creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Inviting, warm, cosy…….the Fireplace

Those three words describe how I feel when I see flames dancing in a fireplace. The smell of wood and the crackle sound as it burns…..Ahhhhh! What’s not to love? A fireplace invites you to curl up on the couch with a book, cuddly blanket, and a hot drink (or maybe a glass of wine 🙂 ). The warm th it gives off as it lulls you into a cosy mood and maybe a little snooze. That to me is a moment of bliss…..

I'm not the only one that loves to cosy up to the fire

I’m not the only one that loves to cosy up to the fire

A fireplace serves a purpose, but if there’s one thing that can make a room with it’s presence and the ambience given off when lit….it’s definitely a fireplace. I think after having a look at these lovelies you’ll agree 🙂

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest


Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest


Source: via Emma on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

This one looks soooo inviting!

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

I’d love to have a fireplace in the kitchen….I mean really….WHO has a fireplace in the kitchen?! Back in the “old days” it used to be standard, but now it would be a luxury.

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via Anouk on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via Terri on Pinterest

Oh, to have a bubble bath in front of this…

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: Uploaded by user via Katie on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via Malu on Pinterest

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Hmmmmm…..I think it’s time for me to go cosy up in front of the fire….I’ve just been handed a cup of tea and my favourite spot is waiting 😉

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Source: via ♥ Luvs 2 Travel on Pinterest

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26 Mantel Decor Ideas That Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point

Jessica Bennett is an editor, writer, and former digital assistant home editor at BHG.

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

With the right mantel decor, your fireplace will stand out prominently as the focal point of a room. Try one of these fireplace mantel ideas that combine artwork, mirrors, vases, and other accents to transform a lackluster hearth into the center of attention.

Painted Mantel Ideas

Accentuate your fireplace's features by painting the brick surround , mantel, wall, and trim the same color. An all-over paint job will help emphasize the molding and other details while creating a cohesive backdrop for mantel decor. The gray paint color used here stands out crisply against warm white walls , while showcasing a display of candlesticks, greenery, and artwork.

Simple Mantel Decorating Ideas

If you're lucky to have a mantel with character, let the mantel be the star by minimizing your accessories. Fill the wall space with a simple mirror and just a few well-placed objects. Decorative accents like glass vases and hurricane candle holders will fade into the background, keeping the emphasis on the mantel itself.

Overlapping Mantel Decor

Overlap artwork to make your mantel stand out. The key is to make sure the pieces vary in height and width. Here, a colorful map becomes a unifying backdrop while a framed print and painting overlap one another. The hues in the mantel decor are repeated on books carefully arranged by color on the built-in shelves.

Contrasting Mantel Colors

To turn an ordinary fireplace into a focal point, paint the wall above the mantel a hue that contrasts with the room's main wall color. Base the color on another element within the room for a cohesive look. Here, the mantel area's blue was matched to the stone on the fireplace surround.

Quick Mantel Makeover

For a fast fireplace mantel refresh, gather items you already own to quickly swap out your mantel decor. Items like potted houseplants, colorful vases, and vintage collectibles can easily turn a plain mantel into something special. Be sure to vary the size and scale of the objects to create a balanced display. Bonus: Create easy DIY artwork out of scrap plywood and spray paint.

Mantel Decor for Visual Contrast

Emphasize a room's height by displaying a tall frame, mirror, or art piece on your mantel. Choose an object that contrasts with the mantel for even more impact. Here, a framed painting with a black background stands out against deep blue walls . The piece's large, narrow frame draws the eye up toward the blue-painted ceiling.

DIY Fireplace Mantel

Have a fireplace but no mantel? Create a fireplace mantel made with a few supplies from the home improvement store. Start with a wood beam that matches the width of your fireplace surround. For a rustic look, stain the wood to create a distressed finish . Mount the mantel above the fireplace using a masonry drill bit and lag bolts.

Easy Mantel Decorating

In lieu of an oversized piece of art, choose three coordinating frames for a more budget-friendly mantel decorating idea. This set of prints displays a world map in three parts, forming an eye-catching display that stretches across most of the mantel. A few glass vases and votive candle holders punctuate the arrangement.

Maximalist Mantel Decor

Fireplace mantel decorating ideas that eschew minimalism and pull out all the stops are fun but require a bit of strategy and know-how. Scale is key: Pick items that fill the space and are relative to one another. Here, a large piece of art dramatically emphasizes the height of the room, while two medium artworks properly fill out the arrangement. Multiple large pieces might have competed with each other, and smaller pieces would have created an imbalance. Establishing a theme, such as a common thread of color , unites the different elements.

Off-Balance Mantel Decorating Ideas

An asymmetrical mantel arrangement feels cheeky and breezy, but it can also be a subtle and smart design strategy. By arranging the mantel's artwork on the left, the eye is naturally drawn to the peppy sofa pillows on the left side of the fireplace. Simple accessories on the other side keep the focus on the mantel's star artwork.

Coordinated Mantel Accessories

In a neutral living room, use accessories that pull from colors found elsewhere. Here, blue and yellow vases pick up hues used on the sofa while the brown wood mirror frame repeats the finish of the floor , furniture, and shelves. The result is a mantel arrangement that feels right at home and doesn't overshadow the charming dentil molding on the mantel.

Elegant Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Elegant mantel decorating ideas rely on constraint and thoughtful consideration of every detail. In this classic living room, a striking flourish of Art Deco-influenced wallpaper is the wow element. Everything else hangs back but holds its own. Delftware-like vases bookend the mantel for a pop of color.

Mix-and-Matched Mantel Decor

For an eclectic, personalized look, mix and match fireplace mantel decorating ideas across styles. Here, a bold contemporary painting adds color and balances the traditional styling of the white fireplace. Simple accessories keep the focus on the striking artwork.

Coordinated Mantel Art

Consider how art above the mantel relates to the mantel and fireplace, both in terms of style and size. For a cohesive style, pair like with like. The size of your art should proportionately fill the space. If a piece is too small, arrange it with a few other hanging pieces. Here, a traditional mantelpiece plays against an abstract splatter-painted piece, which features a neutral backdrop that ties in with the stone fireplace surround. The canvas stretches close to the ceiling and doesn't read as too small.

Layered Mantel Decor

Skip the fancy artwork and let fun frames shine with this mantel decorating idea for every day. Simply layer several empty frames of various sizes and finishes on your mantel shelf. Complete the look with a few accessories—even a vintage croquet mallet will do—and finish with a flourish of flowers or greenery.

Soothing Fireplace Mantel Decor

The right mix of accessories can enhance a simple mantel. For an easy fireplace mantel decorating idea, hang a mirror in the middle and a sconce on either side. Anchor the mantel with a larger vase in front of the mirror and fill in with smaller accessories, such as vases, candlesticks, and decorative objects. Pick up on colors and materials found elsewhere in the room. Here, a mix of white, blue, and gold pieces reflect the room's soothing palette . Vary the height and visual weight of items to easily fashion a well-dressed mantel.

Traditional Mantel Decor

Symmetrical arrangements project a classic order. Use the approach as an elegant mantel decorating idea for instant visual appeal. Start with a pair of wall sconces, one mounted on each side of the fireplace, and place a round mirror in the middle. Use similarly shaped objects on the mantel to maintain the orderly look. Here, tapered, footed vases mimic the shape of the candle sconces on the wall.

Fireplace Mantel Lighting Ideas

Industrial-style sconces give this mantel definition and a stylish source of light. A round mirror provides contrast to the abundance of straight lines throughout the room. The rustic reclaimed-wood mantel is perfect for displaying a few selective accessories. When there isn't much space between the mantel and ceiling, focus on accessorizing with just a few smaller pieces, rather than overwhelming the space with mantel decor.

Statement Mantel Art

A large, striking painting transforms this timeworn mantel for a look that embodies both country and modern fireplace mantel ideas. Neutral-toned items, including a brown jug, a small basket, and found objects, let the painting be the center of attention while still making the mantel feel complete. The mix of textures within the ensemble adds dimension to the monochromatic color palette.

Fireplace Mantel Solutions for TVs

Flat-panel TVs often naturally find a home above a fireplace, but the look can disrupt the fireplace's decorative facade. Reclaim your mantel's appearance by recessing the unit into the wall behind the fireplace and enclosing it with bifold doors. Here, the doors are clad in beaded board to match the coffered ceiling.

Fireplace Molding Details

Add character to your fireplace wall with molding. Paint molding pieces the same color as the wall and install them in rectangular shapes that fill the space around your fireplace. In this living room, one large rectangle frames the space above the mantel, while a narrow rectangle on either side of the fireplace fills the space and draws the eye upward.

Fireplace Mantel Accent Wall

Dress up a cookie-cutter fireplace by painting the surrounding wall a strong and striking color. In this living room, a steely midnight blue wall elevates an average white fireplace. When mixed with a gold sunburst mirror, the mantel becomes the center of attention. By adding simple accessories, like candlesticks and matching deer figurines, the mantel feels personalized.

Decorating a Fireplace with Built-Ins

Consider your entire fireplace wall when designing your mantel. If your fireplace is flanked by built-ins, consider how the look of the built-ins relates to the mantel. In this living room, the objects on display in the built-ins coordinate with the colors of the abstract painting above the fireplace.

Mantel Styling Tips

Play with objects of different heights when decorating your mantel. Here, tall, wispy branches draw the eye upward while books set vertically and horizontally emphasize the simple, sleek molding. A large, horizontal mirror with a gilded frame adds character to the mantel space.

Affordable Fireplace Mantel Update

For an affordable mantel artwork update, try a decal to add visual interest without the cost of a gallery piece. When picking out a decal, consider the size of the wall above your mantel and the width of the fireplace so you choose a design that isn't too small or too large. Here, a black clock detail on a white wall maintains an air of cool sophistication, which is maintained in the mantel's display of black candlesticks and white candles. A few well-placed books add subtle dimension, while a vase of yellow flowers provides restrained pop.

Symmetrical Mantel Decor

Use the concept of symmetry to guide your fireplace mantel decorating ideas. Start with a large object in the center (here, a sculptural piece of driftwood), then place pairs of objects on either side. They don't have to be identical, just related. For example, two different terra-cotta pots still look like they belong together. Remember that symmetry doesn't have to mean stiff; the organic shapes of branches and seedpods keep this arrangement casual.

Frequently Asked Questions

The scope and cost of a fireplace renovation can vary great depending on many factors, including the original state of your fireplace and your intended plans. In general, you can expect to spend anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 to renovate your fireplace mantel.

To mount your fireplace above your mantel, you'll want to rely on sturdy metal mounting hardware to securely attach the device to the studs in your wall. A television should always be hung directly into the studs, and should be situated at least 12 inches above the mantel to keep it safe from the heat of the fireplace.

The most expensive styles of fireplace mantels are typically made from marble or wood, and often feature ornate carvings that require a skilled professional to install and achieve.

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15 Fireplace Ideas to Elevate Any Mantel Any Time of the Year

Get inspired by these modern and creative designs — just right for all seasons.

Headshot of Alesandra Dubin

Layer the Look

fireplace ideas

Who says art should be laid out side by side? The mantel here has layers of objects and framed art for a dimensional look and a more unexpected visual interest.

Enlarge the Room With a Mirror

fireplace mantel ideas

Let a beautifully decorated fireplace mantel do double duty by using it to display a mirror that also serves the purpose of bouncing natural light, seeming to enlarge the room.

Arrange Found Items

fireplace ideas

This fireplace mantel touts the Virginia home ’s own history by displaying bottles uncovered in a barn on the property. But any carefully curated cluster of found objects adds a dose of personality and unique flair to a mantel.

Mix Foliage and Candles

fireplace ideas

For the aesthetic value alone, you can’t beat a mix of organic materials, such as branches of foliage and dried oranges, and candlesticks. We suggest using battery operated candles so you only have to keep your eye on the main fire.

Display Antiques

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Designer Kelley Motschenbacher decked her mantel with collectibles that impart a sense of whimsy and total individuality. "I really like antiques because they’re often weird, nontraditional sizes that are ideal for smaller rooms," she told Country Living .

Decorate With Lamps

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

A pair of metal lamps placed on either side of a television above a fireplace mantel lends both an appealing sense of symmetry, and also a dose of functional lighting, to any room.

Make It Personal

fireplace ideas

Give the whole room a highly personal look by hanging a monogram above the fireplace mantel — such as this oversized letter from a garden store in a Texas ranch.

Elevate Unexpected Objects


Unexpected objects get a place of pride on this mantel, including figurines, flowers, seashells, and cups. And if you're looking for a place to store all of your books, an unused fireplace is ideal.

Tell a Color Story

fireplace mantel ideas

Let the mantel command the attention it deserves by setting it with brightly colored objects in various sizes and textures. Here, potted plants, art, and vases pop in coordinating hues of yellows, blues, and greens.

Get Symmetrical

fireplace ideas

Mosaic sconces and potted greenery flank a wall-mounted antique horse in this example of how symmetry on a fireplace mantel can lend a tidy and soothing aesthetic to a room.

Keep a Sense of Humor

fireplace ideas

The mantel is an ideal place to inject a little humor into the home decor. For hers, stylist Sibella Court collected portraits of men and boys with mustaches — and for the ones who didn’t , she added a ‘stache for each, using ruffled paper fringe, a mask, and even a penciled-in version with a clown nose.

fireplace mantel ideas

Potted plants displayed on a fireplace mantel can add a dose of freshness — not to mention a cheerful pop of color — to the room.

Vary the Vases

fireplace mantel ideas

When it comes to a collection of vases, the more variety, the merrier. Mix shapes and sizes, and vary heights and colors, for an eye-catching result — whether filled with real or faux florals, or with nothing at all.

Display Plates

fireplace mantel ideas

There’s no need at for a matching set here. Display pretty dishes above your mantel for a delightful look — and piling on patterns only adds to the charm.

Art Gallery

fireplace mantel

A collection of art, of varying shapes and heights, adds dramatic visual interest to the room.

Headshot of Alesandra Dubin

Alesandra is a digital travel and lifestyle journalist based in Los Angeles whose work has appeared in Good Housekeeping , Woman’s Day , Prevention , Insider, Glamour , Shondaland, AFAR, Parents , TODAY and countless other online and print outlets. Alesandra has a masters degree in journalism with an emphasis on cultural reporting and criticism from NYU, and a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley. An avid traveler, she trots the globe with her husband and their twins.

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20 Creative Fireplace Mantel Ideas to Decorate for Every Occasion

Last updated on May 17, 2020

If you have a fireplace then decorating the mantel would be a fantastic thing to do. We’ve got the best fireplace mantel ideas just for you. Read on!

Even though the fireplace isn’t as common as it used to be, having one built makes it more comfortable and warmer especially in the winter. It even becomes the main focal point of the living room once lit.

That’s why we’ve made this list of fireplace mantel ideas because they can add extra function and beauty to your home. Check these out!

What's Inside

How to Decorate a Mantel

How to Decorate a Mantel

The fireplace can be the focal point of the house when decorated properly but doing it is not easy if you don’t know how to properly do it. So here are the basic steps to follow to ensure it’s done the right way.

Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Everyday

Mantel Decorating Ideas for Everyday

Decorating your mantel will make it look fun and new. It begins with balancing all the objects in the space and making sure that it suits the house whether it’s classic or modern. The point is to experiment with the combination of materials you have to reflect on your personality.

Here are some materials for decorations:

Spring Mantel Decor

Spring Mantel Decor

Designing the mantel during spring is actually pretty easy because it can blend with many kinds of themes like rustic, classic, or modern. You can use buckets or baskets for a rustic theme or antique vases for a classic theme. And of course, don’t forget fresh flowers.

Rustic Fireplace Mantel

Rustic mantel

A countryside mantel is so simple yet very relaxing that it makes you feel you’re in a different world. Fieldstone is one of the most commonly used material for a rustic mantel and pairing it with timber would make it even cozier.

Modern Fireplace Mantel

Modern mantel

A modern mantel can show the artistic side of the owner because it’s clean looking and simple household items or even collections can be used to decorate it. Modern vases arts or even plants will do.

Fireplace Wall

wall mantel

If you want your mantel to stand out, then a fireplace wall that looks amazing will definitely do the job. What’s important is that the wall will complement the mantel and support its appearance and it will make it the center of attraction in the living room.

DIY Fireplace Mantel

DIY mantel

Making your own fireplace mantel is a great idea if you want your fireplace to reflect who you really are and show the artist within you. It doesn’t need an expert skill to do and can be done with so little budget and so little time.

Stone Mantel

Stone mantel

Stone fireplace mantel’s scope covers a wide variety of themes yet provides the functionalities needed. It can be used when remodeling or adding a new one. There are different types of stones to choose from.

Some examples are:

Wood Fireplace Mantel

Wood mantel

Using wood for a mantel should be planned out carefully because using the wrong kind of wood might shorten the lifespan of your mantel wasting time and money. Softwood, in general, is a no-no, unlike hardwood which can last a very long time.

Antique Fireplace Mantels

Antique mantels

If you want your fireplace to be totally different and unique, decorate it with an antique mantel and let it stand out among all the other things in the living room. You can use old clocks or paint as decorations and combine it with gray or brown surroundings.

Fireplace Trim

Fireplace trim

To make your fireplace look customized, applying fireplace trim to it enhances and polishes it thus enhancing the entire living room, making it more prominent, including the walls around it. A trim kit is often offered by the manufacturer itself as they are fit to your fireplace and easier to install.

Faux Fireplace Mantel

Faux mantel

Even if you don’t like your fireplace or you don’t have at all, building a fake one is still good because it can make the living room cozy without costing an arm and leg. And since it’s not real, the aesthetic combination is endless.

Floating Fireplace Mantel

Floating mantel

A dark material fireplace is commonly used but if you want to brighten it up without too much hassle and cost, then a floating mantel is a great option. The most important thing is to determine the right measurement like width and height.

Metal Fireplace Mantel

Metal mantel

Metal fireplace mantel is usually built like a shelf to fully support any decorations. It’s a viable option especially if you want to show your artistic and design talents. The metal can be customized to match the fireplace.

White Mantel

White mantel

Giving the fireplace a sophisticated, elegant look is easy if you’re going to decorate it with a white mantel. It is best filled with modern or vintage art or even combining both. Depending on your space, different types of approaches can be done.

Mirror and Mantel

Mirror and mantel

If adding a mirror for your fireplace seems like a good idea, the first thing to consider is the style of the mirror. It can be round, square, or rectangle and with the right combination, it can make the fireplace more beautiful.

Shiplap Above Fireplace

Shiplap above mantel

Shiplap is a wooden board often used in barn and sheds but is also good to use on a fireplace. It can be installed easily and you can paint and stain it however you want plus it’s inexpensive. It is a dust magnet though and not very versatile.

How to Install a Fireplace Mantel

How to install a mantel

Mantels come in a variety of designs and materials like metal, stone, or wood. It can be installed within the day, build one from scratch, or buy a ready-made mantel though buying a ready made is much cheaper.

Here are the basic steps in installing one:

What to Hang Over Fireplace Mantel

What to Hang Over a Mantel

Depending on your preference, there could be a lot of things to hang over your fireplace mantel. It reflects the taste of the owner and can make the fireplace better looking.

Here are some of the common things to hang for your fireplace mantel:

TV on Top of the Fireplace

TV on top of a mantel

Hanging a TV on top of the fireplace is expensive and risky. The temperature needs to be considered to avoid breaking the TV so using a fireplace that doesn’t generate much heat is the ideal option (such as an electric fireplace insert.)

Continue reading:

43 Creative Corner Fireplace Ideas for Stunning Decor

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

10 Ways to Arrange Living Room Furniture with a Fireplace and TV

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

205 Best Living Room Decor Ideas

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

26 Elegant Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas Your Empty Walls Beg

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas for a Chic Living Space

Fireplaces are beautiful all on their own, whether it’s due to traditional millwork or a strikingly modern, marble design. Fireplace mantel decor can take the design to the next level! We are all about getting creative — but be careful not to create a space that feels busy or cluttered. Use an eye-catching statement piece, and surround it with decorative items like books, vases, and candlesticks. If you’re looking to learn more about how to decorate a fireplace mantel, see some of our tips below — including how to display wall art above the fireplace and how to hang a mirror over the mantel.

White marble fireplace with painted vases and golden velvet arm chair.

All About Artwork

When decorating any chic interior, artwork is what it’s all about. No matter your design style, use fireplace artwork to bring your space to the level — from vintage photographs to modern graphics. “Art is such a personal choice that it can instantly give a space character,” says Christine Lin, principal of Form + Field . “Most fireplaces on their own can be nondescript or fairly generic, falling into one of a dozen categories, so the art helps add personality to that fireplace and the room around it.” 

While hanging artwork over the fireplace is a beautiful (and popular) choice, you can also layer small paintings, framed photos, or other artwork by leaning the pieces against the wall on the mantel.  

Shop Artwork

"Peony 104" Photographic Print

"Peony 104" Photographic Print

Sarah Trundle "Non- Sense" Contemporary Abstract Painting

Sarah Trundle "Non- Sense" Contemp…

"A478" Framed Large Original Artwork by Marco Schmidli

"A478" Framed Large Original Artwo…

Medium “Coral Pool” Print by Kate Roebuck, 34” X 26”

Medium “Coral Pool” Print by Kate …

white marble mantle with round mirror and neutral art.

Make it Personal

Fireplace mantel decor should reflect you or your client’s lifestyle. Don’t fear a minimalist look. “If you don’t love having decorative objects on every surface, then by no means should you feel obligated to fill that mantel,” says Lin. If you do love decor (as we do!), find creative ways to make it personal. Use meaningful art and accessories, or place family pictures over the fireplace.

“Less is Best.”

A common design mistake is that art or accessories must be as large as the fireplace mantel itself. When it comes to fireplace mantel decor, pay attention to scale. “Less is best,” according to Penny Francis — principal designer and owner of Eclectic Home . “Be careful not to over-decorate.” 

As much as we obsess over fireplace mantel decor, we know that too many elements can appear cluttered. Establish a focal point, whether it’s a statement mirror or beautiful artwork. The statement piece should complement the architecture of the fireplace, without drawing away from its detail. “Allow one piece to take the center stage, while the rest of the accessories hold less weight,” says interior designer Maria Haidamus .

Shop Minimalist Decor

Black Rim Round Wall Mirror

Black Rim Round Wall Mirror

Fortuny by Moretti Madrazo Tall Vase in White

Fortuny by Moretti Madrazo Tall Va…

Trey Jones Studio Black Pentagami Planter

Trey Jones Studio Black Pentagami …

Contemporary Minimalist Framed Painting

Contemporary Minimalist Framed Pai…

marble fireplace with white sculptures and candlesticks with colorful painting.

Play with Height

Use a statement piece — like a mirror or wall decor above a fireplace — to ground the space. Layer both tall and short elements — like tall sculptures or ceramics and smaller bowls or books. Mix and match decorative pieces of different shapes and sizes — like books, candlesticks, and vases. 

And, don’t worry about creating a symmetric design. “Think asymmetry!” says Francis. “It’s ok if you don’t have a pair. Having one statement piece or an odd number creates a wonderful composition and statement.” Use a collection of antique books on one side of the mantel and a glass vase with faux flowers on the other. An asymmetric design will create intrigue and visual interest, so feel free to get creative. 

Shop Decorative Pieces

Anna Torfs Tilo Candlesticks

Anna Torfs Tilo Candlesticks

White Ceramic Large Vase

White Ceramic Large Vase

Polyhedron Candle Holder, Set of 4, White Marble

Polyhedron Candle Holder, Set of 4…

Sarreid Phillips Ceramic Canister

Sarreid Phillips Ceramic Canister

wood mantle with gold clock and patterned matching armchairs.

It’s About Time

Get creative with clocks, whether it’s to serve a practical function or simply used for decor — or both! Choose from rustic and contemporary styles to create a funky space or a sophisticated interior. Use a small, antique clock to add a playful touch or a large, metal clock to bring elegance and sophistication to a room. A small clock above the fireplace will mesh well with other decorative pieces on a mantel, while a large clock is the perfect statement piece.

Shop Clocks

Bold Brass Wall Clock

Bold Brass Wall Clock

Marbled Green Desk Clock

Marbled Green Desk Clock

Taj Medallion Table Clock

Taj Medallion Table Clock

Tgm Oak Gradient Clock

Tgm Oak Gradient Clock

Gray marble mantle with mirror-framed mirror and large glass vase of branches.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Create a design that oozes drama — whether it’s with a collection of small mirrors around the mantel or a single, large mirror over the fireplace. Mirrors are a great way to create a dramatic look, and add light and depth to a space. “Mirrors always make the room feel larger,” says Haidamus. “I usually use them in smaller spaces, and I always make sure that the image in the reflection is beautiful.” Situate a mirror over the fireplace so colorful artwork or a bold lighting fixture is reflected in the mirror. 

Shop Mirrors

Rose Mirrored Glass & Brass Mirror

Rose Mirrored Glass & Brass Mirror

Evelyn Rectangle Mirror

Evelyn Rectangle Mirror

Mirror Atomic by Antonio Cagianelli, Italy, Contemporary, 2017

Mirror Atomic by Antonio Cagianell…

French Cast Bronze Oyster Mirror

French Cast Bronze Oyster Mirror

Blue tiled fireplace with blue contemporary painting and gold wall sconces.

Light it Up

Brighten up any space and create visual interest when you place lighting above the fireplace. Use a pair of sconces to create a symmetric design or place a gallery light above a painting to illuminate the area. “Lighting can be the accessory that brings the entire vignette to life,” says Stephanie Waskins, co-founder of LARK + PALM . 

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Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen Aj 50 Black Outdoor Wall Light

Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen Aj…

'Trinus' Wall Lights by Gallery L7 - a Pair

'Trinus' Wall Lights by Gallery L7…

Mid Century Modern Style Sconces-A Pair

Mid Century Modern Style Sconces-A…

Mark D. Sikes Classic No.1 1 Light Wall Sconce - Polished Nickel With Metal Shade

Mark D. Sikes Classic No.1 1 Light…

' src=

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The Log and Timber University Online

How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel

The mantel is an underestimated fireplace feature that can set the tone in any living space. Here's how to decorate a fireplace mantel to work with the design in your timber home.

Mantels get no respect. Bad enough the word is often misspelled (it’s -el, not -le like the sleeveless cloak or baseball’s Mickey), but for people  planning  a fireplace, mantels are a mere afterthought to the big decision about the kind of chimney stone. Yet your mantel can be an engaging focal point that amplifies the look of your fireplace, both in its own right and to display an array of items that set the tone for the entire room. Mantels are the ideal  finishing touch --here's how to decorate a fireplace mantel that complements any timber home design. 

how to decorate a fireplace mantel

Types of Mantels

The shelf mantel is positioned right above the firebox. It’s either attached to the chimney with nails or glue or integrated into the stonework. A common built-in arrangement is for two appropriately spaced projections from the chimney to support the shelf. 

Surrounds generally don’t look right with a towering stone fireplace but are more at home with fireplaces that vent behind the wall. They create a finished look that the chimney otherwise would. The sides of a mantel surround can be decorative, adding curves and fluting, sometimes even high-relief sculpted columns.

Homes can and do have mantel shelves and surrounds without fireplaces. You can further the illusion of a fireplace by placing a decorative screen in front of the wall where a fireplace would be.

How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel

Mantel Materials

how to decorate a fireplace mantel

Recycled Wood & Stone 

How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel

Mantel Styles

Mantel embellishments.

How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel

Buying a Mantel

Read more from timber home living :.


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creative writing description of fireplace mantel

40+ Fabulous Fireplace Mantel Ideas to Give the Heart of Your Home an Upgrade

It's the key to a cozy living room.

fireplace mantel ideas

For instance, why not use one of these amazing living room paint colors and apply it to your fireplace instead of the walls? It may be much less work, yet will still deliver a big payoff. Look to the mustard yellow, navy blue, or sage green fireplaces in this list that make an elegant yet understated statement. Plus, painting has never been easier, thanks to our handy guide on how to paint furniture . We demystify the process of painting your abode's gracious wares that are dying for an upgraded look. You can also use decorative touches to highlight your mantel, with clever tips such as layering antique mirrors, hanging a vintage oil painting above the fire, or adorning it with lush plants.

Whether you’re looking to uphold your farmhouse decor ideas or you’re hoping to create a more modern, minimalist look, this list of beautiful, inspiring fireplace mantel ideas is exactly what you need. Give the heart of your home a fitting upgrade with one of these fun and fabulous fireplace mantel ideas!

Layered Antique Mirrors

fireplace mantel ideas mirrors

Not only do the different sized mirrors give depth to this room, but framing the fireplace with other pieces of art in various sizes makes it a real focal point.

Budget Mantel

fireplace mantel ideas wood

A thin piece of wood is used as the mantel on this all-white fireplace. The homeowners kept its natural edges to give it a more rustic style.

Showcase the Brick

fireplace mantel ideas antique wood

You can show off your original brick fireplace and still give it a unique look by surrounding it with antique wood.


Display Collectibles

fireplace mantel ideas collectibles

Have collectibles of something? Displaying it on your mantel is a great way to show off your items while creating a charming look.

Antiques Everywhere

fireplace mantel ideas antiques

Looking for a place to put your favorite odds and ends? Look for inspiration in Kelley Motschenbacher's quaint abode , where collectables are placed all over the living room. "I really like antiques because they’re often weird, nontraditional sizes that are ideal for smaller rooms," she says.

Perfectly Pint-Sized

fireplace mantel ideas topiaries

Jennifer Miller didn't let her 28-inch-wide hearth dissuade her from decorating. She chose scaled-down topiaries and candlesticks to go along with an oil portrait.

A Bit of Blue Onion

fireplace mantel ideas vases

Alison and Jim Luckman use their mantel to display their beautiful porcelain dishes.


Mirror, Mirror, on the Mantel

fireplace mantel ideas nyc

The gilded mirror in this New York City townhouse subtly matches the gold and black fireplace.


A Little Lighting

fireplace mantel ideas tv

A pair of metal lamps help the stunning chandelier illuminate the living room in this antique-filled farmhouse .

Color Coordinate

fireplace mantel ideas photos

Danny Seo used his hearth to show off a variety of beautiful black and white pieces.

Stunning Stone

fireplace mantel ideas

When your fireplace is this gorgeous, there's no need to go overboard with the decor. The owners of this Wyoming home added a pair of candlesticks and one piece of artwork.

A Bit of Brick

fireplace mantel ideas wheat

Hal Turner, the owner of this South Carolina smokehouse, actually salvaged brick pavers from his grandparents' old home for his fireplace. He then kept things nice and symmetrical up above with a couple of vases filled with wheat sheaves and a painting.

Bright and White

fireplace mantel ideas white

A white mantel offsets the brick fireplace in Holly Williams's Kentucky home . Plus, it offers a blank canvas to display just about anything.

Pretty Plants

fireplace mantel ideas hoop

Instead of hanging plants from the ceiling, simply display them around eye-level—like Chenault James —to freshen up your home for spring.


Unveil Artwork

fireplace mantel ideas painting

The farm painting perfectly pairs with the cow figurines lounging in this Texas home .

Prop a Painting

Living room, Room, Interior design, Fireplace, Furniture, Wall, Hearth, Table, Wood, Home,

Rather than leaving it bare or filling it with fire wood, the owners of this southern sporting cabin opted to display a work of heart on the hearth.

Mortar Wash

Furniture, Room, Interior design, Pink, Yellow, Living room, Table, Home, Chair, Wall,

Take a cue from the owner of this renovated California cabin and give your brick fireplace a quick makeover with a "German smear." The fast wash treatment is an easy way to tone down and distress a bright fireplace.

In With the Old

Hearth, Fireplace, Masonry oven, Brickwork, Brick, Room, Wood, Architecture, Building, Interior design,

The "art" above this fireplace is actually a gate from an old pigpen! Before this 100-year-old Texas home was remodeled , the entire structure was covered with fake rock from the 1970s and surrounded by bookshelves. The owners tore everything out to find this beautiful brick fireplace beneath all the junk.

Decorate with Found Items

Furniture, Room, Bed, Bedroom, Shelf, Interior design, Property, Shelving, Wall, Bed sheet,

This mantel and the bottles were uncovered in a barn on the property and added to this Virginian home's rustic farmhouse style .

Rustic Wood and Antlers

Living room, Fireplace, Hearth, Room, Interior design, Furniture, Heat, Home, Table, House,

The rustic mantel is made of wood from the homeowner's grandfather's farm, adding to her home 's cozy, welcoming feel.

Janece Maze is Associate Editor at Country Living , where she covers DIY projects, gardening, and travel. When she’s not in the kitchen creating a new recipe with farm fresh ingredients, you can find her on the road heading to a music festival or browsing a local consignment shop.  

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creative writing description of fireplace mantel

How to Make a Fireplace Mantel

The centerpiece of your living room, the fireplace is a symbol of comfort, coziness, and gratitude for life’s blessings. It serves as a font of memory and a bearer of tradition. Whether adorned with stockings and cookies during the holidays or displaying pictures or icons of family life rich with experience, the mantel is a figurehead of a happy home. While mantels can be antique designs, decorously carved of wood and stone, there is much room in an imaginative household for DIY pieces that carry a new kind of energy into your living space. Read on for ideas to help you create a work of your own to mount upon the hearth.

Safety First

Before you begin any kind of project that deals with fire and your home, it’s important to take a few safety considerations into account. This Old House gives a reminder that national codes mandate a minimum clearance of six inches around the firebox with “an additional 1 inch for every ⅛ inch a mantel protrudes from the surface” – and codes may be stricter locally depending on where you live. If you’re building a mantel of great size, weight, or one that requires structural changes to the fireplace or surrounding area, you may wish to consult a specialist for further safety precautions and common problems.

Design & Style

Once you have a notion of the safety parameters that may come into play, it’s time to pick a style and design your mantel. If you have a home décor theme, you’ll want to ensure the new mantel will match or complement the present arrangements of your living room and household. A DIY mantel is a great opportunity to get creative – interesting leftovers from a past project such as a pergola can serve as inspiration, or you can also choose inexpensive materials like those referenced in This Old House’s 5-step mantel building guide . If you’re really crafty, you can also use mortar and stone – especially if you’re adding onto a stone fireplace. Sometimes only the veneer is made from stone, so investigate any structures already in place before adding on additional features. When you’re in the design phase, it’s a good idea to draw out potential mantel builds on paper (or digitally with tools like Canva ) to get a visual concept before you begin the physical work.

Build and Mount

Steps to take in the building phase will vary based on your design. If you’re having trouble considering what kind of mantel you want to build, check out these 13 DIY mantel ideas from Some rustic designs only require a piece to be sized appropriately and do not need further finishing work, while others like a live-edge mantel will need a fair amount of sanding and care before the mounting can begin.

When you’re ready to mount the mantel to the wall or on top of an existing fireplace structure, there are also several options to consider. A simple or ornate metal bracket can get the job done swiftly and reliably, or bolts directly to the wall itself can serve if done correctly. Check out the iron brackets and bracing items available at The Home Depot to take a look at what’s readily available, or take a look at floating mantel designs on Etsy for other ideas.

Pro Tip: Once the mantel is set, give your fireplace tools a shine with WD-40 ® Smart Straw . The two-way straw system allows for area or precision spray, and our classic multi-use formula aids in the freeing up of rust. Spray and wipe with a cloth or rag to leave a shining coat of protection against future corrosion.


creative writing description of fireplace mantel

WD-40 ® Smart Straw ®

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

WD-40 ® EZ-REACH ®

WD-40 Multi-Use Product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything.


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Help your fireplace go from dreary and dated to better and brighter with the tips in this week’s WD-40® Brand Blog.

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Get your fireplace up and running and learn how to chop wood like a true lumberjack.

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How to style a fireplace mantel

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

Grouping objects in a pleasing arrangement is the goal of a vignette. Designers work hard on their tablescaping game, creating small compositions layered with texture and color that draw raves on Instagram. We asked some local designers to describe their process.

creative writing description of fireplace mantel

"If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, congratulations," says designer Susan Nelson of Home on Cameron in Alexandria. "They add instant warmth, character and are a focal point in any room."

Styling your own mantel is highly personal. Nelson and Todd Martz, who together designed the family room at the 2017 DC Design House, say it’s important to consider the room’s scale and the fireplace size as you experiment with art, mirrors, textiles or architectural elements above the mantel. For the shelf composition, you can go for a symmetrical arrangement with “a tall item on either side and a long, low something in the middle,” says Nelson, which creates a fairly formal look. A more relaxed asymmetrical arrangement uses an odd number of things of varying heights. There’s no formula. It’s created by trial and error until the mix of heights, widths and colors looks right.

PHOTOS: Inside the 2017 DC Design House

Their mantel had to stand out from their wallpaper, bold in both pattern and color: China Seas Sigourney in mustard. Because there was so much going on in the background, they hung a simple white carved wood mirror over the fireplace. They chose items with a childlike feel and a bit of whimsy. They put two tall floral sculptures on the left, as well as a small stack of antique books that belong to Martz with a tiny ceramic goose that belongs to Nelson placed on top. On the right is a 19th-century salesman's miniature chest, a handmade and child-size element.

More from the pros:

How do I style a bookshelf?

How do I decorate a dining table around a centerpiece?

How do I create a vignette on a chest or console?

How do I style a bar cart?

How do I decorate a window seat?

How do I style a beautiful bed?

Home Design Ideas For Modern Living

How To Create A Special Mantel Decor That Reflects Your Style

Simona Ganea on Homedit

Even though it may not seem so sometimes, mantels are exciting and not just because they’re associated with fireplaces . In fact, it’s not mandatory to have them both. A mantel is almost always a visual focal point for the room it’s in and there are a lot of cool ways in which you can take advantage of that. We’re talking about all the different mantel decorating ideas that you can explore and customize in your own way.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Seasonal mantel decors are always nice and can take many different forms. Flowers are often involved in such projects along with other season-specific elements. This lovely decor featured on theturquoisehome has a fresh spring vibe with floral hints and a farmhouse chic character.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Here’s another fireplace mantel decor also with lots of rustic charm. The main decoration here is a large metal and wood piece that sort of looks like an elegant arched door. It has a beautiful wreath on it which adds a fresh touch of color to the mantel and the space around it. The wreath has a grapevine base with greenery garlands wrapped around it. Check out worthingcourt to find out where to find these decorations.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

You can also display a few framed pictures or artwork on the mantel as a way to make the room feel cozy and welcoming. This sort of mantel decor is appreciated for how personal it makes a room seem. Of course, only decorating the mantel with framed pieces might be a bit boring so spice it up with a small vase, a planter or other ornaments. You can find additional details about this particular space on theinspiredroom .

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

You can tell just by looking at this mantel decor that the goal here was to create a blend of rustic and contemporary features by preserving the historic charm of this Victorian home and complementing it with modern elements. The mirror is the centerpiece in this case, featuring an eye-catching frame. Find out more about this house and its interior design on susanburnsdesign .

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

The fireplace mantel decor featured on desiretoinspire is a perfect example of how simplicity can make a big statement if you know how to take advantage of it. Both the fireplace surround and the mantel are minimalist and the real attraction is the set of decorations displayed on the mantel shelf.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

This is a perfect way to capture the beauty and rich essence of autumn in the form of a mantel decor. There’s a very fresh vibe given by all the greenery but also a sense of coziness and warmth transmitted by the pinecones and burlap. Overall, a successful combo which would actually look great not just in autumn but in winter as well. This lovely idea comes from stonegableblog .

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Because the TV was placed so close to the mantel, there wasn’t much space for decorations in this case. Still, there’s a lot going on here, not just on the mantel but around the fireplace in general. It’s a fall-themed decor which includes basic things like pumpkins and a grapevine wreath but also a few custom pieces as well. You can find more inspiring ideas like this one on lovecreatecelebrate .

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

The dark gray surround already gives this fireplace a distinguished look, especially in combination with the marble accents. In addition to that, it’s actually refreshing to see a mantel decor that doesn’t have a light-colored backdrop. The grapevine wreath looks fuller and the back and white framed pictures stand out in a pretty stylish way. This charming decor idea comes from beckdesignblog .

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

A large mirror displayed above the fireplace mantel can have a great effect on the room’s overall decor and ambiance, reflecting the light and the surroundings and opening up the space. We like the idea of placing a vase full of beautiful flowers in front of the mirror, on the mantel. See how that would look like on desiretoinspire .

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

It’s quite common to put the TV or a mirror above the fireplace and we’ve already seen a few examples in this sense but there’s a third option, just as simple and practical: a framed painting or a large framed picture. It can serve as a focal point and you can complement it with other smaller mantel decor pieces like vases, candles or something entirely original like this cool piece that we found on designsponge .

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

When the fireplace surround is already pretty busy and ornate, it might be a good idea to keep the mantel decor simple. You could use muted colors or tones reiterated in other placed around the house in order to create a cohesive interior decor. Have a look at this beautiful home featured on casadevalentina if you want more inspiration.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Decorating with groups of similar objects is a common strategy and you can use when creating your mantel decor. For example, if you like flowers, fill the shel with vases. They can have different shapes and sizes or even colors but they should be visually linked somehow so it’s obvious they form a collection.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Speaking of vases and collections, not all are meant to hold flowers. This is a very beautiful and refined mantel decor which puts together a series of individually stylish items. No two look the same and this variety creates a dynamic display.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

It’s important to create the mantel decor in accordance with the room’s overall design and vibe. The fireplace mantel should capture the essence of the room’s decor and should express it in a way that’s simple and eye-catching without being overwhelming.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Symmetry can bring a sense of familiarity and can make a space look more welcoming and comfortable. You can use this strategy when planning the decor around your fireplace, mantel included.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

A strategy can also be to think of the fireplace mantel as just as a regular shelf and to fill it with what you’d normally keep on a bookshelf. For example, you can display a few books, some framed pictures, maybe a small planter and some candles too.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Once again, symmetry is the key here. This is reflected both in the mantel decor as well as the two bookcase units which frame the fireplace. We really like the mixture of stone, wood and metal but also the use of fresh potted plants to complement this rustic decor.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Traditional fireplaces are all more or less the same but that can’t also be said about modern fireplaces which often have these sculptural, artistic designs which combine multiple functions into a single element. For example, the mantel in this case extends beyond the fireplace, creating a long, built-in shelf.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

We already mentioned that we like the idea of using mirrors on or above a fireplace mantel and this is another example which shows you why. The mirrors add depth to the room and reflect the beautiful and rich interior decor and they’re also pretty eye-catching even without that.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

Now that you’ve seen quite a few ideas regarding mantel decor and the strategies which you can use, you can pick your favorites and combine them to create the mantel decor that’s perfect for you and for your home.

Spring Fireplace Mantel Decor

A stone fireplace like this one is already pretty imposing even with an empty mantel. You can only make it look better and more eye-catching by adding decorations such as vases, sculptures, wreath or anything you find suitable for the space.

Full Service Chimney™

10 Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

by Full Service Chimney | Mar 26, 2021 | Fireplace Installations , Fireplace Remodeling

Mantel Decorating Ideas Featured Image

Whether you’re in a living room, office, or dining room, nothing is more eye-catching than a beautifully decorated fireplace mantel. The mantel is essentially a blank canvas for homeowners aiming to create a mood and match a room’s interior. If paired with the right décor, colors, and other decorating accessories, your mantel will naturally stand out as the room’s focal point.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a sophisticated understanding of interior design to decorate it perfectly. This blog post will outline and show images of fireplace mantel decor ideas that you can quickly implement in your home.   

Table of Contents

Modernize Your Mantel

Rustic fireplace mantel decor, decorate your fireplace mantel with a mirror, artistic style mantel, greenery above the hearth, decorating your stone fireplace, keep it traditional, layered fireplace mantel decor, how to decorate a brick fireplace mantel, minimalize your fireplace surround, how to decorate a fireplace mantel.

As mentioned before, decorating your fireplace mantel is like painting on an open canvas. Whatever you paint on that canvas, good or bad, creates visual interest that reflects you as an artist. The same is true for your mantelpiece. You can be as creative, simple, or elegant as you see fit, but regardless of your decision, it is a reflection of you and your home. Even changing the decor per season is like swapping out your favorite pieces of art. Doing both can completely alter the appearance of your main room!

  There are various styles, themes, and fireplace surround decor out there. But while the options are endless, you can’t just throw random objects on it and expect a high-quality result.

Before you start decorating, you need to outline a goal regarding what mood, style, and characteristics you’re trying to present through your surround. Once you do that, then you can begin with the creative decorating process.

Many searching for decorating ideas hold a common misconception that it’s time-consuming and expensive. The truth is, the time and cost of decorating it are solely dependent upon what you’re wanting. Like any decorating or home improvement project, you should budget your money and time carefully. Nevertheless, we guarantee at least one of the decorating ideas listed below will work as an excellent option for your home!

Modernizing your home is all about being clean, crisp, and simplistic. It’s the perfect décor choice for homeowners who don’t like clutter. Most interior designers utilize the “less is more” approach when deciding which modern fireplace mantel décor to purchase. They typically use a large centerpiece and matching accessories to go along with it.

Here are a few more characteristics of modern design:

Modern Fireplace mantel surround

White mantelpiece decorated with modern decor

The rustic style is growing increasingly popular with people who love the rustic farmhouse feel or are searching for how to decorate a mantel in a log home. It utilizes simplicity, warm and comforting colors, texture, and exposed natural elements. Rustic style mantelpieces are the perfect combination of charming country and eye-catching colors.

Here are some of the classic rustic fireplace mantel décor characteristics:

Suppose you’re looking for a foolproof trick to quickly and effectively decorate above your fireplace. In that case, a mirror is the décor item for you! Centering a mirror above your fireplace makes an immediate impact because it adds significant light and an illusion of height and space.

  Whether your style is modern, country, or even if you have no style at all, a mantel mirror will add a new touch of beauty to the room. Find a frame that works with your theme, add a few attractive accessories around it, and just like that, you’ve easily decorated your hearth surround.

Wood fireplace mantel surround

Large mirror above a wood fireplace surround

Fireplace mantel surround ideas

Simple and minimalistic artwork above a marble mantel

There’s no better place to display artwork than on or above your fireplace mantelpiece. Not only will the art draw immediate attention to your hearth, but it will also reflect your taste in art. Of course, we understand that the average homeowner isn’t an expert in the art field. But it doesn’t matter if you choose a Mona Lisa replica or a painting of a cat you bought at the flea market. Displaying style appropriate artwork is a fun way to add some character to your home.

Plant lovers and Spring season decorators rejoice! Going green with your fireplace is a wonderful way to brighten up and add a layer of freshness to the room. This option works best for homeowners with traditional and modern aesthetics or an abundance of white colors.

  Eucalyptus plants, snake plants, succulent plants, and garland are a few excellent décor options. Of course, if you decide to purchase real plants instead of artificial ones, you need to understand their growth capabilities. A eucalyptus plant, for example, could grow to be so long that it becomes a fire hazard! Check out this blog post for tips on how to decorate your fireplace safely.

Decorating Your Mantelpiece with Greenery

Greenery decorated around a stone hearth

If you have a stone fireplace in your home, then congratulations! Your fireplace is a work of art in itself. Regardless of its size, stone type, or color, the stone exudes a natural and comforting beauty in the home. A light or dark piece of wood is typically attached to the stone system.

Considering the stone is so naturally stunning, you don’t want to overdo it with the decorations. If too many additional objects clutter the area, it distracts from the stone. With that in mind, taking a more minimalistic and orderly approach would be the best way to achieve a balanced visual look in your hearth room.

Stone Mantelpiece Decorating Ideas

Rustic style decor on a stone fireplace mantel

Pairing the stone with rustic decorations is a popular choice, especially with log cabins homeowners. But as long as the decorations reflect the room’s aesthetic and aren’t too distracting, any style option will look fantastic.  

Traditional fireplace mantels and surrounds

Traditionally decorated fireplace surround

The traditional style is all about symmetry and uniformity with the décor. It combines modern and minimalist themes to present a calm, elegant, and classic look to the space. It’s not the antithesis of clutter like minimalistic is. Still, everything is placed in a specific way to keep the room feeling comfortable and orderly.

Here are a few more characteristics of traditional design:

In most cases, the decorative objects are all the same or of very similar shapes and colors. You can also find them decorated with a large centerpiece, two matching accessories evenly spaced on either side of the centerpiece, and an extended object directly underneath the centerpiece.

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

Layered frames with a garland accent piece

It doesn’t get any easier than the layered fireplace surround look! No tools, DIY, or interior design expertise is required. All you’ll have to do is layer various sizes of wood frames, prints, or artwork on the mantel. Place a few select pieces of décor around it, such as plants, candles, or books, and then you’re done!

Be careful not to hide the items completely. Overlap them so all of your stunning accessories will be visible. Layering is an easy way to achieve depth and a visually stunning display in the room.

Brick fireplaces are naturally attention-grabbing and add an element of texture to any room. Considering most site-built systems were built with bricks for many decades, they epitomize the classic fireplace style.

  Decorating the brick surround is dependent on the color, size, and style of your bricks. They were built frequently with the classic red brick look with a wood mantel; however, some bricks are lighter in color with dark wood, and others are dark with white marble. Every house is different, so there is no “one style fits all” method for brick decorating. What we can do, however, is point you in the right direction.

White painted brick fireplace mantel surround

White Painted Brick Fireplace & Decorations

Say you have white brick with a white mantelpiece. In that case, a modern style with some additional greenery would add a comforting and clean touch to the room.

Say you have the classic red brick with a dark wood mantelpiece. In that case, the system would stand out well with a combination of the minimalistic and rustic styles.

Minimalistic fireplace mantel surround

Minimalistic mantel in a modern style room

The minimalist decorating style prioritizes making the most out of everything in the room. Colors, lights, décor, and space all have equal importance to the overall design.

All you need to do to achieve a minimal style is carefully placing a few décor items on the mantelpiece. In many cases, a stack of small books, a picture frame, a candle, and a potted plant act as accent pieces around a centerpiece such as artwork or a mirror. If you appropriately match the objects with the room’s color, the hearth will truly stand out as the focal point.

Install a New Fireplace Mantel

If these decorating ideas inspired you to buy and install a premade mantelpiece of your own, there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

There are various safety requirements involved with installing these by yourself. A couple of those include installing approved fasteners for security to avoid fire hazards and the mantel height above the hearth opening. Also, this isn’t like hanging up a floating shelf on your wall. You’ll need specific tools to hang it effectively.

These considerations are a lot for a novice DIYer or woodworker to handle. If you’re one of those people or have little to no experience altogether, please consult a certified chimney technician for all your installation needs.

Full Service Chimney technicians install mantels in the Kansas City metro area .  Give us a call today!

For decades, fireplaces, and mantels by extension, were the go-to spot in the house because they were the primary heat source. If the fireplace had a piece above it, tools and fire starters were hung on it, or it was completely bare. Today, they are so commonplace in various homes that they can easily go unnoticed. But luckily, interior design has come a long way. And decorating the mantel has become an integral part of the design process for many homeowners.

Hopefully, these 10 fireplace mantel decorating ideas helped inspire you to start a new decorating project or have one professionally installed in your home. 

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