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Management Cover Letter Example and Writing Tips

Alison Doyle is one of the nation’s foremost career experts.

best cover letter for management position

What to Include in the Cover Letter

Management cover letter template, management cover letter sample, sending an email cover letter.

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The goal of any cover letter is to provide insight into your qualifications that a hiring manager might not get from a resume alone.

When you’re applying for a management role, this context can be even more important. You’re trying to show not only that you have the skills to do a job, but to inspire others to theirs ​as well.

A good cover letter for a management level position will include information on your accomplishments, the leadership roles you have held, and how you can help the organization succeed if you were to get the job.

Include the Skills the Employer is Looking For

Scan the job posting, looking for the specific management skills desired in a candidate. Generally speaking, these skills will be related to five management functions: planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and oversight. Include keywords related to those functions, and then match your qualifications to their list.

The stronger a match your cover letter and resume are to the job requirements, the better your chances of getting selected to interview for the position.

Quantify Your Achievements

Including quantifiable successes (numbers, percentages, growth statistics) is a way to show what you have achieved at the companies you have worked for. This is especially important for high-level jobs because employers expect a proven track record of success in the individuals they hire for management roles.

Match Your Cover Letter to the Job

Review tips for matching your qualifications to a job before you start writing. Then review this example of a cover letter for a position in management that you can tailor to fit your own credentials:

This is an example of a cover letter for a management position. Download the management cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Lucia Applicant 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345 555-555-5555 lucia.applicant@email.com

August 24, 2020

Mel Lee Director Acme Retailer 123 Business Rd. Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Lee:

After contributing to the growth and success of three different organizations in the past 10 years, I am seeking new challenges with a company in need of someone with exceptional planning, leadership, and management abilities.

As evidenced in the enclosed resume, my experience encompasses project management, strategic planning, resource utilization, revenue growth, and cost reduction. My ability to analyze needs and create unique solutions designed to yield a profitable outcome has proven to be one of my greatest assets.

Credited with significantly impacting bottom-line profitability wherever I have worked, I excel at streamlining less-than-efficient procedures to boost productivity and sales. Proactive management of crucial external relationships allowed me to increase revenue by 17% in one year. I also negotiated exclusive relationships in a key market segment, expanding the company's share of that segment by 66%.

I know that my proven leadership skills, strong commitment to high ethical and professional standards, and flexibility in devising proactive responses to changing socioeconomic conditions would allow me to make a significant contribution to the [Company Name] team.

I would welcome the chance to discuss my qualifications with you in greater detail. If you wish to schedule a meeting, please let me know. In the meantime, please know that I appreciate your time and consideration.

Lucia Applicant (signature hard copy letter)

Lucia Applicant

If you send your cover letter via email , your goal will be the same—to show that your qualifications, achievements, and experience make you the best candidate for the management role. But, your delivery will be a little different, because real estate is at a premium in email communication. You need to get the hiring manager’s attention right off the bat and not let it go. Here’s how:

More Cover Letter Examples

Need more examples? Here are 100+ free cover letter examples and templates for a variety of jobs and professional circumstances.

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Manager Cover Letter: Samples for Management Positions

Manager Cover Letter: Samples for Management Positions

Ready to lead a company to ever-increasing heights and great success? First, you need to write an application letter that impresses them enough to call you for an interview.

Christian Eilers, CPRW

As seen in:

You are ready to write your manager cover letter .

Perhaps you’re aiming to be a business manager with a corner office. Maybe you’re a facilities manager and enjoy being out on the floor. Or it could be you’re a retail manager who likes to float from the warehouse to the front lanes and into the parking lot.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain— 

You need to bowl them over with the perfect cover letter for management jobs.

In this post, we give you first a sample cover letter for management positions. After that, you’ll learn all the best tips and advice on how to write a manager cover letter of your own.

Want to write your cover letter fast?  Use our cover letter builder. Choose from   20+ professional cover letter templates   that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.

Create your cover letter now

manager resume and cover letter set

Manager Cover Letter for a Resume— See more cover letter examples and create your cover letter here . 

Christian Eilers, CPRW

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The 23 Best Cover Letter Examples: What They Got Right

Amanda Zantal-Wiener

Published: April 27, 2023

Fun is not something typically associated with writing a cover letter. However, with a few tweaks, writing one doesn’t have to be a burden.

job seeker reviewing best cover letter examples

The cover letter examples below demonstrate that it is possible to have a little fun with your job search — and maybe even make yourself a better candidate in the process.

→ Click here to access 5 free cover letter templates [Free Download]

What is a good cover letter?

A cover letter is used to demonstrate your interest in the role, passion for the company, and the impact you've had in previous positions. Cover letters should include a standout opening, relevant skills and qualifications, and a strong finish with a call-to-action — all within one page and unique to each application.

It may be true that only 35% of recruiters admit that cover letters do not materially influence the hiring process for them , but that doesn't mean yours has to contribute to that statistic. In fact, it might be that cover letters are deemed insignificant because so few of them stand out. Here's an opportunity for you to exercise your creativity at the earliest stage of the recruitment process.

Personalization, after all, goes beyond replacing the title and company name in each letter you send to recruiters.

What’s on a cover letter?

Before you can get started writing your cover letter, there are a few components you must have.

Greeting: A simple, but pleasant greeting to address the recruiter or hiring manager.

Opener: Write a catchy introduction that explains why you’re interested in the role.

Summary of Skills/Qualifications: This is the heart of your cover letter. It outlines your relevant experience and why you’d be a great fit for the role. You can highlight special skills, experiences, professional achievements, or education to help make your case.

Closing: In this paragraph, provide a call-to-action by expressing interest in an interview. Provide your contact information and sign-off.

What does a cover letter look like?

In addition to showing off your skills and qualifications, cover letters give you the opportunity to present a clear, concise, and compelling writing sample that shows off your personality and ability to convey ideas. Check out our fillable examples below to see how you should organize the content of your cover letter.

Customizable Cover Letter Examples

In a hurry for a cover letter example you can download and customize? Check out the ones below from HubSpot’s cover letter template kit .

1. Standard Cover Letter Example

cover letter examples: standard cover letter

This standard cover letter hits all the right notes: It includes a space to give a brief summary of your experience, as well as a space to delve in-depth into the specific responsibilities at your current role. You also have the chance to describe the challenges you’ve mastered at previous roles, showing that you’re capable of facing any problem that comes your way.

Why We Love It

We love this cover letter because it allows you to describe the high points of your career while still being professional, personalized, and succinct.

2. Data-Driven Cover Letter Sample

cover letter examples: data driven cover letter

Numbers are worth a million words — or that’s how the saying should probably go (if only we could include pictures in cover letters). Citing data and statistics about your achievements at your current company is an assured way to capture a hiring manager’s attention. Most hiring managers don’t read the entire letter, so a bulleted summary of your achievements can be a powerful way to increase the effectiveness and scannability of your message.

We love this cover letter because it’s adaptable to any role. Even if you don’t work in a data-centric role, you can include any enumerable achievement. If you’re in a creative industry, for instance, you can include the number of creative assets you designed for your current company.

3. Entry-Level Cover Letter Example

cover letter examples: entry-level cover letter

Download a Customizable Copy of This Cover Letter Example

Applying to your first job can be stress-inducing, to say the least. You can increase your chances of getting that first interview by including a cover letter that explains how your education can help you succeed in the role you applied for.

Look no further than this example from HubSpot. While other cover letter samples give experienced professionals the opportunity to share their experience at length, this one gives you the chance to describe your personal and professional attributes. You can then convey how you can leverage your knowledge to help your target company reach their goals.

We love this cover letter because it’s easy and simple to use for a student who has little experience in their target industry — including those who haven’t yet completed an internship.

Looking for more? Download the entire kit below.

5 Professional Cover Letter Templates

Fill out the form to access your templates., best cover letter examples.

What does a good cover letter look like in practice, and how can you make yours stand out? We found six examples from job seekers who decided to do things a bit differently.

Note: Some of these cover letters contain real company names and NSFW language that we've covered up.

1. The Cover Letter That Explains 'Why,' Not Just 'How'

We’ve already covered the importance of addressing how you’ll best execute a certain role in your cover letter. But there’s another question you might want to answer: Why the heck do you want to work here?

The Muse , a career guidance site, says that it’s often best to lead with the why — especially if it makes a good story. We advise against blathering on and on, but a brief tale that illuminates your desire to work for that particular employer can really make you stand out.

cover letter that explains "why" with a story about a childhood experience with the chicago cubs

Image Source

Here’s another instance of the power of personalization. The author of this cover letter clearly has a passion for this prospective employer — the Chicago Cubs — and if she’s lying about it, well, that probably would eventually be revealed in an interview.

Make sure your story is nonfiction and relatable according to each job. While we love a good tale of childhood baseball games, an introduction like this one probably wouldn’t be fitting in a cover letter for, say, a software company. But a story of how the hours you spent playing with DOS games as a kid led to your passion for coding? Sure, we’d find that fitting.

If you’re really passionate about a particular job opening, think about where that deep interest is rooted. Then, tell your hiring manager about it in a few sentences.

Why This Is A Great Cover Letter

This example demonstrates how effective personalization can be. The writer is passionate about the employer, drawing from her own childhood experience to communicate her enthusiasm.

2. The 'We're Meant for Each Other' Cover Letter

This cover letter example is a special one because it was submitted to us here at HubSpot. What does the letter do well? It makes a connection with us before we've even met the letter's author.

We're meant for each other cover letter submitted to HubSpot

"Content Marketing Certified" indicates the applicant has taken the content marketing certification course in our HubSpot Academy (you can take the same course here ). Our "records" indicate he/she did indeed give an interview with us before — and was a HubSpot customer.

The cover letter sang references to a relationship we didn't even know we had with the candidate.

The letter ends with a charming pitch for why, despite him/her not getting hired previously, our interests complement each other this time around.

(Yes, the applicant was hired).

This cover letter example does an excellent job of building rapport with the employer. Despite not getting hired for previous roles they applied for at HubSpot, the writer conveys exactly why they are right for this role.

3. The Cover Letter with H.E.A.R.T.

HubSpot has a lot of H.E.A.R.T. — Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent. Our Culture Code is the foundation of the company's culture, the driving force behind our mission to help millions grow better , and serves as the scaffolding for our hiring practices. Recruiters at HubSpot look for applicants that demonstrate how they embody the Culture Code and job description, paying extra attention to cover letters that are super custom to HubSpot.

In another HubSpot submission, a HubSpot applicant writes about how she found out about HubSpot, why she likes the company, and how her professional experience aligns with H.E.A.R.T.

cover letter that details experience according to hubspot values: humble, empathy, adaptability, remarkable, and transparent.

HubSpot's recruiting team was impressed with her dedication to the company and how she went beyond what was asked for by linking her portfolio in her closing paragraph.

Featured Resource: 5 Free Cover Letter Templates


Download our collection of 5 professional cover letter templates to help you summarize your professional journey and land your dream job – whether it's at your first or fifth company.

Short Cover Letter Examples

4. the short-and-sweet cover letter.

In 2009, David Silverman penned an article for Harvard Business Review titled, “ The Best Cover Letter I Ever Received. ” That letter contained three complete sentences, as follows:

Short and sweet cover letter example with only three sentences

One might argue that this particular letter is less than outstanding. It’s brief, to say the least, and the author doesn’t go into a ton of detail about what makes him or her qualified for the job in question. But that’s what Silverman likes about it — the fact that the applicant only included the pieces of information that would matter the most to the recipient.

“The writer of this letter took the time to think through what would be relevant to me,” writes Silverman. “Instead of scattering lots of facts in hopes that one was relevant, the candidate offered up an opinion as to which experiences I should focus on.”

When you apply for a job, start by determining two things:

The key to this standout cover letter is research — by looking into who you’ll be reporting to and learning more about that person’s leadership style, you’ll be better prepared to tailor your cover letter to focus on how you provide solutions for them.

5. The Short Story

Basha Coleman began her cover letter with a short story. The goal of this short story is two-fold:

short cover letter example from basha coleman that starts with a short story about her existing experience with pepsi

You'll notice that her short story follows a typical narrative arc: It has a conflict/obstacle, a turning point, and a positive outcome, all created with a goal to emphasize a theme or point. In this case, Coleman is emphasizing her existing affinity with the brand and her triumphs within the program so that she can continue on her career path.

Like the second example in our list, this cover letter does an excellent job of conveying the applicant’s existing affinity for the brand. If you are applying to a company you love, don’t be shy about showing it and explaining why.

6. The Bare Bones Cover Letter

In today's job market, cover letters aren't always necessary. Even though many recruiters won't ask for or even read them, cover letters can still be effective and convey personality to a reader. Writing a strong cover letter can help you better convey your interest in the position and company.

This template from The Balance Careers puts together the essential components of a short cover letter: excitement about the position, your qualifications, and a call-to-action for the recruiter to follow up with you. Combining these central aspects in a well-written, compelling narrative will go a long way in convincing readers to hire you.

short cover letter example with summarized bullet points

This letter is organized and concise. The inclusion of bullet points to highlight key skills and help the recruiter skim the document is a nice touch.

7. The Breezy Follow-Up

In this cover letter, Amanda Edens is following the instructions the hiring manager gave by forwarding an email with resume and writing samples attached.

short cover letter example from Amanda Edens with bullet points and breezy language

Not only does Amanda provide links to relevant writing samples that are live on the web, but she also closes with a strong final paragraph that:

8. The Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

In this cover letter the candidate, Brenda, plays up her prior music industry experience to build a connection with Epic Music Group. If you have specific industry experience for the role you are applying for, be sure to highlight that.

Cover Letter Example: Admin Cover Letter

It’s clear that she’s passionate about not only the music industry, but Epic as a whole. She’s done so much research on the company that she knows what software programs they use, and happens to be proficient in it to help convey value to the hiring manager.

This example further illustrates the importance of research. Make sure you understand the culture of the company to which you’re applying before you send a completely unfiltered cover letter — if you don’t, there’s a good chance it’ll completely miss the mark.

In just three short paragraphs, the applicant uses their company research to drive home why they are the perfect fit for the role — emphasizing industry experience as well as software knowledge specific to the company. All of this communicates that she’d be able to start with very few hiccups getting up to speed.

9. The Internship Cover Letter

Maybe you’re just getting started in your career and looking to land the right internship to gain experience in your field. In this case, you’ll need to highlight more of your educational background and transferable skills since you won’t have as much professional experience to highlight.

Cover Letter Examples: Internship Cover Letter

The cover letter above is a great example of how to emphasize your skills and accomplishments when applying to internships or entry-level positions. A few things the applicant does well:

This cover letter example illustrates how you can leverage your education and background to get the gig even when you don’t have much working experience. Highlighting previous internships or experience in related fields can go a long way in convincing hiring managers you’re the perfect candidate for the role.

Creative Cover Letter Examples

10. the brutally honest cover letter.

Then, there are the occasions when your future boss might appreciate honesty — in its purest form. Livestream CEO Jesse Hertzberg, by his own admission, is one of those people, which might be why he called this example “ the best cover letter ” (which he received while he was with Squarespace):

Brutally honest cover letter example

As Hertzberg says in the blog post elaborating on this excerpt — it’s not appropriate for every job or company. But if you happen to be sure that the corporate culture of this prospective employer gets a kick out of a complete lack of filter, then there’s a chance that the hiring manager might appreciate your candor.

“Remember that I'm reading these all day long,” Hertzberg writes. “You need to quickly convince me I should keep reading. You need to stand out.”

The applicant did their research on the company’s culture and executed this cover letter flawlessly. It’s funny and shows off the applicant’s personality all while demonstrating why they are a good fit for the role.

11. The Pivot Cover Letter

Making a career switch? Your cover letter can be an excellent opportunity for you to explain the reasoning behind your career change and how your transferable skills qualify you for the role.

Cover Letter Example: Creative Pivot Cover Letter

Since the role she is applying for is more visual, it’s important to both show and tell why you’re a good fit.

This cover letter strikes the perfect balance between creativity and simplicity in design while putting the applicant's career change into context. The copy is clean, with a creative font choice that isn’t distracting from the content, but still demonstrates the applicant’s knack for design.

12. The Graphic Design Cover Letter

When applying for more creative roles, the design of your cover letter can say just as much as the words on the page. Take the graphic designer letter example below.

Cover Letter Examples: Grpahic Design

It’s got so much going for it:

In addition to the style elements, this example also doesn’t skimp on the key skills recruiters are looking for. Using metrics, the applicant demonstrates their value and why they would be a great fit.

This cover letter thoroughly conveys the applicant’s skills and qualifications using a variety of visual elements and by emphasizing their greatest achievements.

Job Cover Letter Examples

Next up, let’s go over some classic cover letter examples for jobs, especially if you’re applying to internships or only have a few years of experience. The below cover letters follow the golden rules and don’t deviate too much from the standard — which is ideal if you’re applying to positions in more traditional industries.

13. Consulting Internship Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: skill based internship

Many internship applicants are early on in their careers or still in college. That means they’ve yet to gather enough experience to provide tangible proof of their ability to do the job. That means that a cover letter is the place where an internship applicant can shine.

This cover letter example highlights the applicant’s skills in a bullet-point format. That makes it easier for an overburdened hiring manager to get the essence of her points, quickly, if they’re only skimming cover letters. Not only that, but this applicant personalized the letter in every single sentence. She shares information about her prior conversations with some of the company’s employees and mentions the company’s name at every turn.

While she only has one prior consulting job, she deftly mentions the skills she developed in that role and ties it into her desired position at Quantcast Product Group.

This cover letter example does a fantastic job advertising the applicant’s soft skills in a highly scannable format — while still going heavy on the personalization. Don’t be shy to lightly play with formatting to get your point across and to imbue the letter with your passion for a company.

14. Nonprofit Referral Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: nonprofit referral

This cover letter example for a nonprofit job hits the ground running by right away inserting the name of one of the nonprofit’s Superintendents. That’s an excellent way to get a recruiter’s attention and make you stand out from the slush pile, even if you’re only just out of school, as is the case for this applicant.

If you’ve received an internal recommendation for a position, you’d be wise to open your letter with that information. Don’t worry about it feeling too stilted or strange — remember, hiring managers only skim letters! Your goal is to ensure they get information about you that they otherwise won’t get from your resume.

With only three full paragraphs, this cover letter example is short, sweet, and to-the-point. No time is wasted, and it also goes over the critical basics, such as skills and experience.

This nonprofit cover letter leverages a recommendation from an internal employee at the target organization, making it more likely to stand out from the slush pile. We also love that it doesn’t skimp on the basics, such as skills, enthusiasm, and experience.

15. General Email Inquiry Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: general internship inquiry

Even if a job opportunity isn’t available at an organization yet, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be. You can always send a general inquiry cover letter, like the one in this example.

This email cover letter for a political campaign internship is short and sweet, but includes the critical information the campaign coordinator needs to consider the applicant for any new positions that may open up.

The best part about this cover letter is that it can be easily customized from one political campaign employer to the next. While it does include a level of personalization, it’s brief and can be easily changed to address the specific political candidate.

When sending general inquiries like this one, it’s essential to make the personalization aspect as pain-free as possible for yourself. That may mean including only one sentence or two, knowing that a general inquiry might not be replied to.

This email cover letter example hits all the right notes while keeping it brief and to-the-point. While we don’t recommend choosing this format for a formal cover letter, it works if you’re sending a general inquiry to an employer over email. It’s also a good example to follow if you’re still in college or have very little experience.

16. Post-Phone-Call Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: post phone call

If you get a phone call with a potential employer and they invite you to send your resume, pat yourself on the back — that is such a win! In your cover letter, be sure to mention that right off the bat, like this example does.

A hiring manager or an executive at a company likely has a lot of tasks on their plate, which means that they may forget about your call from one week to the next. That is totally okay, which is why this example starts with a reminder that the applicant and the letter recipient spoke back on January 31st. It also contains a few more details about why they started speaking in the first place.

Aside from leveraging the phone call that’s already occurred, this cover letter also does an excellent job explaining why the applicant is an ideal choice for the job. It goes into detail about skills and previous experience with a high level of enthusiasm, and includes a promise to follow up at the end.

This cover letter example leverages two things that will immediately draw the recipient’s attention: A phone call they’ve already had, and a mutual contact at their organization.  The job and internship search can be grueling; never be afraid to use everything you have at your disposal to improve your standing over other applicants.

17. Mission-Driven Graduate Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: mission driven

This cover letter example from a recent B.A graduate wowed us from the very first sentence. The applicant right away explains her attained degree and her specific career interests, then dives into the aspects of her experience that make her such a great candidate.

It is so personalized to the employer’s own mission that it’s difficult to stop reading it. Even if the hiring manager is not a science or health professional, they would be able to effectively gauge the applicant’s suitability for the role by the expertise she shows in her cover letter alone. The applicant explains at length why she’s excited to work for that specific hospital. The organization serves aboriginal populations, which aligns with her own values and research interests.

In the last paragraph, she summarizes what she knows about the employer in one sentence, then describes how each of her experiences support the employer’s mission. That is an exceedingly clever and meaningful way to align yourself with an organization at a deeper level.

If you’re applying to a mission-driven organization, don’t be shy about showing your excitement and expertise. You don’t need a lot of experience to show that your values align with those of your target organization. This cover letter example is especially good inspiration if you’re making a career change, have only just a few internships under your belt, or are graduating from college.

18. Short Recommendation Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: short recommendation

Referral or recommendation cover letters don’t need to be too long, and this is a great example of that. It immediately leverages a mutual connection at the company. The mutual connection recommended that the applicant contact the hiring manager for a role, which is a piece of information we always recommend you frontload in your letter.

This specific cover letter comes from an applicant with little experience, making it a good example to follow if you’re switching careers or just out of college. Instead of talking about their experience, the applicant uses anecdotal evidence to convey their enthusiasm for working at that company.

The writer also goes over their most salient skills, such as being able to speak multiple languages. They also explain how their degree directly applies to the target role. We love that the candidate highlights their leadership abilities and makes that an effective selling point for being hired.

This cover letter doesn’t go on for too long, which we love. It’s simple and sweet and provides all the information the hiring manager needs to look more closely at the applicant’s resume and make an interviewing decision.

19. Professor or Research Position Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: professor or research

Academic or research position cover letters might require a little more information than the typical cover letter — and this is one such example. Why is it okay to go a little longer? Because the letter is not only a way to supplement the PhD candidate’s academic CV, but to provide a writing sample for the search committee.

We love this cover letter because it expresses the candidate’s enthusiasm for teaching and explains her instructional ethos, such as providing out-of-the-classroom opportunities, championing communication, and encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone. The applicant also suggests courses she may be able to teach at the target institution, and expresses her interest in developing new courses as needed.

She also suggests how she can enhance the college’s extracurricular programming by offering study abroad courses, which shows not just an interest in teaching but adding to the school’s overall culture.

While this letter goes for a little longer than recommended, it serves as a fantastic writing sample and explains the applicant’s research background at length. If you’re applying to academic or research roles, don’t be afraid to go into detail about what most excites you in terms of research interests.

20. Director Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: director

This cover letter example — for a Director of Catering position at a university — does not waste any time. The applicant right away says that they’re a strong candidate for the role, then jumps right into three salient qualifications that make him a great fit.

We love how the applicant uses bullet points and bold text to guide an overburdened hiring manager through the cover letter — and to give them permission to scan it, if needed. If the hiring manager would like more information or actual examples of the skills, they merely need to read the rest of the bullet point paragraph.

As mentioned, light formatting can be beneficial to your cover letter, as it draws the recruiter’s eyes and prevents them from having to fish for the information they’re looking for.

This short, sweet cover letter includes the critical information a hiring manager or high-level executive needs to make an interview decision. We love the use of formatting that doesn’t stray too much from regular cover letter conventions, and we like that the applicant kept all other paragraphs extremely brief.

21. Editorial Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: editorial

Applying for an editorial or journalistic position? Like a cover letter example we shared earlier, you can take a more storytelling approach to capture the hiring manager’s attention. This cover letter example does that effectively by telling an anecdote that directly mentions the newspaper where they’d like to work.

This immediately draws the reader in and tells them that this application is not random at all; the applicant would like to work at the newspaper because they’ve read it every morning. Not only that, but they have a favorite reporter on the newspaper’s staff. The applicant then jumps into the specific reason they want to take an editorial position at the Baltimore Sun.

The cover letter includes all pertinent information, such as how previous positions have equipped the applicant to take on this job. It closes with enthusiasm after keeping the reader rapt every step of the way.

The applicant uses storytelling to — you guessed it — apply for a position that needs storytelling skills. If you’re applying for a data-driven position or a graphic design position, why not showcase those skills in the cover letter itself? We like that this letter doesn’t diverge too much from cover letter conventions while still differentiating itself.  

22. Promotion Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: promotion

In this cover letter example, the applicant already works for the employer and wishes to apply for the next position to move up in their career. We like that the letter cites the applicant’s extensive knowledge of the organization, which will no doubt give them an advantage over external applicants.

Not only that, but the applicant also references their experience before they started working at the employer and leverages that information to make their candidacy even more desirable.

Lastly, this letter includes a healthy level of enthusiasm for the university and the position — something that is never extra in a cover letter!

This cover letter example does an excellent job showing the candidate’s knowledge of their current organization, while stating why they’re a natural fit for the promotion. Plus, the letter includes information on the applicant’s relevant activities outside of work — if you’re involved in any organizations that might help you do your job better, be sure to include them.

23. Law Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: law

This law cover letter example jumps right into personalization, a bold move that will serve you well if you’re genuinely interested in a company and want to stand out. The applicant cites the recipient’s recent article on bond litigation, then ties that into the role they’d like to get at the law firm.

The applicant then goes into his skills and the feedback he’s received from previous managers. This is an excellent way to introduce your skills without sounding dry — or even unfounded. By citing positive feedback you’ve received, you’ll imply that others have praised you for having those skills, and that you’re not only “tooting your own horn.” (In cover letters, it’s absolutely okay to toot your own horn — that’s what they’re for! But if you can cite others’ remarks, that also helps.)

At just two and a half paragraphs, this letter is exceedingly short but no less effective. It’s an excellent example of how to personalize your letter quickly and still conveying the essentials of a cover letter.

This short cover letter example demonstrates how to keep it brief while still creating high impact. The applicant personalizes the letter immediately, cites external feedback, and conveys enthusiasm. This letter proves you don’t need to write a novel about an employer to sway the hiring manager into giving you an interview.

We’d like to add another stage to the job search: experimentation.

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s so easy to feel defeated, less-than-good-enough, or like giving up your job search. But don’t let the process become so monotonous. Have fun discovering the qualitative data we’ve discussed here — then, have even more by getting creative with your cover letter composition.

We certainly can’t guarantee that every prospective employer will respond positively — or at all — to even the most unique, compelling cover letter. But the one that’s right for you will. That’s why it’s important not to copy these examples . That defeats the purpose of personalization.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Professional Cover Letter Templates

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100% Free CRM

Nurture and grow your business with customer relationship management software.

How to Write a Cover Letter

Resumes receive all the glory and attention, but don’t ignore your cover letter. Here's how to write one that stands out.

best cover letter for management position

The cover letter makes a case for why you’re the person the company should hire. (Getty Images)

Somebody hiring you for a job will skim your resume, or may use an applicant tracking system to review it, but they will read your cover letter if considering you for a position .

Resumes are a vital tool for landing a job, and no job seeker should rush writing it, but the cover letter is worth lavishing time and attention on, too.

So if you’re looking for tips on how to write a cover letter, open up a document, and let’s get writing.

What Is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a letter that you’ll submit to an employer along with your resume and anything else, like a portfolio of your work, when you apply for a job. The cover letter makes a case for why you’re the person the company should hire.

If your resume is analogous to your brain – offering the facts and the logical reason why you should be hired – the cover letter is your heart – possibly striking an emotional chord with the employer and at least getting to the heart of the matter of why you, and no one else, is right for the job.

The resume should convince the employer that you have the background for the job; the cover letter should make it clear that you’re going to be an amazing employee and a pleasure to work with. After all, if all goes well, these people may be hanging out with you on their lunch break or working closely with you when you’re dealing with stressed out or difficult clients. That's arguably almost as important as you actually being capable of doing the work you're being hired for. And because of that, an employer would like to have a sense of your personality and who you are. A well-crafted cover letter can do that.

Choosing a Header

So how should you start the cover letter? Most resume experts will tell you to try and find the hiring manager's name, if at all possible. Assuming you have it, then you'd go with "Dear Mr. Smith" or "Dear Ms. Smith." You might want to address the person by their first name, according to Jennifer Fishberg, founder of Career Karma Resume Development & Career Services, which is based out of Highland Park, New Jersey.

That is, if you’ve already had contact with the person, or there has been a referral, going with a first name might be fine, Fishberg says.

“But if you’re unsure, err on the side of the formal,” Fishberg says.

And what if you’re applying blindly and have no idea who is going to read the cover letter? Perhaps the classic and tried-and-true “To Whom It May Concern”?

That would be a hard no, according to Fishberg.

“’To Whom It May Concern’ is a non-starter,” she says. “It just screams that this is one of a hundred mass-produced letters you've sent out and couldn't be bothered. Part of the job of the cover letter is to humanize you to the reader, so an impersonal greeting doesn't help your cause there,” Fishberg says.

So what should you go with? “If you really can't find a name, then ‘Dear Hiring Team’ can work,” Fishberg says.

The Opening

So once you’ve addressed whom you’re writing to, as you can imagine, you’d better seem pretty compelling quickly. You’re competing with a lot of job applicants.

“A strong cover letter grabs the reader's attention from the first line,” Fishberg says.

Easy to say, not always easy to pull off. But Fishberg suggests that you might want to highlight what you know of your employer’s “pain points” and your ability to offer solutions. Your employer has some sort of problem or wouldn’t need to hire somebody. The employer hopes that by hiring you, you will solve those problems.

“Start with an attention-grabbing sentence,” says Deb Harrison, a former high school English teacher and now growth and change consultant who has worked with companies in recruiting and with individuals searching for jobs. She is based out of Montgomery, New York.

Harrison says that attention-grabbing sentence might involve a relevant quote, statistic or anecdote. But don’t go overboard with your quotes, statistics or anecdote. “Make it clear in the first paragraph why you are applying for the specific job,” Harrison says.

Writing the Body

OK, you feel good about how you’ve addressed whoever is reading your letter. You’ve got the reader hooked. Now here’s where things can either soar or start to fall apart.

There’s so much to think about, including:

Length. Most job sites will encourage you to write a cover letter that’s half a page to a page long. Harrison says that “recruiters have a lot to look through, so too much information may not even get read, but it should provide enough to stand out to the recruiter.”

Tone. “Type like you are speaking in an interview ,” says Pete Milne, managing director of Robert Walters North America, a professional recruiting firm. “It is so easy to be overly formal in written form.”

That may sound like the opposite of what you want since formal would seem to equate being professional, but no, Milne asserts. Being overly formal can really backfire.

“The tendency to use bigger words or complex language is tempting in order to show your intelligence levels. However, long sentences, difficult to read paragraphs and convoluted language are all signs of poor communication,” he says. “No one should have to dissect what you are trying to say. Make it obvious and super easy to read.”

Milne adds: “Also, imagine the shock when you turn up to an interview and sound nothing like your highly formal, legal-sounding cover letter. Stay true to yourself and be confident with your real tone of voice and personality.”

Details. As in, they matter, but don't go overboard here either. “Stick to the important stuff – a cover letter isn’t a biography,” Milne says. “As much as I encourage professionals to spend a good amount of time on a cover letter, there also needs to be an understanding that this will likely be scanned over by your prospective employer – hence the need to keep the language simple. See a cover letter as your highlights reel."

And only, Milne adds, including the highlights that are relevant to landing the job.

But if you feel like your cover letter needs a little something else, even if it has nothing to do with the job, you can probably get away with it, within reason, according to Milne.

“There is no harm in including that you are an avid surfer, but don’t go on about it unless you like to compete on a professional level, and tie in how getting to the finish line is a core makeup of your personality," Milne says. "All roads lead back to whether you will be good at this particular job or not.”

You may start to feel like this cover letter is as hard to write as a novel or television script, but you don’t have to close with a powerful ending for the ages or a cliffhanger, fortunately. Harrison advises that in your final paragraph and sentences you encourage the reader to take action – that is, reply to you (and be sure to provide your contact information). She also suggests you reiterate your enthusiasm for the position and thank the reader for considering your application.

Kyle Elliott, a career coach who lives in Santa Barbara, California, had a suggestion for the ending, if you have room and think it needs more punch.

"Because social proof is powerful, a creative and powerful way to end your cover letter is with a testimonial from a supervisor, colleague or client. You don't need to ask for an entire letter of recommendation here either. You can repurpose a testimonial from your LinkedIn profile or take a snippet from a performance review you received at work," he says.

And there you go. You’re done. Almost.

Review Your Cover Letter

That was just a first draft. You need to look over your cover letter again, especially if you really want this job . There are a lot of pitfalls that you want to make sure you didn’t stumble into while writing your letter.

For instance, you shouldn't only worry about typos or misspelling names, but getting basic facts incorrect.

“Frustratingly, the No. 1 thing that professionals can often get wrong in a cover letter is the company name or role that they are applying for,” Milne says.

Think about how that looks to a recruiter or potential employer, misnaming the company or even the type of job you’re applying for.

“Often the reason this happens is because job hunters typically use the same cover letter for multiple applications – barring a few tweaks,” Milne says.

"A copy and paste job when it comes to cover letters is lazy and can be borderline offensive or off-putting to recruiters or organizations depending on how obvious it is that you are firing off the same cover letter to multiple organizations," Milne says.

Repetition can also be a problem. In other words, are you repeating everything in the cover letter that you put in the resume? Not a great idea, according to Elliott.

“You want to avoid the common mistake of summarizing your resume when writing your cover letter. Instead, use your cover letter as an opportunity to express your interest in the company and role, as well as what sets you apart from other candidates,” Elliott says.

Sure, you knew that already – but it’s still easy to fall into the repetitive trap.

“Specificity is your friend when writing your cover letter. Give specific examples as to why you're drawn to this company compared to its competitors,” Elliott says. “Additionally, explain what distinguishes you from other applicants. If you offer a specific type of experience, knowledge or skill, be sure to call this out in your cover letter.”

Final Tips on Writing a Cover Letter

Finally, the important thing is to take writing a cover letter seriously.

"Cover letters often get a bad rap these days, both from job seekers and from the hiring side," Fishberg says. "Treating the cover letter as an obligatory nuisance is a missed opportunity to differentiate yourself from other applicants."

And if you can differentiate yourself, you'll have really pulled something off. You may even get hired .

"The perfect cover letter is the one that shows you've done your homework and understand this particular job and this company's needs. It's not one-size-fits-all," Fishberg says.

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best cover letter for management position

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best cover letter for management position

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Office Manager Cover Letter: Examples & Full Writing Guide

I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was: “Wow! I love your cover letter.” Patrick I love the variety of templates. Good job guys, keep up the good work! Dylan  My previous cover letter was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes. Absolutely wonderful! George

1. Office Manager Cover Letter Examples

Example #1: experienced office manager candidate, text version, example #2: entry-level office manager cover letter sample, 1. how to write a cover letter for office manager jobs step by step (template), 1. choose the best office manager cover letter format, 2. start with contact info in your cover letter heading, office manager cover letter example template: heading, 3. introduce yourself and reference the job title, office manager cover letter sample: paragraph #1, 4. refer to relevant office manager skills & accomplishments, example cover letter for office manager: paragraph #2, 5. ask them for the interview, sample cover letter for office manager jobs: call to action, was it interesting here are similar articles.

Is a Cover Letter Necessary in 2023? Do I Need a Cover Letter?

Is a Cover Letter Necessary in 2023? Do I Need a Cover Letter?

33+ Cover Letter Tips and Advice to Stand Out in 2023

33+ Cover Letter Tips and Advice to Stand Out in 2023

Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples & Writing Guide

Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples & Writing Guide

Do you need a cover letter to bag a manager job?

A manager has numerous opportunities in a company, including team management, business growth, product management, service management, etc.

If you are applying for a managerial position in a company, you must possess all the modern management qualities. Currently, more than 7,947,300 managers are employed in the United States .

The figures are enormous, but you can bag a manager job with a suitable set of skills, education degrees, a professional resume, and an impressive manager cover letter.

Here you will get all the guidelines about crafting an impactful manager cover letter for your next job switch in 2022 that includes:

Is a Manager Cover Letter Essential?

A manager cover letter is essential if you apply for a managerial job in 2022. Its absence might not affect your job application, but its presence can offer you significant advantages in the recruitment process.

You can add all your achievements, qualities, skills, and capabilities in your manager cover letter that you missed in the resume. Moreover, many recruiters consider it an essential document while applying for a job.

Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Check out the below given associate project manager cover letter sample to get an idea of its formatting:


How to Write a Manager Cover Letter?

Writing a manager cover letter can be a complex task for many professionals, as you need to use easy-to-read language and ensure that the information is not repetitive.

You can start the process by researching the company, its products, services, vision, and mission. For this, you can keep the following parameters in mind:

What Should You Look For?

You can get the answers to these questions before writing your manager cover letter to make it impressive:

Where Should You Look At?

The company’s official website is the best place to get detailed information about the company's work motto, vision, mission, etc. Apart from that, you can check out the company’s official pages on social media and career platforms, including:

After getting the required details, you should read the job description with a focused mind before crafting your manager cover letter. The job description will give you deep insight into the company requirements and technical keywords that will help you prepare a technically strong manager cover letter.

Also Read: How to write a product manager cover letter in 2022?

What are the Essential Sections of a Manager Cover Letter?

You can refer to any office manager cover letter sample available online to craft your cover letter. However, it will still be complex without practical guidelines and instructions.

Considering this, we are listing some practical and highly impactful steps to frame an effective manager cover letter in 2022:

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Header

The header of your marketing manager cover letter should have your details and your employer’s information in the following format:

Your Name Current Job Title Email Address Phone Number LinkedIn Profile

Date of Submission-

Recruiter’s Name Designation Organization name Address

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Recruiter's Name),

Note: You must always use your recruiter’s name instead of the traditional phrases like Dear Sir/Ma’am in your customer success manager cover letter.

Operations Manager Cover Letter Introduction

The introduction of your operations manager cover letter must include your most significant professional accomplishment and capabilities that make you stand apart from the crowd. It is an introduction paragraph, so you can start with the profile title you are applying for and your experience in an easy-to-read language.

Project Manager Cover Letter Body

The second paragraph of your project manager cover letter will include your skills aligned with the job requirements. You can also showcase your qualities admired by previous employers to impress the recruiter. We suggest you avoid negative comments on your previous employers and colleagues while framing the assistant manager cover letter.

Also Read: How to write an event manager cover letter?

Program Manager Cover Letter Final Paragraph

The last paragraph of your program manager cover letter will have the details of your research done on the company. Here you can describe the points you liked the most in the company and answer why you want to be a part of this company. You should craft this paragraph wisely so that the employer can shortlist you for the final interview round.

Office Manager Cover Letter Sign Off

You can end your office manager cover letter with a thanking note and stating that you are expecting a positive response from their side. Write ‘Yours Sincerely’ with your full name below for maximum attention from the recruiter’s side.

IT Manager Cover Letter Sample

We have listed an IT manager cover letter below to give you a visual overview of its building process:


Pro-Tips to Build a Job-Winning Manager Cover Letter

You can keep these pro-tips in mind while making a cover letter for manager position. These tips will emphasize its performance and ming improve your shortlisting chances during the recruitment process:

Key Takeaways

You will see many online sources claiming to help you build a professional business manager cover letter. However, offering manager cover letter samples does not help everyone.

These steps will resolve such issues and help you build an impressive manager cover letter without any complication:

You can follow these steps and make an error-free manager cover letter in 2022. However, if you want to save time, you can have a glance at Hiration’s Cover Letter Builder .

It is an AI-powered tool with impressive features like auto-suggest and 24/7 chat support to offer you a personalized cover letter building experience.

Still, if you need any career-building assistance, you can talk to our experts at [email protected] .

best cover letter for management position

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best cover letter for management position

Politics Hub

Politics Hub

Local elections live: tories lose over 1,000 councillors in 'hammering' as labour passes milestone - and experts make new general election predictions.

Labour are on track to be the largest party in Westminster, but fall short of a majority, after a "hammering by any standards" for Rishi Sunak's Tories.

Friday 5 May 2023 23:04, UK

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer

 Key points

  • Tories lose control of 49 councils and more than 1,000 seats
  • Labour now largest party in local government for first time since 2002
  • Labour projected to fall short of Commons majority by 28 seats
  • 'We are on course for a majority Labour government'  
  • Michael Thrasher: A Tory hammering by any standard
  • Beth Rigby: The key takeaways from the results so far
  • Sam Coates:  'Alarm bells sounding in Conservative HQ'
  • Tamara Cohen: Blue wall victories show Lib Dems are out of the doldrums
  • What would represent a good (and bad) result for the main parties
  • See the results in full on our dedicated page
  • Live reporting by Ben Bloch and (earlier) Faith Ridler, Brad Young and Tim Baker

It's been a huge day in politics today, with voters across much of England having their say at the ballot box after the chaos in national government in 2022.

The Tories suffered results worse than their worst case scenario, losing control of councils across the country and losing more than 1,000 seats.

Meanwhile, Labour and the Lib Dems both made huge gains across the country, while the Green Party also surged with some big wins, and majority control of one council.

With just two councils left to declare, here's where things stand at 11pm:

  • Labour: 2,638 (+525)
  • Conservatives: 2,273 (-1,063)
  • Liberal Democrats: 1,602 (+411)
  • Others: 985 (-113)
  • Green Party: 478 (+240)
  • Labour: 71 (+22)
  • Conservatives: 33 (-49)
  • Liberal Democrats: 29 (+12)
  • Green Party: 1 (+1)
  • Others / no overall control: 94 (+14)

Thanks so much for staying with us for the local elections.

We'll be back on Sunday morning to assess the results in full, and get all the reaction ahead of MPs returning to Westminster next week in the wake of these results.

It's been a huge day in politics, and you'd think that that would dominate the front pages, but it does not.

The coronation was scheduled for just two days after the local elections, meaning that King Charles III bumps a disastrous day for the Tories off (most of) the front pages.

Here is what the newspapers are saying:

He will not only wear the crown he will bear the weight of history and the hopes of the nation, that's the Daily Mirror 's take on the King's coronation tomorrow. 

The Daily Mail leads with an image of the King at his investiture as the Prince of Wales aged 20 in 1969.

The Financial Times  is one of the few papers whose splash reflects the "crushing" losses suffered by the Conservative Party in the local elections.

King Charles III will fulfil his destiny when he becomes the 40th reigning monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey, The Times writes.

The Daily Telegraph  relegates the disastrous Tory election results to a NIB at the bottom of the front page.

The Daily Express  also splashes entirely on the King's coronation.

The Sun  splashes on an exclusive report that Prince Harry will be seated three rows back at the coronation ceremony in the same line as his cousins Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

The Guardian  has splashed on a "crushing result for Tories" in the local elections, with a picture of Sir Keir Starmer holding a baby - a classic of the election genre.

The King is in a "battle" to secure the monarchy's future, the i paper says, and also notes the disastrous day for the Tories.

The Daily Star splashes on Seamus the Irish wolfhound who will star in the Mall parade tomorrow at the King's coronation. 

From jubilation in Medway for Labour, but with the Conservatives still holding ground in some Brexit constituencies - we've learned a lot about what the country is really thinking today.

Our political editor, Beth Rigby , cuts through the spin and explains exactly what today's results mean...

As we wait for the final three councils to declare their results, here is what the picture looks like:

  • Labour: 2,630 (+518)
  • Conservatives: 2,253 (-1,062)
  • Liberal Democrats: 1,588 (+419)
  • Others: 979 (-111)
  • Green Party: 472 (+236)
  • Others / no overall control: 93 (+14)

Two more councils have declared their results - with four still to go.

The Lib Dems have won South Oxfordshire council from no overall control, taking nine seats from the Tories.

Labour has won control of South Derbyshire council from no overall control after the Tories lost 13 seats.

Labour swept up nine of those, giving it overall control.

The Tories have lost 21 seats on Amber Valley council, leaving Labour in control of the Derbyshire council.

Labour scooped up 15 of those seats, and the remainder were taken by the Greens, independents, and a Lib Dem.

It has also just been confirmed that the Tories have lost control of Mid Sussex council, leaving it under no overall control.

The Tories lost 11 seats, eight of which were scooped up by the Lib Dems who are now the largest party on the council.

It's official - the Conservative Party has lost around a third of the seats that it contested at these local elections.

It is a disastrous result for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who was brought into Downing Street at the end of October to stabilise the party and restore its credibility after an incredibly damaging year.

But the voters have delivered a message to Rishi Sunak that will echo in his mind as he gears up for a general election in the next 18 months.

The big winners from the Tory losses were the Labour Party - now the biggest party in local government for the first time since 2002 - and the Liberal Democrats, who have taken councils in the very heart of Conservative territory.

The Liberal Democrats have won in the heart of Surrey, taking control of Guildford council, which was under no overall control.

The win came at the expense of independents, rather than the Tories who actually gained two seats.

But the Green Party lost its single representative on the council.

Labour has taken control of Brighton and Hove council, becoming the first party to hold a majority there since 2003.

Labour's win came as a result of huge losses for the Green Party - who lost 13 seats - and the Conservatives, who lost 7 seats.

Rishi Sunak will need a stiff drink tonight as his party loses more councils and nearly 1,000 seats so far.

The latest losses are:

  • East Hampshire - the Tories have lost 13 seats to leave the council under no overall control - and Labour also lost one seat. The Lib Dems picked of seven seats, and the Greens got two seats;
  • King's Lynn & West Norfolk - the Tories have lost 7 seats, leaving the council under no overall control;
  • Lichfield - the Tories lost 11 seats in Michael Fabricant's constituency, leaving the council under no overall control. Labour and the Lib Dems picked up seven and six respectively.

We are still waiting for final declarations from 11 councils (of 230 contested today), and we'll bring you those numbers as soon as we get them.

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    Here's how to structure your cover letter: 1. Header and contact information At a minimum, include your name, the date, your phone number and email address. You can also include your LinkedIn profile or any other social media accounts that help showcase your management experience. 2. A salutation

  5. Manager Cover Letter: Samples for Management Positions

    Start Your Cover Letter for Manager Positions With a Strong Opening Start with saying "Dear" and then use their actual name. Open by giving a brief introduction into your current position, professional background, and leadership experience. State your intention to apply for this particular management job offer.

  6. How to Write a Management Cover Letter (With Example)

    Here's an example of a cover letter for a management position: Wyatt Johnson Vancouver, British Columbia (123) 456-7890 [email protected] April 5, 2022 Mike Richards Montreal, Quebec [email protected] Dear Mike Richards, I'm writing you this cover letter in response to the manager position with your company.

  7. The 8 Best Cover Letter Examples in 2022 & Why They Rock

    2. The funny cover letter. This clever cover letter from former ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne is one of the best examples of how to land a job with a joke: Sometimes all you have to do to get a job is make the right person laugh. Submitting a cover letter like this one is a bold move, and wouldn't work in most situations.

  8. The Best Cover Letter Examples for Any Job Seeker

    Whether you're writing a cover letter for a data scientist or marketing manager position, an internship or a senior-level role, a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you're going to want to tailor it to the role, company, and culture.

  9. The 23 Best Cover Letter Examples: What They Got Right

    The inclusion of bullet points to highlight key skills and help the recruiter skim the document is a nice touch. 7. The Breezy Follow-Up. In this cover letter, Amanda Edens is following the instructions the hiring manager gave by forwarding an email with resume and writing samples attached.

  10. Indeed Career Guide

    Career advice on how to find a job, write your resume and cover letter, ace your interviews, start a new job, and choose career paths. Home. ... and use our examples and tips to help you get a hiring manager's attention with your own letter. ... Starting a new job. Best practices to make a strong impression and transition smoothly.

  11. Manager Cover Letter: Examples & Ready-To-Use Templates

    A cover letter for a manager position has to excel at achieving both. Here are the key rules for formatting your cover letter: Left-align everything without using justification. Leave the margins at an inch all around. Choose an understated font like Calibri or Arial in 11-12 pt. Use 1-1.15x line spacing.

  12. How to Write a Cover Letter for a Manager Position (With Sample

    Key skills to highlight in your cover letter for management positions include: Leadership: Being able to supervise and motivate your team is essential for management roles. Leadership skills can help you lead meetings, delegate tasks, train and assess your team. Communication: To lead a team and oversee projects, communication skills are essential.

  13. Business and management Cover Letter Examples & Expert tips [Free]

    Use this Business and management cover letter example to finish your application and get hired fast - no frustration, no guesswork. This cover letter example is specifically designed for Business and management positions in 2023. Take advantage of our sample sentences + expert guides to download the perfect cover letter in just minutes.

  14. How to Write a Cover Letter

    Give specific examples as to why you're drawn to this company compared to its competitors," Elliott says. "Additionally, explain what distinguishes you from other applicants. If you offer a ...

  15. Cover Letter Headings: How To & Examples

    Your cover letter heading should always include your: Full name; Location: No need to include a street address. City and state alone usually does the trick nowadays. If you're applying from out of the area (and it's an in-person role or remote job that requires you to be in specific states, for example) you might add "Relocating to:" or whatever describes your situation so the hiring ...

  16. How To Write a Management Cover Letter (With Examples)

    The goal of a management cover letter is to accurately convey your management skills and persuade the recipient that you're the best candidate. The cover letter you submit for a management role is therefore very important for securing you an interview and helping you to stand out among the other candidates.

  17. Office Manager Cover Letter: Examples & Full Writing Guide

    Office Manager Cover Letter Sample: Paragraph #1. As a certified office manager with [# Years] years of experience [Job Duty You Performed] at a [Type of Company] company, I was excited to see your ad for an office manager position at [Company Name]. That will wake up the GM like a gallon of espresso.

  18. Is a Manager Cover Letter Essential?

    LinkedIn Profile. Date of Submission-. Recruiter's Name. Designation. Organization name. Address. Subject-. Dear Mr./Mrs. (Recruiter's Name), Note: You must always use your recruiter's name instead of the traditional phrases like Dear Sir/Ma'am in your customer success manager cover letter.

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    Labour are on track to be the largest party in Westminster, but fall short of a majority, after a "hammering by any standards" for Rishi Sunak's Tories.