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creative writing description of fireplace brick

500+ Ways to Describe Fire: A Word List for Writers

Fire Words

Fire, Flames, Inferno …

Since ancient times, humans have known about fire. We have feared it, welcomed its warmth , and harnessed its power.

John Wesley said that if you catch on fire, people will come for miles to see you burn. He understood the intrinsic attraction flames represent for most people.

The Greek philosopher Plutarch said that the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.

One of Ray Bradbury’s characters in Fahrenheit 451 voiced his thoughts about fire: “It’s perpetual motion; the thing man wanted to invent but never did. … If you let it go on, it’d burn our lifetimes out. … It’s a mystery. … Its real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences. … Antibiotic, aesthetic, practical.”

Would your WIP benefit from a few flames?

Careful selection of adjectives reveals opinions .

An arsonist might refer to a structure fire as irresistible, majestic, or resplendent. However, a fire fighter might view it as catastrophic, devastating, or uncontrolled. Maybe a couple in love would gaze at the flames in a fireplace and consider them beautiful, cheerful, or romantic. An ancient priest?  Perhaps his fire is ceremonial, holy, or sacred.

Choose descriptors with care, researching the definitions if necessary. For example, pyrotechnic refers to grandiose displays such as fireworks or a rock band’s lightshow, while pyrotechny , although sometimes used interchangeably with pyrotechnic , more correctly refers to the use of fire in alchemy.

Beware flammable and inflammable . Some readers will think the first word means “to catch fire easily” while the second means “impervious to fire.” But these words share the same definition: “easily set on fire.” Better to stick with straightforward words such as combustible and fireproof.

In addition to the words in the following list, you can create many adjectives by adding -ing or -ed suffixes to verbs.

A and B ablaze, accidental, aflame, alight, angry , benign, beautiful , blinding, bright, brilliant, brisk, brutal

C capricious, catastrophic, celestial, ceremonial, cheerful, cheery, chemical, clean-burning, cleansing, close, coal, cold, concentrated, constant, contained, cozy, cruel

D dangerous, dead, deadly, deliberate, deliberately set, dense, destructive, devastating, disastrous, distant, divine, dormant

E effulgent, electrical, elemental, empyreal, endless, enraged, erratic, ethereal, everlasting, evil, expansive, explosive

F to H feeble, fiendish, fierce, forked, furious, gas, ghostly, glorious, greedy, harmless, hazardous, heavenly, hellish, historic, holy, huge, hungry

I impure, incandescent, incessant, indefatigable, ineffectual, inefficient, infernal, infinite, innocuous, insatiable, intense, invincible, invisible, irresistible

L and M latent, life-threatening, liquid, live, luminous, magical, majestic, malevolent, malignant, massive, memorable, merciless, molten, monstrous, murderous, mystical

N to P noiseless, noisy , open, out-of-control, Pentecostal, perpetual, persistent, phantom, phosphorous, pitiless, pleasant, portentous, potent, purgatorial, purposeless, pyrotechnic

Q and R quenchless, radiant, radioactive, random, rapid, ravenous, raw, red-hot, relentless, resplendent, righteous, rolling, romantic, ruthless

S sacred, sacrificial, savage, silent, sinister, slow, sluggish, small, smokeless, sporadic, subterranean, sulfurous, suspicious, swift

T and U terrible, thermonuclear, thick, torrid, unceasing, uncontrollable, uncontrolled, unending, unexpected, unholy, unquenchable, unremitting, untamed, useful, useless

V and W vehement, vicious, vigorous, volatile, volcanic, wanton, warm, wasteful, wayward, welcome, white-hot, widespread, wild, wondrous, wood-burning, wrathful

Similes and Metaphors

Many similes and metaphors border on cliché. Try to replace them with more direct terms ( except in dialogue ). For example:

Hot as fire: blistering, boiling, broiling, searing, sizzling, torrid

Like a house on fire: fast, speedy; dynamic, robust, vigorous

Spread like wildfire: disseminate or circulate rapidly

Fire of passion: ardor, fervor, fever, hunger, lust

Fiery anger: fury, outrage, rage, wrath

Many fuels produce colorful flames. Pyrotechnic displays take advantage of this fact.

Blue: butane, copper chloride (cuprous chloride)

Green: borax, (laundry additive, ant traps), boric acid, copper sulfate (cupric sulfate)

Orange: calcium chloride, sodium chloride (table salt)

Pink: potassium chloride

Red: lithium chloride, strontium chloride, strontium nitrate

Yellow: barium chloride

Carbon monoxide burns orange or yellow, whereas a properly functioning gas stove will burn blue. Hot candle flames are light blue, cooling to yellow, then orange, and finally, red.

See also 1000+ Ways to Describe Colors .

Characters and/or objects might:

Fire or flames might:

A and B advance, ascend, assault, attack, bake, belch, besiege, blacken, blanket, blast, blaze, blister, blossom, blow out, boil, burn (down, out), burst (out, through)

C carbonize, cascade, cast a glow, catch, cavort, char, chase, cleanse, combust, confuse, consume, cook, coruscate, cover, crackle, creep, cremate

D and E damage, dance, decimate, deflagrate, deluge, destroy, devour, die, eat, embrace, engulf, enkindle, explode

F fizzle (out), flame (out, up), flare (up), flash, flicker, fly, follow, frighten, fulgurate

G to I glare, gleam, glow, gorge, grope (for), gush (up), harden, heat, hiss, hurdle, hurtle, ignite, illuminate, immolate, incinerate, inundate, invite

K to M kill, kindle, lap, lash, leap (into life), lick, light (up), linger, loom, mesmerize, move

O to R overtake, overwhelm, play, pop, purify, race, radiate, rage, rampage, reach (for), retreat, rip through, roar, roast

S scintillate, scorch, sear, shoot, simmer, singe, sizzle, smoke, smolder, snake through, snap, spark, speed, spill, splutter, spread, sputter, start, surge, swallow, sweep (over, through), swelter, swirl

T to W tear through, threaten, twinkle, wander, whip, whisper

Many water words can also be applied to fire.

There is a huge difference between a campfire and a wildfire, a fireball and a firestorm. A few nouns that could replace fire include:

A to W avalanche of flames, ball of fire, blaze, bonfire, brushfire, bushfire, campfire, conflagration, curtain of flames, fireball, firestorm, flames, forest fire, grassfire, inferno, sea of flames, sheet of flames, tsunami of flames, wall of flames, wildfire

Props, whether objects, events, or people, add to a storyline:

A accelerant, alarm, alert, ambulance, arson, arsonist, ash, ax

B backdraft, barbecue, barricade, bellows, blister, blowtorch, boiler, bomb, bottle bomb, brazier, broiler, bucket brigade, burns, bush, butane

C C-4, candle, chain reaction, charcoal, chemicals, chimney, cigarette butt, cinders, clinkers, coal, combustibles, combustion, cookstove, cremation

D and E dynamite, embers, EMT, explosives

F fire brigade, fire department, fire eater, fire escape, fire extinguisher, fire hose, fire insurance, fire pumps, fire ring, fire screen, fire striker, fire trench, fire triangle, fire warden, fire watch, firebrand, firebreak, firebug, firecrackers, firedamp, firefighter, fireplace, firestop, fire-suppression system, fireworks, flame-keeper, flamethrower, flammability, flash, flashover, flashpoint, flint, foam, fuel, fumes, furnace

G and H gas, gas lamp, gas leak, gas stove, gasses, glare, glow, grill, halon, hearth, heat, heat sensor, heat signature, heater, heat-resistant clothing or uniform, hellfire, hoops of fire, hose, hose nozzle, hydrant, hydrazine

I to K IED, ignition, illusionist, incandescence, incendiary device, infrared energy, insurance adjustor, insurance investigator, intensity, investigation, jet, jet fuel, kerosene, kerosene heater, kiln, kindling

L to N laser, lava, lighter, lighter fluid, lightning, logs, luminosity, magician, magnesium, matches, meth lab, microwave oven, Molotov cocktail, napalm, natural gas, necromancer, nitroglycerine

O and P oast, odor, oil, oil drum, oil tanker, origin, oven, paramedic, petrol, petrol bomb, petroleum, plasma, police, potassium, prevention, propane, propane tank, pyre, pyromania, pyrophobia, pyrotechny

R rescue vehicle, retardant, risk, rocket, Roman candle

S sacrifice, shovel, siren, smell, smoke, smoke detector, smoke signals, soot, sorcerer, sparks, sparkler, speed, spontaneous combustion, sprinkler system, sprinklers, suppressant, swath

T to V thermal camera, thermal imager, thermal images, thermal radiation, tinder, TNT, toaster, toaster oven, torch, trees, trench, victims, volcano, volunteers

W to Z warlock, water main, welder’s mask, wick, witch, wizard, wood, woodpile, zip fuel

Clichés and Idioms

Too many repetitions of fire in your WIP? Locate phrases such as the following and replace them with shorter alternatives.

fire in one’s blood: ardor, fervor, passion, zeal

fire of life: elan, enthusiasm, gusto, vigor, vivacity

to fight fire with fire: counter, fight back, get even, retaliate

to go up in flames: be destroyed, burn, combust, disappear, explode

to light a fire under: coerce, impel, induce, prod, push, urge

to pass through the fire: desensitize, harden, inure, test, toughen

to play with fire: endanger, gamble, jeopardize, risk

too many irons in the fire: inundated, overwhelmed , swamped

trial by fire: gauntlet, ordeal, stress, test

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12 thoughts on “ 500+ Ways to Describe Fire: A Word List for Writers ”

I’m trying to create the right atmosphere for a character who escapes a burning facility as the last survivor of a great tragedy, and the flames she’s watching in the distance are a bright, neon green color.

She also has to listen to the factory workers and her previous Master and Creator burn to the death, the latter of which she feels deserves it.

Good luck with your scene, Rhonda. I hope you found a few words and phrases here that helped you.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay safe!

Wow, so helpful. Writing a fantasy, involving many fire related ceremonies. Thanks so much, you truly are a saviour.

Thanks, Ana. Good luck with your fantasy, and stay safe!

It’s great to see all these words related to fire in one place, but I don’t see the sense in putting them in alphabetical order. Surely ordering them in any other way would be more productive?

Thanks for stopping by, Peter.

How would you reorder them? 🙂

I love word lists. Thank you!

🙂 Any words you’d like me to research, Leslie?

Gee, Kathy, you are an angel- the Cheraubim kind with a flaming sword. Just last evening, my husband and I were discussing ideas for my next murder mystery, involving the third husband of his great aunt, The poor man died in a bonfire in his back yard. (His two predecessors passed away under rather questionable circumstances as well.) I’m book-marking your post. Thanks!

Thanks, Mary! Your novel sounds intriguing. I hope you find a few ideas here.

As ever, a great post and a great resource. Thank you 🙂

Thanks, Simone. This post got me all fired up. 😉


25 of the Best Words for Writers to Describe Fire

By: Author Hiuyan Lam

Posted on Published: November 11, 2020

Categories Etiquette & advice

25 of the Best Words for Writers to Describe Fire

The perfect description of an incident with fire will make your readers feel more engaged and appreciative of your writing. However, finding the best words to describe fire more pleasantly and vividly can be a tough process.

Here are some examples of words to describe fire that will help you make the best out of your descriptions of fire.

Words to describe flames

  You will want your readers to create an image in their minds when it comes to how the flame looked. You can consider using any of these words to describe fire.  

women holding sparklers burning fireworks fire american flag background


fireman watering the fire inside the house

Words to describe blazes

  You can let your readers have an experience of how fire can blaze with a lot of heat using these following words to describe fire.  

burning forest behind houses at night time big fire

Words for wildfire/brushfire

  You can plot a scene using the following words to describe a fire; you can use these words to describe a fire that spreads over natural vegetation in a wild way.  

firefighter big fire night

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house on fire

Words for smoke (caused by fire)

  Smoke comes in different forms and smells; you can describe this to your readers using the following words to describe fire.  

fire matchstick inside the empty amstel premium pilsener can smoke

Words to describe sounds of fire

  You can try bringing out some sound effects of fire using the following creative words to describe fire in your writing.  

bomb explosions war fire ignition

25 of the Best Words and Phrases to Describe Rain

Words to describe the smell of fire

  Here are some words that you can use to describe the different smells that are produced from fire’s smoke.  

people camping bonfire playing guitar

  Words that describe fire make it easier for you to explain to your readers how intense and dense the fire was.   You also let them picture how it looked, smelled, or sounded. You can use the words to describe fire above in your next novel, article, or blog about an incident with fire.  


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The fireplace brought a dancing glow into the heart of our home.
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creative writing description of fireplace brick

Inviting, warm, cosy…….the Fireplace

Those three words describe how I feel when I see flames dancing in a fireplace. The smell of wood and the crackle sound as it burns…..Ahhhhh! What’s not to love? A fireplace invites you to curl up on the couch with a book, cuddly blanket, and a hot drink (or maybe a glass of wine 🙂 ). The warm th it gives off as it lulls you into a cosy mood and maybe a little snooze. That to me is a moment of bliss…..

I'm not the only one that loves to cosy up to the fire

I’m not the only one that loves to cosy up to the fire

A fireplace serves a purpose, but if there’s one thing that can make a room with it’s presence and the ambience given off when lit….it’s definitely a fireplace. I think after having a look at these lovelies you’ll agree 🙂

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: standout-cabin-designs.com via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: nicespace.me via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest


Source: thebottomoftheironingbasket.blogspot.com via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: vintagehome.tumblr.com via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: all-things-bright-and-beyootiful.tumblr.com via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: loftylovin.tumblr.com via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: skeppsholmen.se via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: bostad.lansfast.se via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest


Source: thewhitecompany.com via Emma on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

This one looks soooo inviting!

creative writing description of fireplace brick

I’d love to have a fireplace in the kitchen….I mean really….WHO has a fireplace in the kitchen?! Back in the “old days” it used to be standard, but now it would be a luxury.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: pinterest.com via Anouk on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: whattopin.com via Rachel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: modenus.com via Terri on Pinterest

Oh, to have a bubble bath in front of this…

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: Uploaded by user via Katie on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: homedesigninspiration.com via Malu on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: voiceofnature.tumblr.com via Lindsay on Pinterest

Hmmmmm…..I think it’s time for me to go cosy up in front of the fire….I’ve just been handed a cup of tea and my favourite spot is waiting 😉

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Source: favim.com via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

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41 Brick Fireplace Ideas for Any Design Style

creative writing description of fireplace brick

A brick fireplace is one of those cozy home features many folks covet, and contrary to popular belief, it isn't just for farmhouse-style or traditional-style homes: A brick fireplace can fit seamlessly with any design style with the right finishes and accents and can even become your home's eye-catching focal point. Whether your style is rustic or modern, a brick fireplace is a standout architectural feature you can transform or decorate with a little creative thinking.

Unlock your existing brickwork's stylish potential (or even give it a makeover ) with these inspiring ideas that fit any design style.

Celebrate Original Features

Design by Home Consultant

This living room is filled with beautiful architectural features, from the wooden ceiling beams to the arched doorway, but the oversized, exposed brick fireplace that takes up a majority of the wall is the show-stopping feature in this living room. If you're lucky enough to have a brick fireplace like this in your home, you can let it shine by keeping furniture and accent colors simple.

Paint It Solid White

Design by Ashley Montgomery Design

This little dining nook seems much larger than it is because the white walls and all-white fireplace brighten up the space. The textures of the fireplace, from the brick surround to the shiplap over the mantel add interest and texture to the room. To add a touch of color without overcrowding the space, add greenery through houseplants and colorful artwork.

Follow the Ceiling Line

@dwellaware / Instagram

Your brickwork can go all the way up to make your space feel dramatic if you have a tall ceiling to work with. The slant in this ceiling takes this brick fireplace from ordinary to stunning, especially against the white wall backdrop.

Add Curved Elements

Design by Britt Design Studio

If you already have a brick fireplace that you love, decorating it with the right accents will enhance its design aesthetic even further. If your living room is filled with square or rectangular shapes, like this living room from Britt Design Studio with its brick fireplace and rectangular wainscoting accents on the wall, add round or curved elements to the room for balance. An arched bamboo-shaped fireplace screen adds more visual appeal.

Create an Arch

Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

A brick fireplace is the perfect focal point in any style home, including this Mediterranean-style living room from Emily Henderson Design . Pops of navy and teal add color that still allows the fireplace to remain the main focus.

Frame It Out

Design by Arbor & Co.

It's no design secret that pairing black and white accents creates a beautiful contrast. Here, Arbor & Co. framed a brick fireplace painted in black with a white mantel and built-in storage that enhances the design of this neutral living room.

Add Black Accents

The first thing that catches your eye in this sitting area designed by Home Consultant is the beautiful black brick fireplace that pulls all the other accents in the room together, from the industrial-style sconces to the patterned pillows.

@flippingnuts_ca / Instagram

If dark and dramatic is your personal design aesthetic, there is no reason your home's design style shouldn't reflect that. Here, Flipping Nuts paired a black brick fireplace and black shiplap wall with a custom-made, natural wood mantel and mustard accents for a design that's one-of-a-kind.

Design by Hannah Tyler Designs

When you have a living room that allows in plenty of natural light, you can play with dark, moody colors and still have a space that feels open and bright. Here, Hannah Tyler Designs updated their large brick fireplace that was once an eyesore with black paint. The makeover was easy, budget-friendly and adds an interesting element to the room without making it feel crowded and dark.

Modernize Craftsman Style

Design by Velinda Hellen / Photo by Sara Lagorria-Tramp

The original fireplace in this Craftsman-style home was already a beautiful white brick with built-in shelving, but the tile in the hearth needed to be replaced. Here, designer Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design replaced the old tile with large black tiles to create a beautiful contrast with the white brick fireplace and walls. The combination brings a modern touch to this cute bungalow.

Whitewash It

Design by Jessica Nelson Design

You may love the original brickwork on your fireplace or the wall behind it, but if you're looking to brighten up your living space, a little paint goes a long way. Painting the brick with chalk paint will give it an antique look and brighten up a room without completely covering the beautiful color of the original bricks.

Mix With Wood

Design by Becca Interiors

The first thing you notice in this living room from Becca Interiors is the warm colors and textures of the fireplace. The combination of the red brick surround and natural wood mantel creates an inviting feel in this coastal-inspired living room .

Make It Graphic

Design by @jkath_designbuild / Photo by @alyssaleephotography

A brick fireplace can feel outdated depending on the condition of the brickwork and if it overpowers the rest of the room's design. Instead of renovating the fireplace , try refreshing it with black paint. It will transform your fireplace into a statement piece instead of an eyesore, especially when you have a beautiful oversized fireplace like this one from Design by Jkath Design Build .

Add a Painted Detail

@cookiesanddecorbypam / Instagram

Painting your fireplace black creates a dramatic effect no matter how big or small your fireplace is. This arched brick fireplace from Pam Parrish is small but mighty and an easy makeover that only takes a couple of DIY hours to complete.

Experiment With Layout

This fireplace brickwork from Ashley Montgomery Design makes an impactful design statement with its unusual layout. Traditional red brick can sometimes take away from the other elements of the fireplace, but this white paint color provides a clean and simple canvas so the shape of the fireplace shines.

Keep It Traditional

@sugarandspice.interiors / Instagram

The traditional neutral brickwork on this fireplace from Sugar and Spice Interiors makes this the perfect backdrop to decorate for each season. The brickwork carries through to the hearth for a cohesive look, while the dark wood mantel and surround add a rustic touch.

Use a Limestone Finish

Design by Charbonneau Interiors

Normally, you wouldn't think a brick fireplace would fit seamlessly with a contemporary-style room, but this home office from Charbonneau Interiors proves otherwise. The limestone finish on the fireplace allows the brick to blend into the wall to create a grand, sophisticated room that has plenty of texture and eye-catching features.

Brighten Up a Small Space

COTTAGE + SEA / Instagram

This living room from COTTAGE + SEA's proves that a brick fireplace can add a stylish focal point in a small space that is worth its weight in square footage. The brick border adds a traditional feel to the room while the white surround and mantel brighten and open up the compact space.

Decorate With Wood

Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Sara Lagorria-Tramp

In this living room from Emily Henderson Design , chopped firewood functions as decor in the off-duty season when it doesn't make sense to burn a fire.

Add a Pale Shade of Gray

Design by Blakely Interior Design / Photo by Andrea Pietrangeli

The painted gray brick surround of the fireplace brings some depth to this living room from Blakely Interior Design , while still keeping with the neutral color palette. The gray brickwork against the white mantel is a refreshing, contemporary update on the traditional look of red brick.

Display Plants

@leafandlolo / Instagram

Even without a true fireplace, you can get that brick fireplace look with a brick wall and a furnace. Here, Leaf and Lolo instantly brightened up the living room with a pale gray brick wall that's the perfect spot to display a collection of houseplants.

Try a Herringbone Pattern

Design by Mary Patton Design

A little brick adds a lot of charm; the herringbone pattern of this brick hearth from Mary Patton Design adds a charming twist.

Pair White Brick With Navy Built-Ins

A navy and white color combination will never go out of style. This floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace from Ashley Montgomery Design is painted in white and flanked by sleek navy cabinets that balance each other well in this midcentury modern-style living room.

Build a Firewood Storage Insert

Design by Tina Ramchandani Creative and Winter McDermott

Not only is this white fireplace a stunning backdrop for a trio of black and white prints, but the white brick allows the wood burning fireplace and firewood storage insert to take center stage in this living room design by Tina Ramchandani Creative and Winter McDermott.

Add Old World Charm

Design by Kate Marker Interiors

The limestone finish on this fireplace design adds rustic charm in this light and airy modern farmhouse living room , while the wood mantel matches the ceiling beams for a cohesive look. Kate Marker Interiors dressed up the mantel with simple black and white prints and one large mirror to open up the space even more.

Change Directions

The multicolored brick wall of this open plan living room from Charbonneau Interiors is the main focal point of the space. To keep things interesting, the brick is laid in a herringbone pattern on the fireplace surround that's framed by a white mantel. The same brickwork is carried through to the adjacent kitchen to make the spaces feel cohesive.

Use Reclaimed Brick

@pretty.thrifty.home / Instagram

Shabby chic design style features vintage-inspired furnishings and decor elements that have been collected over time. This fireplace nook in Pretty Thrifty Home 's living room includes antique items on the mantel, a vintage-inspired floral accent wall, a vintage fabric pennant garland and a bright blue furnace that's the perfect addition to the reclaimed Belfast brick fireplace.

Add a Vintage Grate

Design and Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

In this living room from Sara Ligorria-Tramp , a Hmong embroidery hangs above the brick fireplace mantel for a pop of color between two stained glass windows, and a vintage grate (a family hand-me-down) in front of the fireplace adds to the collected-over-time look.

Decorate a Non Working Fireplace

Design by Calimia Home

The plaster on this fireplace from Calimia Home is common in Spanish Colonial architecture , but its simplicity and texture add an organic and refreshing look that would work in any style living room. The plastered brick firebox in this non-working fireplace is decorated with a wicker basket that complements the neutral decor of the room.

Update the Mantel

You don't have to cover all the original brickwork to brighten and update a space. A new fireplace surround and mantel instantly upgrades this sitting room without completely covering up the beautiful brickwork of the original fireplace, like this traditional living room from Blakely Interior Design .

Add Distressed Brick

@stonecottage2250 / Instagram

If you don't currently have a brick fireplace but covet one, adding even a small brick accent gives the same charming look and is a fairly easy and budget-friendly DIY project. Here, Linda of @stonecottage2250 covered the original plaster fireplace surround with distressed bricks that add a homey feel to the living room.

Preserve Tudor Details

@heirlooms.co / Instagram

Many Tudor-style homes feature light-colored sandstone fireplaces, and Lauren Hawley 's historic Tudor home features this same look with a white plastered brick fireplace framed with a sleek black mantel. The design is true to its historic roots yet has an updated feel.

Britt Design Studio

The white brick fireplace allows the natural light that's trickling in from the skylight above to bounce around and brighten up this cozy kitchen from Britt Design Studio . The kitchen backsplash pulls in colors from both the fireplace and cabinetry that helps the different style elements come together. Fitted doors that close completely keeps it safe to use in the pass-through space.

Pair Black and White

Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Karla Garcia

If you love the contrast of black and white design, don't forget about the fireplace. This living room designed by Calimia Home features a fireplace with a black firebox and all-white fireplace brick surround and ornate mantel that creates a beautiful contrast.

Add Farmhouse Style

Design by Blue Copper Design

The firebox of this non-working fireplace from Blue Copper Design holds chopped firewood that makes a design statement against the white brick fireplace backdrop and adds coziness. The floating wood mantel and matching ceiling beams add warmth and modern farmhouse style to the space.

Add Industrial Details

noverohomes and designed_by_jill / Instagram

This fireplace design by interior designer Jill Fritz proves that brick is beautiful in any style home, from traditional to industrial-style. Separately, the distressed brick, raw wood mantel and metal hardware detailing are beautiful, but when these elements are put together, it takes the wow factor way up.

Stay Neutral

Design by Leclair Decor

The brick fireplace in this streamlined living room from Leclair Decor is painted in a warm dark gray that blends in with the neutral tones of the space. A sleek white mantel and black fireplace surround add to the contemporary vibe of the double-height room.

Add Midcentury Character

Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

This renovated midcentury modern home from Cathie Hong Interiors has a modern fireplace without a mantel whose solid white painted bricks add a textural element to the seating area. Medium-toned gray paint on the interior of the firebox adds dimension.

Paint It White

Home Made By Carmona

This brick fireplace from blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona is painted out in white to match the walls, allowing it to blend in with the rest of the room and allow bright blue and gold decor accents to get equal billing.

Warm Up an All-White Room

Fantastic Frank

This 19th-century Spanish fireplace from Fantastic Frank is built seamlessly into the side wall of the living room and covered with soft white plaster. The brick-lined interior and base of the small open firebox adds warmth to the all-white space.

Paint It Matte Black

Design by Laquita Tate Interior Styling and Designs

The floor-to-ceiling fireplace in this living room from Laquita Tate Interior Styling and Designs is a focal point and stand out feature thanks to a layer of matte black paint. The dark color grounds the room and complements white walls, wood and copper accents, and plenty of natural greenery.

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

30 Painted Brick Fireplaces That Radiate Coziness

Has your brick fireplace seen better days? Freshen it up with paint! Our gorgeous collection of painted fireplaces offers ideas for every design aesthetic, from boho to farmhouse to contemporary. Plus, find DIY tips on how to achieve some of today's most popular brick fireplace looks like German smear, whitewash and more.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

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Upgrade Your Brick Fireplace With Paint

Photo By: Nader Essa

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Tim Krueger

Photo By: Amy Bartlam

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: Jennie Andrews

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Zach Desart (styled by Liz Strong)

Photo By: Alex Zarour, Virtually Here Studios

Photo By: Travis J. Photography

Photo By: Christian Garibaldi

Photo By: Eisner Design

Photo By: Beatrice Pediconi

Photo By: Erica Islas

Photo By: Lauren Henno

Photo By: Design Platform

Photo By: Jill Malek

Photo By: Robert Peterson; Rustic White Photography

Photo By: LCo Design

Photo By: Galina Coada Photography

Photo By: Jeff Herr Photography

Photo By: Riegler Photography

Photo By: Ursula Carmona

Photo By: Patrick Cline

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Photo By: Dustin Peck Photography

Upgrade Your Brick Fireplace With Paint

One of the best things about cooler weather is the coziness that accompanies the chilly nights — think fuzzy blankets, hot drinks and a crackling fire. The fireplace, which sits unused for much of the year, roars to life in all its blazing glory. But if your brick fireplace is stained, cracked or has seen better days, it could put a damper on your down time. Our solution? A fresh coat of paint.

We've rounded up 30 stylish painted fireplace ideas, plus a few DIY tips for giving your own brick fireplace an update with paint. First up: This outdated midcentury brick fireplace now looks sleek and modern thanks to a coat of matte black paint. The warm tones of the woodpile and snuggly blanket tie in with the surrounding neutrals on the walls, floors and hearth tiles for a totally trendy look.

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

Blue-Gray Beauty

This comfy reading room is full of alluring ambiance thanks to a chic powder blue fireplace and downy furniture. A silvery light fixture and blonde open shelving keep it minimal and modern, creating a soothing space that beckons readers to curl up for a while by the fire.

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Paint It White

Crisp white paint gives this floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace a clean, minimalist look. If you're considering washing your bricks white, follow the link below for step-by-step instructions and handy need-to-knows.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Paint a Brick Fireplace White

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Pretty in Pink

In this eye-catching design, bubblegum pink and white are a match made in color heaven. The youthful combination by J. Kurtz Design adds a preppy punch to this modern-chic living space.

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

Deep Moody Blue Brick

A minimalist mantel sits atop a deep blue-black fireplace in this sophisticated sitting room. The selective repetition of matching colors and wood textures throughout creates cohesion and acts to elevate the space.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Give German Smear a Go

Transform a boring brick fireplace with this simple technique. A mortar wash, also known as a German smear, is a take on the aesthetic of old European cottages that creates the illusion of antique brickwork. It’s a great, and surprisingly affordable way to add some rustic charm to a space in need of a quick refresh. Follow the link below for a step-by-step tutorial.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to German Smear a Brick Fireplace

Or Give It a Light Mortar Wash

If you love the look of German smear, but don't want to completely cover up the natural color of your brick, follow the same steps listed in the previous slide (the tutorial is linked below), but focus the mortar in the grout lines, instead of spreading it over the entire surface of the brick. The key here? Less is more. You can always go back and add extra mortar later if you want. We love the way this light mortar-washed fireplace complements the wood mantel, adding a touch of rustic charm to this elegant living space.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Stencil Your Brick

Love the tiled look but aren't quite ready to take the plunge? Test the waters by painting a pattern onto your existing fireplace surround, like the geo-stenciled brick seen here.

READ MORE: How to Stain & Stencil a Concrete Patio

Contrasting Color

Standing out against stark white walls, a midnight black fireplace gives this living space a chic, boho-modern feel . The golden wood mantel and accompanying accent pieces soften the contrast and add an air of coziness to the space.

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Fresh, Farmhouse Chic

White paint gives this brick fireplace a charming, farmhouse-chic look. Warm wood tones and colorful accessories make for an ultra-cozy space while a small piece of floor in front of the fireplace is inset with graphic tiles for a pretty pop of color.

SEE MORE: 30 Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Brick-Red Brick

Does your child's room feature a non-working fireplace? Put it to use as a colorful display case for their stuffed animals or favorite toys. Designed by Karen Wolf, this bedroom focal point is painted a warm rust hue — a nod to the fireplace's original brick color.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Gray Contrast

Painted gray brick towers above an austere limestone fire surround, creating a dimensional yet cohesive look. The rich, gray hues offset the room’s stark white walls and soaring windows, giving the eye somewhere to land when taking in the tall space.

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

Lovely Whitewash

Mute the harshness of your brick fireplace with this easy whitewashing technique. Preparing the whitewash is fairly simple — mix a 50/50 ratio of water and white paint in an eggshell finish and then apply with a brush. Whitewash adds the right amount of pizzazz and character without looking too stark.

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

Or Give it a Light Wash

Tucked beneath the eaves of this attic bedroom, a soft-washed brick fireplace makes a stunning statement. To achieve this look on your own brick surround, mix 1 part water with 1 part white paint in an eggshell finish. Apply with a brush in small sections, then wipe down with rags to remove most of the paint. Let dry, then continue adding coats until desired shade is achieved. For a finishing touch, sand over all the bricks with a medium grit sanding sponge. This brings touches of the original color through for a rich textured look.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Charcoal Texture

A charcoal gray fireplace serves as a striking contrast to the bright, white walls in this stunning living area while a rough-hewn mantel brings attention to the natural texture of the painted bricks.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

All-White Scandinavian Design

This white brick fireplace pairs perfectly with pretty, white furniture to create a living room that oozes Scandinavian simplicity. The addition of sandy wood furniture brings the perfect amount of warmth to this crisp, white living room.

SEE MORE: Scandinavian Design Style 101

From the minds at Design Platform , this cozy kitchen features a fireplace with unique brickwork and a dark tiled hearth. The designers coated the brick in a warm charcoal gray hue to complement the surrounding counters and metallic fixtures. Find more from this designer at the link below.

SEE MORE: Design Platform

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Creamy Character

Soft vanilla-hued paint freshens up this old brick fireplace while still allowing its original character to shine through. Stacks of books add interest and color.

Gorgeous Gloss

The focal point of this elegant living room is undoubtedly the painting resting above the mantel — a family heirloom inherited from the owner’s mother. While the artwork anchors the room’s aesthetic, the glossy brick fireplace breaks up the soft surrounding textures, naturally drawing visitors' eyes to the painting.

Charming and Cheerful

This exciting blend of vintage and graphic styles is built on cheerful mustard walls and a brilliant white fireplace. Warm golds and browns in the plush furniture and the geometric lines of the curtains give the artistic space a comforting appeal. Shop the look of HGTV Urban Oasis 2021 (and enter for a chance to win our latest giveaway home) at the link below.

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

Funky and Fun

Drag your home's sunken living room into the 21st century with fresh paint and some modern decor. Here, an indented seating area creates a cozy-cool place to lounge in front of the floor-to-ceiling white brick fireplace. An oversized piece of equine art breaks up the column of white and provides a rustic foil to the sleek midcentury-style chandelier.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Fresh Focal Point

A sumptuous contemporary living room is given unconventional depth thanks to black walls paired with soft beige chairs and cabinets. The snowy brick of the fireplace establishes a striking focal point that keeps the room from feeling too shadowy.

SEE MORE: Pineapple House Interior Design

creative writing description of fireplace brick

A Splash of Personality

Above this fireplace, a school of fish pokes their golden heads through the white brick. The whimsical art adds a splash (pun intended) of personality to the space, breaking up the stark white walls.

SEE MORE: Contemporary Home With Classic Style and Hip, Colorful Character

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Retro Flair

The gray-painted brick of this fireplace blends seamlessly with the gray walls and furniture in this midcentury-inspired seating area. Pro tip: Candles are always a great option for nonfunctioning fireplaces.

Balanced Boho

The neutral values of gray and white paint on this brick fireplace brighten up this boho pool house, working with the azure hues of the furniture to keep it feeling open and calm. The wooden mantelpiece pulls together the accent table and ceiling panels, adding a layer of welcoming warmth to the overall color scheme.

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

Black & Gold

This cozy, contemporary living room features a painted brick fireplace surround, a gold-toned screen and inviting cognac leather recliner. A black-and-white patterned pillow provides just the right amount of stylish support.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

A Neutral Backdrop

In stylist Ursula Carmona's contemporary sitting room, a painted white brick fireplace acts as a neutral backdrop to gold sconces, a gold, two-tiered coffee table and a navy blue velvet sofa.

SEE MORE: Tour a Design and DIY Blogger's Trendy, Upcycled North Carolina Home

Counteracting Color

The funky wallpaper and chartreuse accent wall are perfect for this 1930s bungalow turned classy artists’ studio. To keep the retreat from feeling too color chaotic, the rough-hewn brick fireplace was coated in a neutral white, introducing a strong element of calm to the lively palette.

SEE MORE: Tour a 1930s Long Island Bungalow DIYed Into a Creative Haven

Minty Fresh

Not a fan of all-white spaces? Choose a soft paint color like this minty blue to offset your white brick fireplace. This pretty hue lends a splash of color and calm to this living room's cozy sitting area without overpowering the space.

SEE MORE: 13 Ways to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

Tying It Together

This space hosts a myriad of vibrant patterns to stunning effect. A coat of neutral paint on the fireplace keeps the eclectic collection from feeling overwhelming by giving the eye a solid resting place. A dark, weighty wood mantel and matching picture frames provide additional structure and order to the energetic decor.

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How to Paint a Brick Fireplace White

creative writing description of fireplace brick

The Dos and Don'ts of Painting a Brick Fireplace

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18 Brick Fireplace Ideas and Trends (with Pictures)

There is something so relaxing about sitting in front of a fireplace. It’s uplifting, has vintage vibes, and is a perfect place to gather around with your family. Besides, fireplaces are known to boost the curb appeal of a modern-day house. If you’re a creative person that likes switching things up and bringing new ideas to life, a fireplace can be your “testing grounds”.

The possibilities are truly endless, and to help get the creative juices in your brain flowing, we prepared 18 awesome fireplace ideas and designs. You won’t have to spend days trying to find something worth your while—all the hottest trends are waiting for you right here! White bricks, farmhouse styles, minimalistic designs, wood framing—we’ll go through it all!

What’s Trendy in 2023?

So, you have a fireplace, and you believe it’s time to give it a new look. What can you do? First, and this is the easiest part, you can grab a brush and paint the brick. The mantel comes next. There are dozens of different mantel ideas that make the fireplace feel brand-new. You can also try adding some décor elements—you’ll be surprised by how big of a difference that will make.

This year, white bricks, natural colors, and rustic designs are the biggest trends. Exotic colors are also in popular demand. So, if you’ve got leftover paint in the garage or some farmhouse-stylized items to place on the mantel, it’s time to put it all to good use. Finally, with basic carpeting skills, you can add faux paneling or do a shiplap makeover.

The 18 Brick Fireplace Ideas & Trends

1. whitewashed red bricks.

This is one of the most popular and fan-favored designs for a brick fireplace. You just whitewash the red bricks using watered-down latex paint, create a lovely color mix, and breathe new life into the fireplace. The problem with all-red bricks is that while they do have a warm, inviting touch, in certain spaces (like a contemporary living room), they don’t look that great. Thankfully, that can be solved with some good old whitewashing.

The fireplace will retain the vintage vibe, but the edges will be smoothed out. Less is more here, though. Go slow, and don’t overdo it with the paint. You can always add more later on!

2. Aged Gray (Sheer Painting)

For home décor (and fireplaces in particular), gray is a can’t-go-wrong-with option. And if you want to take this a step further and make the fireplace stand out, use the sheer painting technique. This way, the bricks won’t lose the natural variations in color, texture, and patterns. The so-called “aged gray” really shines through when you have monotone walls on both sides of the fireplace.

All you’ll need for this is a c an of paint , a brush , and 30–60 minutes of your time. A mantel won’t be necessary, but it will add its own charm.

3. Gray and Beige for a Lovely Tone

Not too happy with gray-on-gray paint on your fireplace? Then try combining it with a different color! Beige is a spectacular pick for this, as it goes hand in hand not only with gray but with a long list of colors and hues. You have two options here: paint the mantel beige and the fireplace bricks gray, or the other way around. You can even try mixing these two colors for a unique tone.

In any case, it will be a welcome change from the classic white and red combo that we see in most houses. And, it will easily blend in with the environment no matter how big or small the room is.

4. Lime-Washed Bricks for a Weathered Look

Is there a difference between whitewashed and lime-washed? Yes, and it’s a pretty big one: while whitewashing involves using latex paint, lime-washing means applying paint formulated from slaked lime. If your fireplace is really old and the paint is starting to peel off, lime-washing will, most definitely, work. The weathered, chalky, and rustic style used to be widely popular in Europe centuries ago.

Surprisingly enough, it fits like a glove in contemporary-styled homes. Painting the fireplace will take some effort, though, as you’ll have to scrub the bricks and water them generously before adding the lime.

5. The German Smear Approach

If none of the washing techniques seem to be appropriate for your fireplace, German smearing might be exactly what you need. Also known as mortar wash, it doesn’t cover the bricks (or any other surface) fully, and that’s its biggest appeal. You get a retro finish that turns a somewhat boring, generic fireplace into a focal point of the whole house.

This design ideally matches high-tech, gadget-heavy rooms, creating a beautiful contrast—keep that in mind.

6. Creamy Shade with Farmhouse Elements

We already covered white, gray, and whitewashed bricks. Now let’s see how soft, natural cream looks on a fireplace. Well, if you prefer lighter colors but don’t like overly bright tones, this could be it. As for the farmhouse décor elements, they turn it from a somewhat simplistic idea into a sophisticated, “noble” design. For the mantle, try a darker shade to create a beautiful contrast with the creamy finish.

Vases, jugs, candles, and flower pots are just some of the elements that you can add to the fireplace to, let’s say, complete the picture.

7. Navy Blue Fireplace with a TV/Frame on Top

Admit it: navy blue is not the first color that pops in your head when thinking about painting the fireplace. It never really used to be a wildly popular option, but these days, it is gaining momentum. First, it’s quite an unusual color decision that instantly grabs the attention. Second, navy blue helps to hide minor imperfections in the bricks, which is also a big pro.

Both matte and satin paint will work, but matte complements the natural beauty of bricks a bit better. Add a thick, dark wood mantel and a frame or TV on top of it, and you’re all set.

8. Graphite Paint with an Extended Hearth

Moving up with our list of exotic yet lovely colors, shades, and tones for a brick fireplace, we’ve got graphite. It is equally chic, rustic, and contemporary, which is exactly what most people are looking for. Don’t just grab the first graphite chalk paint from a local store and go with it, though. Take some time and make sure you have just the right kind for a fireplace. The extended hearth is another lovely element, but it’s not 100% necessary.

9. Painting Bricks to Look Like Stone

Is your brick fireplace an eyesore every time you walk into the room? That’s about to change! Now, stones are more expensive than bricks—that’s not even a secret. So, what you can do instead of spending big bucks on a pile of stone is paint the fireplace. But, just like with graphite, you need to be careful here. Go with cream, gray, tan, or taupe when picking the color. Otherwise, the makeover might look “cheap”.

10. Black and White—An All-Time Classic

This is the safest bet for a fireplace makeover. No matter how big, small, old, or new the bricks and the area above the mantel are, black and white will always be a killer combination. In most cases, the bricks should be black, with the over-mantel colored white. However, nothing’s stopping you from experimenting! For the over-mantel, wood is an excellent choice. If the bricks are laid out horizontally, have the wood panels arranged vertically.

11. Garlands, a Wreath, and Candles

Here, we have another classic fireplace design. This time, the décor is the center of attention. For the spring, candlesticks, arched mirrors, and some paintings/artwork are just right. And when Christmas comes around, pull out your wreaths, garlands , and cute little Santa toys. Some motivational signs will be appropriate here as well. The same goes for Christmas lights (if you have any).

12. Bright White Bricks with a Natural Wood Mantel

Nothing fancy about this one: just some white bricks and a natural, raw wood mantel to keep them company. With that said, this low-effort and affordable fireplace idea will be able to completely transform your fireplace. Minimalism is in big favor these days, and while the overly bright white might be a bit cold, the warmth of the mantel balances it out perfectly.

13. Textured Bricks and a Large Stained Mantel

Care for some rustic vibes in your house? Textured bricks are the way to go! This is one of the simplest designs on today’s list, by the way. You won’t have to add any pricey décor items (but you are free to do so, of course), buy exotic paint, wood boards, or anything like that. That’s what makes stone textured bricks an excellent pick for updating the fireplace. And with a big, stained mantel, they go well with rural, chic, and modern.

14. What About a Floating Mantel?

We’re not done with mantels just yet! What sets this one apart is the fact that it’s floating. What does that mean, exactly? This term mostly applies to shelves and refers to the mounting method. A floating shelf/mantel relies on invisible bars and rods to hold its weight. This concept looks marvelous on brick fireplaces and doesn’t require a seasoned carpenter to bring it to life. It will only take 30 minutes, and the result will be well worth it.

15. Cheap Faux Paneling

Preppy designs are in large demand these days, but how do you avoid a total mismatch when you’ve got a fireplace from the old days? Faux paneling could be the answer. It’s a cheap yet effective way of updating a fireplace that feels like an alien element. If the area above the fireplace is empty, use this opportunity to cover it with panels to add dimension, make the fireplace visually bigger, and give it a modern touch.

Crown molding will fit in this design easily. The mantel shelf, in turn, opens endless opportunities for decoration, serving as the backdrop for your wildest ideas.

16. White Shiplap for Farmhouse Decor

Not a big fan of how faux paneling looks on your fireplace? Why not do a shiplap makeover, then? Initially, shiplap was used to—yep, you guessed it—make ships. The overlapping joint technique makes it 100% waterproof. As it turns out, shiplap can also be used as an element of décor. With the sidings installed, you’ll instantly get a farmhouse vibe. Does that sound like a good deal? Give shiplap a try!

17. Wood Framing for the Fireplace

The bricks and the mantel are almost always “stealing the show”, but what if you could switch the focus to the actual fireplace? Yes, we’re talking about a frame. It doesn’t have to be crafted from expensive materials: go with natural wood like Douglas fir, pine, or maple. The best thing about this design—it fits a wide range of styles and has an equally retro and modern vibe.

Moreover, while it does look great on its own, it also supports bold mandrel décor ideas. You can add your favorite candles, family pictures, or artwork to it—it’s up to you!

18. Matching Colors and Widths

While most design ideas focus on combining different textures, shapes, and sizes, matching colors can yield amazing results just as easily. For example, if you color both the bricks around the fireplace and the mantel white and make sure they have the same width, you’ll be amazed by how fresh the whole thing looks. White bricks combined with white shiplap—that’s a classic choice for a fireplace.

As for the mantel, it should be as neutral as possible so that it doesn’t grab all the attention. Dark, stained natural wood will be perfect for this idea. Otherwise, the visual effect of continuity will be ruined. Ornament and décor-wise, some candles, a framed picture, and a vintage clock will be just right here.

A fireplace might not be the fanciest part of the house, especially if you live in an older home. However, there are lots of wonderful designs out there that can turn it into a crowd-pleaser. The best thing about the ideas from today’s list—they are 100% hassle-free. In most cases, you’ll only need a brush, some decent-quality paint, and a scrub.

Matching sizes, different color combinations, monotone textures, floating mantels—go with whatever you see fit for your fireplace. That’s exactly what the “cool kids” do!

Featured Image Credit: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

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Simple and Immaculate Living Room Designs

Inspirational decorative fireplace ideas for all homes, splendid small bedroom storage and organization ideas, wondrous window treatment ideas for large windows in living room, 12 stunning ideas to make your brick wall fireplace unique, looking to buy or design a tiny house think about this., extreme storage and organization, every women’s dream, coolest cooler is one of the best and worst kickstarter campaigns.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

A fireplace is both functional and decorative. One can get overwhelmed though and don’t have any idea what to do to maximize its full potential. Also, having a brick wall fireplace may appeal to you to be limiting in terms of how to decorate it. To help you, here are some brilliant ideas that you can surely work with.   

1. Paint your brick wall fireplace black.

Be bold and modernized your brick fireplace by having it in black . Keep it harmonized by having a shiny black mantel that matches the black and white picture frames above it. A white wall lets this set-up stand-out. Having wooden furniture and organic accessories brings warmth and texture to the cold look of the fireplace. That stag head above surely brings more character to this brick fireplace.

2. A whitewash brick wall idea for your fireplace.

One way of keeping your brick wall fireplace timeless is by achieving a whitewash effect . Define your fireplace by enclosing it with a layered whitewash mantel and lining the fireplace itself with a black frame. Classic furniture makes the look sophisticated and sleek. Perfect for those movie time and relaxation moments.

3. Achieve a textured lo ok for your fireplace.

Have your walls and ceiling in white and make your brick wall fireplace the focal point. A monochromatic look is never a boring idea with the right play of textures . Intensify it by creating a pattern with the use of varying shades of bricks. Keep the interest throughout the room by having a zebra printed rug across the floor.

4. Have different colors of brick for your fireplace.

Using light shade bricks over a darker shade makes your fireplace pop-out. This is further defined by having a white mantel over a white wall. Accessorize it with different pieces of the same color shade to make it homey and comfortable. Putting in plants enlivens the space and creates a refreshing atmosphere.

5. Highlight your brick fireplace with variation of elements.

Put emphasis on your brick wall fireplace with the use of visible lines and variety of design . The wood panel feature above the fireplace creates a division between two materials but at the same time making it engaging for anyone to see. Having the whole look in neutral shade and using minimal accessories makes it modern and chic.

6. Make your brick wall fireplace traditional with the help of wood.

Create a very fascinating fireplace by enclosing it under the stairs. Combination of red bricks and rich-toned woods is a set-up perfect for any traditional home. Make it more engaging by having different designs of wood that houses the fireplace in a very creative way. This brick fireplace will definitely makes anyone nostalgic.

7. Blend your brick wall fireplace with the use of paint.

If you want to achieve a clean-looking fireplace then paint it all-white . Having the same brick wall also makes it neat to look at but still gives texture. Break the monotony by using a wooden mantel in sync with the ceiling, floor and furniture. Add in organic accessories and live plants to make your brick fireplace tropical and contemporary.

8. Cage your brick fireplace in a decorative way.

Nothing makes it more unique that having a decorative gate on your fireplace. Let the element flow by having your chandelier, wall sconces and accessories in the same material too. There is a contrast of material between the brick fireplace and wooden ceiling but at the same time they are being united by using the same shade of white. This idea conceives a very laid-back classic ambiance.

9. Makeover your unused fireplace into a house of art.

Don’t forsake that dysfunctional fireplace just yet. Turn it into the perfect spot for your collections instead. This brick wall fireplace makes it look like that it was made for the Buddha statue. The carved mantel accentuates the fireplace just the right way and the equally captivating painting above it further enhances the look.

10. Two-way brick wall fireplace idea.

What’s better than a one-sided fireplace? A fireplace that is accessible on both sides . This gives privacy to both rooms but at the same still creates an open flow due to the open spaces. Make it noticeable by creating a solid square mantel enclosing the fireplace within the brick wall. Consistency is achieved by also having the inner fireplace in bricks.

11. A platform idea for your fireplace.

Placing your fireplace on a platform is a great way to make it striking and eye-catching. A classical motif for the mantel and platform makes it look structured as the different lines gives dimension and texture to the brick fireplace. Style it up by using gold-framed paintings and chic lampshade.

12. Create a contrasting look for your brick fireplace.

Another idea to make your fireplace interesting is with the use of different materials . Who knows brick and wood would look this good. The secret is to have both materials in the same shade to make the look consistent. Having a natural colored wood as a mantel gives it a contrasting approach to the brick wall fireplace. A starburst mirror is the perfect final touch.

Images via Pinterest

Our brick wall fireplaces are our constant comforter especially for those cold nights. Their decorative aspect shouldn’t be ignored also. We can decorate them in coordination with the room’s concept or make them as a focal point in a certain area. There are countless ideas that we can apply to our fireplaces if we let our imagination and ingenuity take control.


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30 Creative Fireplace Makeovers That Will Blow You Away

marble fireplace

Fireplaces are an extremely versatile thing to have in the home and they can definitely be redecorated or built from scratch. They can be a main focal point in your living room or bedroom that gets your guests talking, or they can be subtle to add texture and dimension to your space. Either way, renovating fireplaces into something new and show-stopping can be a fun, creative project.

When it comes to remodeling a fireplace there are a few things to pay attention to that can make small changes into noticeable ones. A typical renovation day involves thinking of how you want your fireplace to look once it's finished and buying the materials to get the end result. You'll want to consider replacing or adding a mantel, using either brick, solid wood, or a new paint job, or tiling the hearth, according to Kyle M. Interiors . Adding small décor items around your fireplace can also make a big difference to the way it looks.

Before: Dated Fireplace

Although this fireplace is in perfect condition, without any damage to the wood or granite, it does have a dated look and the granite doesn't match well with the wood finish. The granite accent seems out of place, especially with the black and gold doors that open to reveal the inside of the fire. 

After: Modern fireplace

A complete makeover, the new fireplace relishes a white, sleek background with the same black base, but there are new glass doors instead of the gold ones. It's brighter and has a touch of farmhouse style with the wood mantel. It's simple yet eye-catching. 

Before: Mismatch disaster

While the black and white chevron tiles give the fireplace a unique look, it clashes with the wood flooring of the house. The tiles themselves have also lost some of their color and definitely have some dirt that needs to be cleaned up in between. The curtains also need to be replaced with ones that aren't rusty. 

After: Elegant fireplace

This fireplace received the perfect makeover with the newly installed gray-white subway tile that doesn't clash with the wood flooring. It livens up the space and blends in with the wall perfectly. The trim and mantel were kept, which ties the entire look together. 

Before: Basic fireplace

This fireplace is simple yet bland with the white trim and black base that definitely need some help. A black base is fairly common to see in new homes, so replacing it with something brighter and with texture will give the wall more personality. 

After: Textured fireplace

The upgraded fireplace gives the room a whole new look with the textured tile veneer. Although the gray color of the tile is close in color to the white shiplap wall, it still stands out since it's not just a plain solid background. 

Before: Dirty and old fireplace

The entirety of the fireplace including the length of the rock wall needs a lot of help. As you can see there are stain marks just above the opening of the fireplace, and the rocks on the wall are dirty, making the room look dull. 

After: Striking new paint job

A little paint can go a long way and it did for this fireplace, the white color makes the entire wall and room brighter and gives it a chic look. The surface of the stones is still visible through the paint, so it adds great texture to the wall. 

Before: Rundown fireplace

Red brick fireplaces are traditional in many homes, but can sometimes become hard to work around when you're trying to decorate your space. This red brick fireplace has chipped bricks that need replacing, or a new look altogether to flow with the rest of the room better. 

After: Luxurious marble fireplace

The fireplace wasn't the only thing that got updated, the entire room is completely brand new. Focusing on the fireplace, the red brick was replaced with gorgeous marble slabs that give the room an elegant and luxurious feel. The new white walls make the fireplace the main focus of the room. 

Before: Plain fireplace

With a lack of any detailing, this fireplace has a plain off-white base around the black fire. The floor has a few stains that need to be removed or replaced to give the fireplace a fresh new look. The tiles around the fireplace are also uneven. 

After: Ornate tile fireplace

Out with the solid background and in with a stunning textured tile background. The gray and white pattern draws attention to the fireplace, instead of it hiding in plain sight this ensures you notice it. The tile gives and fire gives the entire room some personality. 

Before: Dull fireplace

The only way for a brick wall to work in a home is if it complements the other wall colors. This brick wall fireplace has chipped bricks and the inside of the fireplace needs some sweeping as well as the top part of the mantle where the wood lays.  

After: Black accent fireplace

With a complete renovation, the red brick has been long forgotten since the new white display of shiplap and white brick features. It makes the entire room an inviting place to be. The fireplace itself was also cleaned out and has a new black metal screen to keep the dust and ashes inside. 

Before: Patchy fireplace

After one renovation, this fireplace was left with a patchy white paint job over the red bricks. It looks out of place against the mint colored wall and the rest of the room. It definitely needs a new paint job or a complete new sets of bricks. 

After: White brick fireplace

After the red bricks were replaced with smaller white bricks and beautiful white panels it gives the entire fireplace a lavish look. The newly installed white mount behind the television elongates the fireplace and turns it into an accent wall. It adds texture to the room and makes it look clean without the loose wires. 

Before: Granite fireplace

The granite around the fireplace would work best if the wall was a beige color instead of gray to prevent a clash. The gold accent on the doors also looks rundown and needs an upgrade to give it a fresh look. 

After: Multicolored brick

While the walls didn't change, the fireplace got a gorgeous upgrade with beautiful gray bricks that match the walls. It also got a new paint job, with the gold trim now being black. It creates symmetry and makes the room feel expensive. 

Before: Hole in the wall

This fireplace is simple and plain by just being a hole in the wall. The wooden shelf above it gives the wall some color and texture, but the black hole looks out of place in the room. 

After: 3D fireplace

While the fireplace still looks like a hole against the white wall, there's been a huge transformation of the wall itself, with a new custom-built fireplace. It adds a 3D effect to the textured wall making it the main focus of the room. 

Before: Classic fireplace

Most fireplaces have either a red brick exterior or a classic white trim with black doors. This fireplace has the latter, a beautiful white trim, and a ledge with a black interior. It is scuffed, so it only really needs a new paint job. 

After: Starry fireplace

Possibly the most unique fireplace anyone has created, this beautiful new fireplace has a star-themed vinyl around the newly painted doors. Instead of the white ledge, there's a brown one that matches perfectly with the wood flooring. It makes the room feel fun and gives it an early 2000s feel. 

Before: Rustic fireplace

This rundown fireplace is in dire need of a clean-up from the ash that spilled out from the inside of the fire. It needs a new set of bricks and doors to restore it back to how it was first built. 

After: Plant filled fireplace

Out with the brown brick, in with pearly white bricks that make the space brighter. While white brick can often look plain and simple, the green plants add color to the space. The doors also got replaced with new wire screens. 

Before: Traditional fireplace

There's been many white trimmed fireplaces with a brown interior and black doors and this is just another one of those, but now there's too much going on around it that needs to be cleaned up. Once the arm chair and cubbies are removed along with the smaller décor the fireplace will come out of hiding. 

After: Black shiplap fireplace

This striking new fireplace is completely different from the way it looked before. Instead of a brown background, there's a new floor-to-ceiling black paneled background with a brown ledge that separates the fireplace from the tv. It looks more organized and put together with minimal décor around it. 

Before: Stone tile fireplace

While the white exterior looks in tip top shade, the stone surrounding the fireplace is rigid and uneven. They could've been designed to be the same size instead of having large stones at the top smaller at the bottom. They need to be replaced to make the fireplace look symmetrical. 

After: Lavish fireplace

The great thing about renovating a fireplace is you can use the most simplest inexpensive items to spruce it up to look elegant. This new fireplace kept its stone tile, but was covered with a white peel and stick wallpaper. It makes the room feel put together and the fireplace becomes the main focus of the room. 

Before: Dated fireplace

The multicolored brick of this fireplace is dated and destroyed by the burnt marks from the fire. The hearth tile needs to be replaced with a new color, while the brick surrounding the inside could do with cleaning. 

After: Grunge fireplace

Although the old brick didn't get replaced, it was repainted with white paint, making it look grungey but also worn out with the black streaks poking through the paint. It makes the fireplace look funky. A screen door was also installed and is different from most others since this one pulls down from the top. 

Before: Mismatched fireplace

The wood surrounding and stone mantel definitely mismatch the black fireplace since they're different colors and textures. If it were all gray or all wood then it would work well, but it looks odd, especially against the carpet. 

After: Gorgeous patterned fireplace

With a completely new design, this fireplace replaced the wood surrounding with a white solid surrounding and hearth. The old stone is now a beautiful comet pattern with a peel and stick wallpaper covering. It makes the room feel elegant and luxurious. 

Before: Lack of fireplace

The most interesting fireplaces are the ones that are built from scratch. This before shot obviously doesn't have a fireplace, but there's definitely space for one, if the television entertainment stand is removed. 

After: Opulent fireplace

This custom-built fireplace is possibly one of the most stunning fireplaces yet. It makes for a great accent wall since the television, sound system, and fireplace are all on the same wall. The fireplace is low and subtle, but draws attention when it's turned on. 

Before: Modest fireplace

This fireplace is mundane with the wood base and the taupe mantel, but it does match the theme of the room's gray walls and light gray carpet. Even though it's a standard fireplace with minimal problems, it can still use an upgrade to make it eye-catching and less boring. 

After: Chic fireplace

This new and improved fireplace is everything and more, encompassing a chic aesthetic with the all-white surrounding against the charcoal wall. The added décor of the candlesticks and green wreathe gives the wall personality, instead of it being empty, and makes the room feel cozy. 

Before: Antique fireplace

The traditional red brick and gold doors can make any room feel like you're in an antique shop. Its white mantel with the hanging mirror gives the room a haunted feel, so a whole new fireplace is needed. 

After: Farmhouse fireplace

While the fireplace didn't get a whole remodel it did get some new features such as a mahogany wood mantel that matches the drawer cabinet. The entire wall changed from a basic white to a light gray with a wood-paneled accent wall. The red brick now has a light white layer, making it more subtle. 

Before: Beige tone fireplace

While this fireplace doesn't have any unavoidable issues, it could use a new interior surrounding the doors to make it look more luxurious instead of using basic beige tile. 

After: Charming fireplace

The old stone tile was replaced with this striking gray tile that makes the room look sophisticated, especially with the gold doors that were kept. 

Before: Neutral fireplace

This plain fireplace looks washed out from not being maintained or repainted over the years. It could use a new color, along with a mantel, to give the surrounding wall some more texture. 

After: Industrial fireplace

A completely new fireplace with a gorgeous white mantel and panel on either side. It matches the freshly painted windows, but the new brick makes it look aged. While it's still a creative take on it making it look authentic, the bricks could've been repainted to look new. 

Before: Muted fireplace

The stone on this fireplace is striking, but the white surrounding panels throws off the entire thing. If it were a solid white without the decorative detailing then it would stand out, but it looks like there's too much going on. 

After: Minimalistic fireplace

The transformation of this fireplace is outstanding with the simple white surrounding and mantel. The tile was changed to a light gray, which brings the entire fireplace to the main focus of the room and makes it feel cozy.  

Before: In the making

Another custom-built fireplace in the making, with this spacious wall. If your tv can be mounted on the wall, then you have enough space to tuck in a small fireplace below. Use every inch of space, and it has the potential to be turned into something amazing. 

After: Superb fireplace

This newly built fireplace is truly breathtaking with the white brick wall and small fire below the wood mantel. Since the white bricks draw attention on their own, there can be minimal decoration above the mantel. With built-in shelves and cabinets, it completes the entire wall and makes the room feel put together. 

Before: Moody fireplace

While there are a few interesting features with this fireplace, they don't necessarily complement each other, such as the black and white tiles with the wood surrounding and sage green wall. There are too many colors, especially dark ones, which make the entire room look dark and moody. 

After: Contemporary fireplace

This renovated fireplace replaced the wood finish exterior and sage green wall with a white surrounding and light gray wall. It makes the room and fireplace look radiant, and the basket of wood makes the best décor item; it's within reach for the perfect occasion. 

Before: Stained fireplace

This fireplace would be beautiful if it weren't for the stains and ash marks on the charcoal bricks. It needs a solid paint job to get rid of those marks and make the fireplace pop. 

After: Spooky fireplace

The old charcoal fireplace was a safe color to go for, but this new paint job makes the fireplace and room feel spooky with the dark black color. It's a perfect monochrome interior with black and white colors in the room, which is perfect if you're looking for a minimalistic style. 

Before: Country fireplace

This fireplace is striking with the different toned bricks and solid wood mantel. It doesn't necessarily need to be changed, but if the rest of the living room is redecorated, it may clash and need to be painted a different color. 

After: Snazzy fireplace

While the orange and yellow bricks were a unique touch to the living room, these white and gray bricks make it easy to match various décor pieces. It complements the wood wall better than the old bricks and makes the room feel more welcoming. 

Before: Medieval fireplace

The stones on the wall are clean and dust-free, but they are definitely dated and make the room feel more medieval than a cabin. While it could take a long time to remove the stones, painting them could brighten up the place, and with the right decorations make it more modern. 

After: Leopard fireplace

The new pointed stones make the fireplace look like a snow leopard's coat on the wall. It gets rid of the medieval feeling in the room and makes it look more rustic and inviting. There could've been a black wire screen in front of the fireplace to make it look less like a hole in the wall. 

Before: Gray fireplace

The gray brick of this fireplace has faded and could use some new paint or a whole new look. The gray leaves limited room to pair it with bold furniture and décor items, so sticking with white or black can expand those options. 

After: Bare fireplace

Even though the gray brick could've worked for certain furniture pieces, this white refurnished fireplace makes room for funky colored furniture. It also adds texture to the room and an extra seating area for guests by the fire. 

Before: Tiki fireplace

The tiki dolls and wood cover up most of the fireplace entrance making it appear smaller, and the detailing of the veneer is dated. A new style could spruce up the fireplace and removing the dolls would make it look bigger.

After: Lodge fireplace

This new and improved rustic fireplace gives the whole room a new look by adding volume and height with the stone veneer and wood accents. It makes the room feel like you're staying in a log cabin in the woods. 

Before: Overused fireplace

The stone and wood combination has been seen many times, and although it's the perfect size for the room, it definitely needs a change. The stone veneer and wood mantel clash with each other and doesn't work with the rest of the room. 

After: Gimmicky fireplace

The transformation of the entire wall is a mouth dropper, with the new shelving units and pitch-black fireplace emitting its bright light. It looks like a dark tunnel where you can see the light at the end of it. The new fireplace stands out well in the all-white room. 

22 Brick Fireplace Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Nothing says cozy quite like a brick fireplace.

A brick fireplace adds cozy warmth and a homey feel to your space. Whether you prefer a limewash finish, a fresh coat of paint , surrounding built-in bookshelves, or a creative mantel, our collection of favorite brick fireplaces has design ideas for every style.

Turn your brick fireplace into an eye-catching focal point no matter which room it's located in, then keep its architectural features in mind when choosing artwork and decorative accents. Whether you live in a traditional Colonial house with a neutral color palette or love an eclectic aesthetic filled with bold colors and vintage treasures , a brick fireplace is a timeless and versatile way to cozy up your home.

Brick Fireplace with Green Millwork

Red brick and sage green millwork add a cozy feel to this traditional living room. The paint imparts timeless color and extends to low built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace. For a casual, homey look, lean and layer multiple mirrors or pieces of art on the mantel or go for an asymmetrical display with an odd number of vases or candlesticks. Create height by propping items on stacks of books.

Gray Brick Fireplace

This stunning brick fireplace with intricate millwork extends to the ceiling for a striking living room focal point. Painting both the brick and woodwork the same warm gray paint color creates uniformity while modernizing the fireplace. If your fireplace features a linear design, break up the straight lines with a round object, such as this simple round mirror that features a brass frame that pops against the gray fireplace.

Blue Living Room Fireplace

For a bold look, consider covering your brick fireplace, walls, and ceiling in the same saturated color, such as this jewel-tone blue . The fireplace becomes a seamless part of this eclectic space and a backdrop for unique artwork and a bamboo fireplace screen. A mix of textures, including the brick, grasscloth wallpaper, and leather sofa, create an interesting layered effect.

White Brick Fireplace

A floor-to-ceiling white brick fireplace keeps this living room bright and spacious. It ties in seamlessly with the white shiplap walls and ceiling, allowing dark wood floors, furniture, and decorative accents to stand out. A traditional brass grate holds white birch logs that add to the cozy feel of this neutral space .

Fireplace with Built-In Bookshelves

Showcase a brick fireplace by incorporating it into a wall of built-in bookshelves. The traditional red brick fireplace pairs with bright white shiplap and bookshelves for a fresh and functional twist. A brick hearth continues the warm tones featured on hardwood floors and provides a spot to store extra firewood .

Double-Sided Brick Fireplace

A double-sided brick fireplace serves as a source of warmth for more than one room and provides a visual separation in an open floor plan . The red and orange tones in this brick fireplace give the space a homey feel that's continued with a rustic wood mantel and two wooden ceiling beams. A traditional landscape painting in a gilded gold frame dresses up the mantel and ties together the elements of the room, including a Chesterfield sofa and an ornate chandelier.

White Fireplace with Wood Mantel

If you're tired of your old brick fireplace but a new one isn't in the budget, a fresh coat of paint provides an instant, affordable update. Bricks are porous, so be prepared for multiple coats to achieve full coverage. Once painted, a brick fireplace can be more easily wiped clean if soot dirties the surface over time. To add dimension and character, a chunky wood mantel breaks up the white paint on this brick fireplace and ties in the wood ceiling beams.

Brick Kitchen Fireplace

Laurey Glenn

A charming brick fireplace makes this kitchen even more inviting. It features an arched alcove for extra firewood and features a wide wood mantel that holds a collection of polished silver trays and blue-and-white china that contrasts the rustic red brick. A simple black fireplace screen keeps the hearth uncluttered, allowing the classic brick to shine.

Gas Fireplace with Brick Hearth

To make two different materials blend seamlessly, paint them the same color. A white brick hearth transitions into a shiplap accent wall painted the same color to form this modern farmhouse fireplace . A light wood mantel breaks up the neutral color scheme and echoes the simple, clean lines of the firebox.

Limewashed Brick Fireplace

Katie Fiedler

Limewashing is a great way to brighten and update an old brick fireplace. It's a quick and inexpensive makeover that makes a huge visual impact and instantly modernizes brick that's dark or outdated. Another benefit of limewashing is that it fits in with a variety of design styles, whether your home is more traditional or features a modern aesthetic.

Brick and Stone Combination

Helen Norman

The stone backdrop of this fireplace matches the walls in this living room, making it blend in rather than stand out. A simple frame of red bricks around the opening of the firebox draws attention to the fireplace and accentuates its curved shape. A light grout makes the brick stand out, and a reclaimed wood mantel contributes to the room's rustic look.

Small Brick Fireplace

Red brick surrounds a tall fireplace, reaching more than halfway up the wall. The small firebox design minimizes the size of the fire while creating a focal point fireplace. A rich jewel-toned magenta is used as a pop of color against the brick for a unique color combination.

Brick Fireplace with Black Mantel

Even in small doses, brick adds texture and interest to a fireplace design. Here, the use of brick allows other elements to shine, while bringing just the right amount of texture to the otherwise sleek black room. The warm tones of brick tie into the leather desk chair and light fixture. The stark color contrast makes the fireplace the focal point of the moody study.

Dark Brick Fireplace

Rather than being built into an exterior wall, this fireplace stands between two living areas. The thick pillar is made up of dark-toned bricks . Varying gray tones on the bricks add dimension to the fireplace and juxtapose the light, cheery colors in the rest of the room.

Unique Brick Pattern

Greg Scheidemann

This firebox breaks tradition by using bricks to create a chevron pattern as opposed to the basic, stacked design. Varying shapes and sizes of the light-color stones on the hearth and fireplace surround are more organic, contrasting the orderly brick pattern in the firebox.

Sunroom Fireplace

Werner Straube

Light-color bricks on the fireplace in this sunroom allow the space to remain neutral, and bridge the gap between the dark floor tiles and the white paneled ceiling. The bricks match the facade of the house for a cohesive look. The tall fireplace draws attention to the high ceilings and the beam detailing in the room, and the transparent back of the fireplace opens the room to the outdoors even more.

Natural Brick Tones

Emily Gilbert

Pairing wood with brick in a fireplace design is the ultimate way to create visual warmth. In this living room, a single outline of bricks around the firebox gives an earthy look to the room in a discreet, simple way. The natural color of the bricks reflects the different tones of the wood in the room and adds to the basic, natural feel.

Traditional Brick Fireplace

John Bessler

A natural brick fireplace surrounded by a classic white mantel draws attention to the simple fireplace in a colorful room. The design of the white mantel echoes the window frames and doorway, as well as the grout lines between the brick, giving the room a cohesive design. Similar to the feeling in the rest of the room, the brick on the fireplace gives it a casual tone.

Contemporary Brick Fireplace

Brick is usually seen in traditional or rustic spaces but with a sleek treatment, it looks right at home in a contemporary design . Here, a white brick fireplace adds a warm, yet contemporary touch to this living room. A simple white mantel provides display space but maintains the clean aesthetic of the fireplace.

Twist on Traditional

Give a traditional brick fireplace a little extra flair by adding variety to the layout of the bricks. Changing the orientation of bricks creates a dynamic look, as do bricks that jut out from the facade of the fireplace. Here, protruding squares are unique accents that look like corbels for the mantel shelf.

Elegant Weathered Fireplace

Weathered, antiqued bricks surround this living room fireplace to contribute to the elegant style of the space. The light color palette and formal furniture and decor lend sophistication to the room. Bricks add a rustic touch while still matching the room's old-world theme .

Streamlined Fireplace Design

Robert Brinson

A white brick fireplace gives a clean, sophisticated look to this living room. Light gray walls and the simple, white fireplace contrast the dark furniture and area rug. The plain black doors on the firebox and the sleek TV mounted above stand out against the crisp white bricks, and the elevated hearth adds more dimension to the room. Brick fireplace designs bearing a dark or dated finish can easily be updated with paint .

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

10 Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

The classic traditional brick fireplace is a staple that gives your home a warm and cozy feeling. It becomes the focal point, a gathering place for family, and the best spot for decor. Sometimes though, this iconic feature needs an upgrade. If you need to spruce up the appearance of your old hearth , check out these ten ways to elevate the look of your brick fireplace.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

#1 Repaint the Brick

Taking the paintbrush to your old fireplace is a sure-fire way to bring new life into your home. You may not even need to repaint the fireplace. Take a look at the walls in the room, maybe they need the touch-up.

When painting your fireplace, think about black. Painting your brick black gives your room a bold touch. Dark colors, in general, like navy blue, add a contemporary vibe to your hearth.

If black is too much of a statement, try going gray. This subtle shade is a versatile color that pairs well with many different hues and room tones.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

Curious about how to paint a brick fireplace? Let's go over the necessary steps.

Maybe your brick is perfect, but it's your room that's the problem. In that case, take the paintbrush to the walls. Find the right color to bring out your shade of brick and make your fireplace the stunning focal point it should be.

Painting the room will take more time and effort than painting the fireplace so do your homework. Take your time and do it right. Find the right color that will make your hearth pop. Or, go subtle and bring your room a tone that blends with your decor.

#2 Get a New Mantel

Painting can be a lot of work. It can be stressful finding the right color, and you have to move all the furniture, and get the right paintbrushes. It's a task you shouldn't take lightly. So if that job is too big for you, no worries. Think about a mantel . A mantel adds visual appeal and functionality to your hearth.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

There are two main types of fireplace mantels out there.

The addition of a mantel will enhance your whole room. It will make the hearth even more eye-catching, and the new shelf space adds an extra dimension you can utilize to place pictures, paintings, or family heirlooms above your fireplace.

You can even paint or find the perfect color mantel to tie the whole room together under one unifying aesthetic. Need ideas? Check out our article on fireplace mantel decor and design .

#3 Add Some Accessories

Accessories are a great way to quickly and easily improve your fireplace. Most accessories don't cost an arm and a leg, and they are much less of a hassle to deal with rather than painting or installing a mantel.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

#4 Add Art to the Wall Surrounding the Fireplace

Art! Photography, painting, sculpture, and more can not only elevate the look of your fireplace but the look of your home.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

Vintage photographs of family or a beautiful portrait above the mantel can make your fireplace stand out or tie the room together.

Adding art in any form gives your space limitless possibilities and it's easy. Think about what you love or what moves you. Take that thought and imagine it around your fireplace. If that idea brings you peace, that's all the more reason to look into art for your hearth.

#5 Incorporate Decorative Logs

Sometimes a natural look is best when the contemporary is out of the question. One way to give your brick fireplace an earthy tone is by leaving logs inside your firebox.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

If you have a wood mantel or hardwood floors, a stack of logs inside your fireplace enhances your natural aesthetic. The brick reflects all the different shades of wood to give your room that natural look.

#6 Candles!

On the mantel or in the firebox, candles are a great way to liven up that old unused fireplace. Candles may feel very 19th century, and they are. But, if you've got an older home that resists the modern trends, then try leaning into that historical feel. Putting those long stick candles in your firebox or on the mantel gives your home that old world look.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

Candles come in a variety of colors so you can open the windows, let light in and give your home a heavenly feel.

Or close it off, light those candles, let the wax melt all over the mantel and bring that goth aesthetic to life!

#7 Go All the Way Every Holiday

One way to spruce up your brick fireplace is to decorate it for every major holiday.Never let a style get stale when you change it up every other month!

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

While it is work to decorate for Valentines, St. Patricks, July 4, etc. it can save you money over an entire remodel. Plus, if you get your family involved, it can be a great bonding experience.

Holiday decoration is a fun way to refresh your look without breaking the bank.

#8 Go Minimal

If decorating isn't your thing, think about going minimal. Remove the clutter around your brick fireplace and stick to the essentials.

Look for furniture that compliments your fireplace and take away the accessories you don't use. Find yourself pieces of furniture that are more functional rather than aesthetic. Perhaps a retouch of paint on the walls can open up the room and give you the minimalist aesthetic you desire.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

Look to the artwork of Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, and Eva Hesse for inspiration. And take cues from Japanese traditional design and architecture. Architects like Richard Gluckman, Luis Barragan, and Peter Zumthor have created incredible minimalist structures that can guide you in the quest for space and peace.

#9 Clean It Up

Maybe what your old brick fireplace needs is a nice little once over with the scrubber. So, let's talk about how to clean a brick fireplace. There a few methods when it comes to making that brick look new-ish again. We will go over two of those methods.

Method 1: The hard way, but with a deeper clean.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

Method 2: The easy way.

#10 Whitewash the Brick

Whitewashing is a type of painting, but it's so popular it requires its own section. Whitewashing lightens and brightens the surface of your brick fireplace. If you have a particularly intense shade of brick, a good whitewashing can tone that down. If you're unfamiliar with whitewashing, no worries. Let's go over how to whitewash a brick fireplace.

Ten Ways to Elevate the Look of Your Brick Fireplace

Whitewash is a 50/50 solution of water and white latex paint. If you want a whiter look, add more paint. If you want more of your brick to come through, add more water.

When you paint, be sure to blot or dab the whitewash and not wipe it on the brick. Blotting and dabbing create a more natural texture once it dries. And there you have it � a whitewashed fireplace.

Which Solution Will You Choose?

No doubt, one of these solutions will work to liven the look of your brick fireplace. Your hearth should reflect your taste, not be an eyesore to you or your guests. These tips give your brick fireplace personality that matches your own.

Make your home happy, and you'll be happy too! Take the time to spruce up your space in a way that you enjoy.

For more questions or concerns regarding your fireplace, feel free to call one of our NFI certified technicians at 1-800-203-1642.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

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Flames | Quotes and descriptions to inspire creative… flames – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing . Search entire The flames grew hot and filled the fireplace with their wrath and fury. They refused to Best 25+ Candle fireplace ideas on Pinterest |…See more ideas about Fireplace with candles, Decorative fireplace and The Fireplace Unused Fireplace Ideas Old Fireplace Decor Creative Use of Fireplace  Best 25+ Faux fireplace ideas only on Pinterest | Fake…See more ideas about Fake fireplace , Fake fireplace mantles and Faux mantle. I am super excited to be writing this post because building our faux fireplace is  Creative Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Room Cool…Do you love unique and creative design ideas? This list covers Add a string or two of twinkle lights in the fireplace to add a soft glow to the room. I put lights in Best 25+ Fake fireplace mantles ideas on Pinterest | Fake…How I would LOVE to do this and get rid of my real fireplace ! Fake fireplaces , but cute mantles. Creative ideas for having all the fun of a mantel.without the flames Best 25+ Fake fireplace ideas on Pinterest | Faux…See more ideas about Faux fireplace , Fake fireplace mantles and Fake mantle. Fake Fireplace Candles Looking For Something Creative To Put In A Fireplace  Property Descriptions: The Power of Words | Realtor…Other special highlights include a charming gas fireplace , rich exposed brick, chic Enjoy gatherings in the generously-sized living/dining area graced by a fireplace , wine cooler, huge Plus, it's fun to try to come up with something creative . Fireplace cleaning – Shineline LTD18 Sep 2015 But the fireplace cleaning is really boring thing. In this article In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own blog now. Writing Research- Castle Interior Design – Keystrokes…27 Feb 2015 that will help you to start or continue on with your creative writing project! A great hall would host the largest fireplace of the whole palace or Dream House 4/1-4/7 : Writing Prompts and Challenges •…The fireplace is on the side wall with small long windows overlooking the driveway to the road a half mile away. The three piece sectional is Skull Fireplace : Perfect Horror Decor for Horror Fans -…26 Mar 2017 We love this skull fireplace – the ultimate decoration for horror fans. and Creative Writing classes where her passion grew even stronger. Now Pennard House: Creative Writing Retreat | Canvas &…17 Aug 2016 Pennard House: Creative Writing Retreat by the cosy fireplace to share plot ideas and character developments, with like-minded writers and Faculty Poetry Reading & Student Open Mic – Contra Costa…Come share your poetry and creative writing during open mic! CCC Library Fireplace Main Floor. CCC Library Fireplace . It's a new day at CCC. Come check us 2017 Creative Writing Final Exam | Tracy D. Lee4 May 2017 Next time we meet is our final exam period at 11:00-1:30 p.m. on Tues. May 9 in the Fireplace Lounge, B214.Wilkening Fireplace | Wood-Burning, Gas & Electric…Wilkening Fireplace in northern Minnesota sells and installs wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, gas-burning fireplaces , wood burning inserts, gas burning 

Creative Writing Retreat TBD — Wild Wellness…

Creative Writing Retreat TBD sonnenalp-spa- fireplace -1584_28768876022_o.jpg 2016-12-06 09.03.18.jpg 10:30-12:00p creative writing workshopChristmas creative writing | Oxford OwlTop five tips for creative writing at Christmas When your child finds this near fireplace , ask them to finish Father Christmas's diary for the busiest night of his John Yau writes through Jackson Pollock | Jacket228 Jan 2015 I introduce and then perform John Yau's “830 Fireplace Road,” a and projects: Critical Writing, Creative Writing , the Kelly Writers House, Gryffindor Common Room by the Fireplace audio…You are sitting next to the fireplace while everyone else is celebrating the fact that your team won Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License. Paper shuffling by GJOS from http://freesound.org <sup>+)</sup>; Writing with a pencil by LPSPurpleLPS Megan Volpert's “In & Into: A New Ekphrastic Turn with…10 Dec 2012 830 Fireplace Road (Variations on a sentence by Jackson Pollock) So surprise marks not a location in the poem, but a turning of the reader toward the writer. . Susan Wood on Elizabeth Bishop's "Poem"In " creative writing ".Chekhov's gun – WikipediaChekhov's gun is a dramatic principle that states that every element in a story must be . Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike How to Put a Garland Up on a Brick Fireplace – Living The…However, if you have a brick fireplace or a brick wall in the area where you want to hang your She has a Master's degree in English and creative writing . Writing & painting – Hotel HochschoberParticipate in a painting or creative writing workshop on selected dates “Literature on the mountain” presents readings and fireplace talks throughout the year.Meet The Team – San Francisco CA – London Chimney of Denver studying Communication, Journalism, and Creative Writing throughout his working career and has worked in the fireplace industry since 2002.Modern and Creative Fireplace Designs – Toxel.com24 Dec 2008 Modern fireplaces and creative fireplace designs from all over the world. This stunning Glass Fireplace by Bloch-Design lets the natural, vivid beauty . and what appears to be French writing on the window across the way.Blog | OxTrad Creative Writers 27 Jul 2017 The Creative Writing class arguably has one of the most beautiful The hole to the fireplace is quite small, though we were able to get a good  Writing Real Estate Descriptions That Will Get Their…15 Oct 2014 the home — to sit in front of the fireplace , catch the sunset from the deck Here are some tips for writing real estate descriptions that will grab  Writing at 3 a.m. on a winter morning – The Creative …10 Aug 2017 My fireplace needs another log. Outside the sound of yapping dogs alerts me to a straying deer. My brain sinks deeper into fog. My MacBook Behind the Fireplace : Memoirs of a girl working in the…Behind the Fireplace has 452 ratings and 25 reviews. Not the best and easiest to read writing style, but an absolutely fascinating view of what happened Gas or wood-burning? Your fireplace may reflect your view…5 Feb 2016 The lure of cozy, wood-burning fireplaces that go snap, crackle and pop vs. pushing a button for gas. Creative ideas for home and garden.DIY How to Repair Cracked Fireplace Brick |For what…30 Jun 2014 Spring cleaning is done and now we are making a couple of repairs to our current house. The fireplace stone that is in the bottom of the 

Creative Writing Story | Dawes Diamondback Times

4 May 2015 Creative Writing Story I'm currently writing a fan fiction of it. .. in soothing shades of blue, purple, and dull pink circle a fireplace in one wall. Fireplace – myNoiseFire noise offers an interesting combination of white and imulse noise and respresents a great natural alternative to synthetic white noise.Comfort Food + Fireplaces – Locale Magazine20 Dec 2015 Comfort Food + Fireplaces . BA in Literature and Creative Writing with a journalism concentration from Southwest Minnesota State University.12 Ambient Noise Generators for Creative Work – The…7 Jul 2016 As a writer , I've especially come to appreciate that noise generators usually Research supports the creative benefits of listening to ambient noise. . the crackling of a fireplace depicted inside the cabin design of this site.Rocket and Lightship by Adam Kirsch | Poetry Magazine1 Nov 2012 unrealizable project it is to claim yourself a writer — / especially the description of the adolescent's mistaken / view of writing “as a shortcut, Group Writing Classes with Writing Coach Bella…Group writing classes in the Los Angeles area for creative writers of all genres and experience levels, In the wintertime, flames flicker in the fireplace . creative writing director's note – University of…alongside UW creative writing students and faculty this coming. February. the whole fireplace -and-good-book experience, and teaches creative writing at the  Writing from the Body | The Fetzer InstituteMarin Heinritz, PhD, RYT-500, teaches creative writing , literature, and complete with a fireplace in the great room, loft room for meditation, library, and a full Virginia Woolf on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary…25 Jan 2013 "The habit of writing thus for my own eye only is good practice. April 20th, 1919, Woolf makes a case for the creative benefits of keeping a condole with her and remind her of the existence of the fireplace , where she has Troubleshooting Your Fireplace – Chimney Safety…Learn why your fireplace may not be working and the steps you need to take to opening smaller with metal smoke guards or some creative masonry work. Creative Writing | jillsquill24 Mar 2015 Posted in Creative Writing | Tagged endangered species, palm oil, rainforest For centuries, fireplaces and hearths have been symbols of the "Doctor Who" The Girl in the Fireplace (TV…"Doctor Who" The Girl in the Fireplace (TV Episode 2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.25 Stunning Fireplace Ideas to Steal – Homedit6 Oct 2015 Install a gorgeous two-sided contemporary fireplace on the wall's end. and totally stunning fireplace design can be achieved with a creative twist on . (B.S. degree in English/Technical Writing ), and a lover of interior design.Noisli – Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background…THE WALL STREET JOURNAL "A moderate level of noise the equivalent of the background buzz of conversation prompts more- creative thought". LIFEHACKER

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12 Beautiful DIY Fireplace Ideas

Give that outdated or blah fireplace a makeover with one of these creative diy fireplace decorating ideas., give your fireplace a diy makeover.

fireplace diy design

It’s hard to match the snap, crackle, and pop of a fire—whether fueled by real logs or by natural gas—for blissfully relaxing warmth and tranquility-inducing dancing flames. But admittedly, not every fireplace is as attention grabbing as it should be. Or even worse, some fireplaces grab attention for all the wrong reasons. But luckily, there’s hope even for the most bland tract-home builder fireplace, a stone relic from decades past, or serviceable-but-dull brick. There are many ways to give a fireplace a makeover, and most aren’t even that expensive. If you’re ready to add some spark to a nothing-special fireplace, you’ll love these 12 DIY fireplace ideas.


A Touch of Marble

Fireplace marble diy renovation

Electric fireplaces make it possible for just about anyone to have a fireplace in any room of the house, no chimney required. On the downside, though, these fireplaces lack a hearth to serve as a transition between the floor and the fireplace. No worries, however—just turn to The Painted Hive and learn how easy it is to create a “marble” hearth from little more than a board and some contact paper.


A Mantel Makeover

mantel renovation fireplace diy

Far too many fireplaces that otherwise would be attractive are spoiled by a mantel that’s too skimpy for the space, leaving an imbalanced look that throws the whole room off-kilter. If that’s your fireplace’s problem, then turn to Lovely Etc. for the solution—a gorgeous DIY rustic mantel that’s impressive enough even for the largest fireplace. It’s an easy carpentry project for an otherwise open weekend.

Related:  How To: Get Your Fireplace Ready for Winter


Try a Stencil

stencil fireplace renovation diy

If your fireplace is fine, but the surround is dull, why not try a stencil to add some spice? It’s an enjoyable DIY fireplace project that doesn’t cost much, requires little in the way of supplies, and isn’t difficult to do. East Coast Creative chose a honeycomb pattern for a contemporary look, but any geometric design would work equally well.


DIY Fireplace Facelift

fireplace facelift diy renovation

This isn’t a quick project, but if you’re looking to completely transform a dated stone or brick fireplace that’s seen better decades, Jessica Bruno at Four Generations One Roof gives step-by-step directions for creating a whole new “face” for an existing fireplace. It’s also a terrific learning experience for any woodworking hobbyist looking to level up his or her skills.

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Small Touches, Big Impact

small touches diy fireplace

It’s a fairly common scenario: a fireplace that has an attractive mantel, pilasters, and hearth, but boring plain-vanilla “builder” tiles as a surround. If that describes your fireplace, The Gathered Home has a very easy solution. Just paint the tiles black (or whatever other color you fancy) for a small DIY fireplace touch that really provides a big impact.


A DIY Fireplace From Scratch

diy faux fireplace

This one is definitely not a weekend project, nor is it for bare-beginners to woodworking tools. But if you’re up to the task, Bless’er House gives step-by-step instructions for creating a gorgeous (nonfunctioning) fireplace entirely from scratch for less than $600—from a bare wall all the way through a beautiful fireplace complete with stone surround, ornate mantel and pilasters, and even a stack of “firewood” filling the firebox and completing the scene.


The Big Cover-Up

cover brick tile diy

Brick might be a traditional fireplace material, but it’s not everyone’s top choice; red brick doesn’t work well with all color schemes, nor does it suit every decorating style, particularly contemporary looks. If you like everything about your fireplace except its brick surround, take a page from The DIY Playbook and cover the brick with tile. What a difference!

Related:  7 Mistakes Not to Make with Your Fireplace


Modern Times

geometric pattern diy fireplace

They might have been the height of style in the 1990s, but now, mottled beige tiles just look tired. Instead, turn to concrete tile with a geometric pattern to bring your fireplace into the 21st century where it belongs. Centsational Style gives you all the information you need to replace existing tile with something new and improved. As a plus, this DIY fireplace project is an easy way to gain experience working with tile before tackling a more complex project, such as a countertop or floor.


Build a New Mantel

diy mantel fireplace

A fireplace without a mantel can look rather bare, especially if the fireplace extends up the full length of the wall. If your fireplace lacks this crowning touch, or if you just aren’t crazy about the mantel that’s there, Her Tool Belt lays out all the steps for building your own mantel from a few boards, some crown molding, and basic carpentry tools and skills. Stain the wood for a natural appearance, or paint it if you prefer a bolder look.


Shots of Color

painted logs fireplace diy

If you have a nonfunctioning fireplace, or just want some DIY fireplace ideas for the warmer months when you aren’t likely to light a fire, here’s a super-simple idea from The Art of Doing Stuff ; just fill the firebox with an armful of firewood, but paint a few of the log ends in various cheery and bright colors. It’s an easy way to add a few pops of color to the room.


Whitewashed Stone

paint white diy fireplace

Stone fireplaces seem to inspire strong opinions; people either love them or they hate them. If you fall into the second camp, you’ll appreciate A Happy Blog’s solution: whitewash. Giving natural stone a light wash of white paint immediately updates the look and creates a fresh and clean style that is far more contemporary than the original rustic lodge vibe.


All-Out Color

pink fireplace diy reno

While people most often paint over red brick fireplaces with white, gray, or black, those certainly aren’t your only options. In fact, a more colorful choice of paint—such as the ballerina pink chosen by A Subtle Revelry —is a guaranteed way to turn your DIY fireplace into the star of the living room. The choice of color is up to you: go bright, go moody, go pastel, or go jewel-tone.


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14 Impressive Fireplaces That Feature Tile in a Big Way

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creative writing description of fireplace brick


20 Gorgeous Brick Fireplace Designs

creative writing description of fireplace brick

A fireplace is not only functional in that it helps provide heat and warmth to your room, but it offers ambiance and a focal point for your room. Whether it is your living room or another room in your home, making your fireplace a beautiful creation that can be admired from anywhere in the room, is something that using brick as the main design element, can do. Brick is very versatile and comes in an array of colors so that you can make it as simple or elaborate as you want. Mixing colors and other design elements and accessories is one way to use brick as part of a beautiful brick fireplace creation. Here are a few brick fireplace ideas to help you in your design efforts.

1. Mantel choices

The mantel is one of the main accessories on any fireplace. Whether you have a large or small mantel, the color and choice of wood can really make a fireplace pop. If you have white moldings around windows and door frames, a white mantle against natural brick gives it a casual appearance, yet makes it stand out. For a more rustic look, a large, natural piece of oak for a mantel,

2. Accent tips

Using different colored bricks as accent bricks can add a sense of flair and style to a fireplace. Natural brick combined with a design of red bricks around the opening of the fireplace. Light colored grout adds to the unique look, along with a dark oak wood mantle. White brick used in restrained amounts can really accent light colored walls, such as gray or creams. Highlight the white brick with a beautiful white mantel and framing, or extend the white of the mantle into a white shelving unit on either side of the fireplace for an even more dramatic look.

3. Full-wall bricking or small

Depending on the size of the wall your fireplace is set, you may choose to brick the entire wall, or just extend the bricking above the fireplace, to the ceiling, for a grand looking fireplace. Bricking extended high up a wall are a great way to accent high ceilings, and give the room a dramatic appeal.

For more ideas on brick fireplaces, take a look at the following 20 pictures of gorgeous brick fireplace designs.

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.hgtv.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.thesuitelifedesigns.wordpress.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.pinterest.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.cpmpublishing.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.centerfieldbar.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.homestorkey.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.lullabycasa.net

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.midcityeast.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.idolza.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.actwow.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.hashook.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.modusfireplaces.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.houzz.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.homestratosphere.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Image via www.bisinfodigital.com

creative writing description of fireplace brick

Maria McCutchen is an author and freelance writer living in Chattanooga, TN. She is the published author of her memoir, “It’s all in Your Head,” and a children’s book. She has been writing for over 15 years; writing articles, whitepapers, product write-ups and more for multiple online media sites, blogs, company websites and individuals. She is also an advocate for brain malformations, including Chiari Malformation, and works closely with the non-profit organization, The Chiari Project, writing for their quarterly newsletters.

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creative writing description of fireplace

creative writing description of fireplace

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

Floor to Ceiling Fireplace Remodel Ideas

creative writing description of fireplace brick

With a floor to ceiling fireplace, all eyes are on the hearth of your home. It’s unavoidable- floor to ceiling fireplaces are naturally big and tall, making them very hard to miss. But is your fireplace looking its best? 

If you’re not satisfied with your fireplace, you’re not alone. Since a lot of new homes aren’t being built with fireplaces , your fireplace is likely due for a bit of an update. Even if you’ve got a home that was constructed more recently with a built-in fireplace, tastes can easily change over time. Not to worry! Whether your motives are functional or aesthetic, we’ve got some awesome floor to ceiling fireplace remodel ideas for you.

A New Coat of Paint

A floor to ceiling remodel with a brick facade that's been repainted white

So you’ve got an old, brick fireplace that needs a little bit of a tune-up. Well, you’ve got a couple of options. The first is to repaint over the old brick, like in the photo above.

Repainting brick is a great way to fix the aesthetic of an old floor to ceiling fireplace. Plus, it’s pretty cost-effective since you’ll end up keeping the material of the old fireplace. We recommend that if you choose to repaint your fireplace, you choose white, or another more neutral color. Neutral colors on a fireplace are great because they brighten up the room, and tie in with a lot of other room decor elements .

Upgrade From Brick

A floor to ceiling fireplace remodel with a new, stone facade to replace old brick

Another possible remodel for an old brick fireplace is updating the materials of the fireplace itself. You can use the space of your old floor to ceiling fireplace to make a new, greater one in its image!

Take the fireplace above, for example. Before it was stone, it was made up of brick . However, through the power of remodeling, they were able to update the look of the fireplace, adding some great new shelving in the process as well.

If stone’s not your thing, you could also update your brick floor to ceiling fireplace to one made out of tile. A patterned tile can update the focus of the room, and make your fireplace look more elegant. Alternatively, a plain tile can also give your floor to ceiling fireplace a much needed uplift. No matter what type of tile you choose, their sleek, clean finish will help your fireplace feel much more in-style.

Update the Mantel

A floor to ceiling fireplace remodel with an updated, lightwood mantel

Whether you’ve got an old mantel that needs updating or you’re getting one for the first time, a new mantel is a great remodel idea. If you’re looking at new mantels, you have two major options.

The first is to go for a functional mantel that is similar to your old one. Maybe your old mantel had taken some damage, or just fell outside of the aesthetic of the rest of the room. Simply install a new mantel in the style of the old one, and voila!

However, if you’re getting a mantel for the first time or want to venture into a new style entirely, you could go the ornate route. There are lots of different styles of mantels out there- have fun exploring and finding the one that speaks to you!

Alternatively, Ditch the Mantel

A floor to ceiling fireplace remodel with smooth tile and no mantel

When it comes to floor to ceiling fireplaces, they’re often pretty eye-catching due to their height and size. So, when it comes to remodeling, one thing to consider is what aesthetic you’re going for. If you choose a more minimalist or modern look, you may want to consider getting rid of the mantel altogether.

Removing the mantel allows the façade of your fireplace to speak for itself. No knickknacks, no extras, nothing. Additionally, we should probably add that the no-mantel aesthetic works best for fireplaces with a clean façade like this one. So, if you’ve got an older-looking fireplace, your remodeling might include removing the mantel, but it probably shouldn’t be the only alteration that you make.

Add an Insert

A floor to ceiling fireplace remodel with an insert to help heat radiate through the room

While you’re remodeling your floor to ceiling fireplace, another element to consider is functionality. Is your fireplace warming the room around it? Or does it feel like it could be warmer?

If you’re looking to up the heat level of your fireplace, one great remodel idea is to add an insert to your fireplace . A fireplace insert is a steel or cast iron box that insulates the fire and helps trap the heat. 

When it comes to inserts, there are also a couple of different options to choose from, including wood, gas, or electric. For more info, check out this helpful guide on the different styles of inserts!

A floor to ceiling fireplace remodel with a beautiful, ornate screen

If you’re looking for other ways to give your floor to ceiling fireplace an update, don’t be afraid to dig into the details! For example, a screen is a great way to make your fireplace look more distinct. Plus, it’ll act as a safety guard as well. Screens are a beautiful way to prevent the ashes of the fireplace from flying out into the rest of the room.

Another thing to think about is what’s above your fireplace. We already discussed the pros and cons of mantels themselves, but a floor to ceiling fireplace has plenty of vertical room for additional decorations. 

If you decide against the minimalist route, you could experiment with what’s above your fireplace. What about a painting? Or, maybe a mounted television is more your speed? Whatever you do, though, be careful if you decide to mount a mirror above the fireplace. You can make it work if you’ve got your heart set on it, but there are a couple of common pitfalls that people fall into when it comes to mounted mirrors. Be sure to know the experts’ advice before you buy or install a mirror above the fireplace!

Whatever method of remodeling suits you, we hope you enjoy your new, updated floor to ceiling fireplace. Happy remodeling!

creative writing description of fireplace brick

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creative writing description of fireplace brick

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How do I know you’ve finished writing my paper?

We’ll notify you via email the moment the writer uploads the first draft for your revision. You can then preview it and approve the piece to download an editable file or get it sent for a revision round with your comments about necessary corrections. Besides, you can always request a progress update from your writer or a support manager. Just ask them, “Any progress since I hired you to write my essay for me?”. As you see, you don’t need to fret, thinking, “How will I know when you write my essay, and it’s ready?”

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