1. Your New Stone Fireplace: With or Without Mortar Joints

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  2. Stone fireplace made using a stencil.

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  3. The basics of stone fireplace design

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  4. Pin on Fireplace Design

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  6. CMTS Announces the 3rd Annual Quarry Farm Fireplace Creative Writing

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  1. Multi function fireplace #shorts

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  3. Building Underground Bamboo Survival Shelter

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  5. ChatGPT Prompt Genius Extension: Unlock Next-Level Themes and prompts!

  6. LIBRARY AMBIENCE with Crackling Fireplace, Rain, Occasional Turning Pages & Writing sounds


  1. Inviting, warm, cosy…….the Fireplace

    A fireplace invites you to curl up on the couch with a book, cuddly blanket, and a hot drink (or maybe a glass of wine ). The warmth it gives off as it lulls you into a cosy mood and maybe a little snooze. That to me is a moment of bliss….. A fireplace serves a purpose, but if there's one thing that can make a room with it's presence and ...

  2. Fireplace

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  3. 25 of the Best Words for Writers to Describe Fire

    Words to describe flames. You will want your readers to create an image in their minds when it comes to how the flame looked. You can consider using any of these words to describe fire. 01 Languid. E.g. "The languid flames struggled to stay alive in a pile of bricks that were laying in the back part of his house.".

  4. 18 Stunning Stone Fireplaces for Every Style

    Dark Stone Fireplace. Hannah Tyler Designs. The dark stone fireplace in this cabin from Hannah Tyler Designs is beyond stunning. The dark tones work perfectly with the wood plank walls, giving a very natural feel. The fireplace extends all the way to the ceiling, even ending at a slant to match the roof.

  5. How to Describe a fire in creative writing

    You can try bringing out some sound effects of fire using the following creative words to describe fire in your writing. 18 Roaring E.g. "Walking in the forest was one hell of a trial, but the idea of going past the roaring fire was also a suicide attempt."

  6. 34 Beautiful Stone Fireplace Ideas That Rock

    This is unnecessary when working with brick. Stone fireplaces usually cost 20 to 60 percent more than a brick fireplace, even when dense fire bricks are used around the fire. A brick fireplace will cost between $3,500 and $5,000, while a stone fireplace would cost between $4,550 and $7,500.

  7. Creative and Beautiful Fireplace Design Ideas: Our Top Picks

    The following options are the best stone for fireplaces: Limestone: Best for electric or gas fireplaces. While heat-resistant, it can crack when faced with the heat intensity of wood fires. Slate: Available in shades of gray, brown, black, copper, red, green, and gold. Slate is an excellent energy-efficient choice, but like limestone, it should ...

  8. Create a Magical Fireplace with Stone Veneer

    In this article, we'll discuss those benefits and share some types of stone veneer for fireplaces, along with a few stone veneer fireplace examples to help inspire your next design. The Benefits of a Stone Veneer Fireplace. There are several benefits to choosing stone veneer for fireplaces. Here are seven reasons to consider it for yours. 1.

  9. 35 Stylish Stone Fireplace Ideas to Warm Up Your Home

    A thick layer of soapstone makes up this small stone fireplace. The stone soaks up the fire's heat, then slowly releases it, warming a room many hours after the flames have died. Soft and sleek, soapstone can also be used across a variety of styles, including contemporary, traditional, cottage, and more. 31 of 35.

  10. 75 Living Room with a Stone Fireplace Ideas You'll Love

    The two-story great room features custom modern fireplace and modern chandelier. Voluptuous windows let in the beautiful PNW light. Example of a large trendy open concept medium tone wood floor and beige floor living room design in Seattle with white walls, a standard fireplace, a wall-mounted tv and a stone fireplace.

  11. Writing Activity: using a natural process to structure a short short

    Introduction to this Stone Soup Writing Activity. This is a short short story about someone who lights a fire in a fireplace, watches it burn for a while, letting his imagination wander along with the flames, and then, bored, goes away from the fire to do something else. The character finally returns to the fireplace, but only after the fire is ...

  12. 12 Beautiful DIY Fireplace Ideas

    Small Touches, Big Impact. 6 /13. It's a fairly common scenario: a fireplace that has an attractive mantel, pilasters, and hearth, but boring plain-vanilla "builder" tiles as a surround. If ...

  13. Fireplace

    fireplace, housing for an open fire inside a dwelling, used for heating and often for cooking. The first fireplaces developed when medieval houses and castles were equipped with chimneys to carry away smoke; experience soon showed that the rectangular form was superior, that a certain depth was most favourable, that a grate provided better draft, and that splayed sides increased reflection of ...

  14. 61 Outstanding Fireplace Designs for Your Modern Home

    Amazing Cantilevered Home in the Mountains. Architecture firm _naturehumaine designed a dream hideaway in eastern Quebec, complete with a centralized fireplace. The modern fireplace was built into a custom, multi-purpose cabinet welded from sheets of hot-rolled steel. It stores firewood, holds a TV, and even acts as a guardrail for the staircase.

  15. 20 Fireplace Hearth Ideas to Make Your Home Cozier

    Pl Studio / Aude Lerin. If you want your fireplace to really stand out, use paint! And for maximum coziness, go for a color in a warmer tone. "A cost-effective idea to update your fireplace is to simply paint it," Sabrina Panizza and Aude Lerin, co-founders of Pl Studio, say."Consider painting the fireplace mantel in your favorite color to add warmth as well as visual appeal to any area of ...

  16. 21 Inviting Stone Fireplace Ideas to Make Your Home Cozier

    1. Sheer Painted Stone Fireplace Design. It's amazing what a little paint can do to totally revitalize your living space. This stone fireplace makeover started with darker, natural-colored stones. It's a beautiful texture, but the color looked a little dated, especially next to farmhouse decor.

  17. Fireplace ideas: 18 fabulous ways with fireplace design

    'The fireplace box was already part of the home. We renovated the façade around the fireplace by painting the millwork a dramatic deep blue/black to create drama in the space. The stone around the façade is marble and was kept simple and timeless for longevity,' says Creative Principal Karen Wolf of Karen B Wolf Interiors. 14.

  18. 25 Stunning Fireplace Ideas to Steal

    17. Artistic stone lay.f. Of course, stone makes an excellent fireplace surround, but you can really raise the bar on your own fireplace appeal by laying the stone in a creative way. This stone seems to move across the fireplace face by wave - a fabulous elemental contrast to the fire itself. Absolutely stunning. 18.

  19. How to Paint a Stone Fireplace for a Breathtaking Transformation

    Step 1: Cut In. Before starting anything, be sure to wear proper safety equipment and clothes that you don't mind getting paint on—just in case. Using a smaller paintbrush, start cutting in with primer on the edges of the fireplace along the walls, ceiling, floor, and around the mantle.

  20. Creative Writing Description Of Fireplace

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