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Cover Letter Writing Guide 2023: Examples and Tips

Learn about the importance of a cover letter, discover three CV cover letter examples for jobs including management and middle management, as well as for students, graduates, and beginners.

[Featured Image] A hiring manager reviews a CV and cover letter during a video interview.

A well-structured cover letter, when combined with your CV, is key to finding the position you desire. A cover letter illustrates your expertise and qualifications for the job you seek. A cover letter offers the chance to describe specific situations, highlight important talents, and share professional goals that may not be addressed on your CV. 

Before you start drafting your CV cover letter, review some sample cover letters to discover effective techniques and important tips for creating a personal statement for your job application. This article explores three cover letter examples organised by genre and industry sectors to inspire you. 

Management cover letter example

[Receiver’s Address]


I am a seasoned corporate executive with a strong reputation for accelerating corporate growth and reorganising global businesses. In the role of senior manager, I shall contribute my drive and will to succeed to your company. I have primary areas of experience that I will contribute to your company, which are as follows:

I have a deep dedication to [the respective industry/sector] , having served in many roles and competencies.

My effective [the respective industry/sector] knowledge as well as the capacity to develop, comprehend, and resolve [the respective industry/sector] processes is bound to boost business market share gains, ultimately leading to financial prosperity.

I have an independent spirit, agility, and expertise that will help you build important connections to succeed in business. 

My experience of over three decades of smart, critical thinking activities has delivered productivity and profitability.

My [name of degrees] and community outreach management responsibilities with several non-profit organisations have further enhanced my abilities and flexibility to satisfy the work criteria. Since I have done this over the years, I'd like to share with you the high-quality service and value I can offer to your organisation.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. I can be contacted on [contact details]

With warm regards,

[Closing Signature]

Middle management cover letter example

I'm writing to express my interest in the position of [position name] at [company name] . I'm certain that my level of knowledge fits well with the obligations described in your job description since I have over six years of experience operating the [specified niche] .

I've proven myself to be quite an efficient manager and a good leader in my work as [name of previous job position and the company name] . As I single-handedly taught and trained the whole [team name] staff in prep work for [name a commendable task carried out by you] , my worth became clear to the proprietors. Throughout the following years, my team regularly exceeded monthly [specified niche] targets.

Your company, I feel, would greatly benefit my expertise in the key segments:

High level of customer service criteria 

A passion for quality

A high level of dedication as well as leadership abilities

Delivering results under pressure

I believe my skills will contribute to [business name] ongoing growth. My experience in this field has equipped me for this opportunity, and I genuinely hope that I will be able to contribute to your team.

It would be an honour to speak with you about the [job position] in further depth. I'd be delighted to visit whenever it is most suited for you. 

I appreciate the time, and eagerly await your response.

CV cover letter sample for beginners, students, and graduates

I'm writing this letter to express my interest in [company name] ’s internship programme. I learnt about your organisation via my institution's student placement centre, and after browsing your website, I've become interested in your outstanding work in [ industry name] .

I'm now majoring in [subject area] and minoring in [subject area] at [institution name] , where I'll graduate [graduation date] . In addition to my  [subject area] and [subject area] experience, I specialise in [interest/subject area] . The opportunity to do my internship with [business name] will expand my knowledge and experience to progress in my profession while applying everything I've studied to support your business objectives.

I aim to work with an organisation like [business name] after college to get hands-on experience, [professional goal] , and eventually [professional goal] . With the correct opportunity and professional experience with well-known clients, I believe I can achieve my goals. I previously interned at [business name], where I worked on important projects for their major customers. I had the chance to study [name of technical skills/tools learned] during the same internship. I also learnt [example of initiative and outcome] . Given that you are seeking to expand your [team name] , I feel my understanding of [subject area] may be of value to you.

If you have any questions that you would like me to address, please contact me on [contact details].

Looking forward to hearing from you,

3 tips for writing a great cover letter

The cover letter templates above go beyond the information in a CV, assisting the recruiting supervisor and potential employers in quickly recognising the applicant’s value as an employee. Let’s explore the key ways this is achieved.

Be straightforward and succinct. They express most about what a cover letter ought to state in the first paragraphs, such as their expertise level and status, as well as how they got the position.

Be specific about experience and impact. The applicant outlines key expectations from the position description and shows their relevant skills and previous experience with similar tasks. They also share an example about just how they have driven impact in their present job. Your cover letter should include applicable situations that illustrate your potential to accomplish the responsibilities mentioned in the job description whether you are a fresh graduate asking for an apprenticeship or early in your career looking for your next role.

Include a clear call to action. In each example, the applicant signed off by reiterating their interest in the company and role, sharing their availability and willingness to connect, and providing their contact details such as a phone number or email address.

Get started writing your cover letter

Your cover letter is an opportunity to distinguish yourself. Consider a period when you delivered impact with a major project or implemented a new strategy to spur innovation. Since you will have more quantifiable achievements to rely on as you gain more expertise, your cover letter is the perfect spot to bring out these details. Make the most of this desirable opportunity to show off your skills, expertise, and abilities. 

Learn more about effective cover letters in the online course Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters from the University of Maryland. For more career planning assistance, consider courses like Successful Interviewing or Career Planning: A Path to Employment .


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How To Format a Cover Letter (With Examples)

Alison Doyle is one of the nation’s foremost career experts.

cover letter correct format

Cover Letter Format Guidelines

What To Include in Each Section

Cover Letter Template

When you are applying for a job, how you format your cover letter is important because the letter is one of the first impressions you'll make on an employer. In fact, how you format your letter is almost as important as what you write in it.

A cover letter that is formatted incorrectly, or is difficult to read, can quickly eliminate you from the pool of candidates, so it's important to pay just as much attention to the formatting of your letter as to its content.

Here's information on cover letter formatting guidelines including setting page margins, choosing a font style and size, paragraph and section spacing, and more tips on how to format cover letters for employment.

Formatting includes factors such as page margins , font type and size , line, paragraph and section spacing, and document type. For example, a letter without the correct spacing between paragraphs, or with too much text on a page, is going to look cluttered, or a letter saved as a file type that is not meant for a text document (such as a .jpg or a .png) may prevent the reader from opening and viewing it. 

Adhering to typical standards in formatting is especially important considering that communication skills are important in nearly every field, and failing to compose a readable cover letter will certainly not inspire confidence in your abilities.

On the other hand, a cover letter that is saved correctly and uses sufficient white space , a simple, reasonably sized font, and an appropriate salutation and closing will make a positive impression on your potential employers.

How To Format a Cover Letter

The easiest way to format a letter is to write the letter first, then format it. Once you have all the content ( contact information , why you are applying and qualified, signature, etc.) on the page, you can then easily adjust the margins, font, and alignment. Here's an overview of each section.  

With an email cover letter, your contact information should be below your signature.

Here are details on what to include in each section of your cover letter.

Cover Letter Format Example

Your Contact Information Name Address City, State Zip Code Phone Number Email Address

Employer Contact Information  (if you have it) Name Title Company Address City, State Zip Code

Salutation Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

Cover Letter Greeting Examples : Note: If you do not have a contact name, you can skip the salutation entirely. Or, you can use Dear Hiring Manager, To Whom It May Concern , or one of the other examples listed in the link. Ideally, you will be able to address your cover letter to a specific person. Doing research can help you figure out who is the most appropriate person to receive the letter. Note: If you do not know the gender of your contact, you can write out the person's full name, e.g., "Dear Cory Smith"or "Dear Jordan Parish."

Body of Cover Letter The body of your cover letter lets the employer know what position you are applying for, why the employer should select you for an interview, and how you will follow-up. Organize the body of your cover letter into the following paragraphs:

Complimentary Close Respectfully yours,

Handwritten Signature  (for a hard copy letter)

Typed Signature

Formatting Tips for Cover Letters

Here are some formatting tips to keep in mind when you are writing your letter:

Use your word processor's spell check to catch common errors, and then consider reading your letter aloud—or having a friend review it—to catch additional errors.

Download the cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs or Word Online) or read the example below.

@ The Balance 2020

Cover Letter Sample (Text Version)

Molly Smith 21 Spring Street Anycity, NY 12000 555-122-3333 msmith@email.com 

December 11, 2020

John Brown Sales Manager Acme Corp. 321 Main Street Anycity, NY 12000

Dear Mr. Brown,

I wish to apply for the sales position advertised on Monster.com. Terry Johnson suggested that I contact you directly, as we have worked together, and he felt that I would be a good fit with your team.

For the past two years I have been working in sales for Goodman & Co.. I have consistently exceeded my targets and I was recognized last quarter for outstanding service. As an avid cyclist and user of many of your products, I'm aware that Acme Corp. is a company with tremendous potential. I am confident that my experience, communication skills, and ability to convey product benefits effectively would enable me to excel in the sales role.

I would be delighted to discuss with you how I might be an asset to the Acme Corp. sales team. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.

Respectfully yours,

Signature (hard copy letter)

Molly Smith

CareerOneStop. " How Do I Write a Cover Letter ?" Accessed Dec. 11, 2020.

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Purdue Online Writing Lab Purdue OWL® College of Liberal Arts

What do I include in my cover letter heading?

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Welcome to the Purdue OWL

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"Writing Your Cover Letter" is a series of short documents that walks you through the creation of a cover letter. Here you can see the information in the "Quick Tips for Cover Letters" and "Preparing to Write a Cover Letter" pages put to use. This page guides you through adapting your experiences to the content in your cover letter and its different sections.

The heading provides your contact information, the date you are writing, and the address of the company to which you are applying.

For your contact information, you will want to include the following:

Then, you will skip a line and write the full date ( month, day, year ). Follow this by skipping a space and writing the contact information for the person to whom you are writing:

Craig M. Leroix 2987 W. Taylor Dr. Portland, OR 45720 890-372-1262 [email protected]

February 2, 2005

Amy Kincaid, Human Resource Director Western Electric, Inc. 387 Collier Lane Atlanta, Georgia 30051

Job seekers at Purdue University may find value in the Purdue career Wiki here .

The following are additional Purdue OWL resources to help you write your cover letter:

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    Cover letters should be around three paragraphs long and include specific examples from your past experience that make you qualified for the position. A cover letter should include the following parts: Header Salutation Introduction Body paragraph Closing paragraph Letter ending and signature

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    Simply cut and paste the letter's contents into the composition field and write a Subject line. Choose a straightforward subject line that mentions the job title to which you are applying, such as "Application for Legal Assistant role.". If the job ad includes a job number, have that in your subject line.

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