lawsuit.

Rather than delay the show and deal with potential legal paperwork, the decision was made to rename the series to Case Closed , which was a more generic term that would (in theory) be free from any legal problems. Ultimately, Spike Lee lost his lawsuit and Spike TV finally launched (and would alter rebrand again as The Paramount Network). It also turned out that Funimation didn’t need to worry about Conan O’Brian, who found out about Detective Conan’s huge popularity in Japan and decided to visit Hokuei, Japan on his show, which featured many tourist attractions based on Detective Conan .

These days the series is still officially called Case Closed in America, however recent movie releases from Discotech have started emphasizing the Detective Conan name in descriptions and on the reverse cover art more than Case Closed . Whether this is TMS starting to rebrand the series back to the original name in the states remains to be seen, but it's interesting to see how a lawsuit involving an unpopular cable network forced a name change to one of Japan’s longest running series.

New dubbed episodes of Case Closed can currently be streamed for free on Tubi .

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