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Whether you want to become a travel writer or just want to write about your hobbies , wikiHow's Writing category can help you be a better writer ! Find helpful articles on increasing your word count , adding footnotes , publishing your writing , and more. The advice you need to write more effectively is just a few clicks away!

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writing article

Write a Book

writing article

Write a Good Story

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Write a Biography

writing article

Write a Column

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Learn Prepositions

writing article

Check an Essay for Plagiarism

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Come Up with a Good Book Title

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Write a Listicle

writing article

Write About Disability

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Participate in NaNoWriMo

Articles about Writing

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Write a News Article

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Write in Cursive

writing article

Write a Play Review

writing article

End a Request Letter

writing article

Write a Play Script

writing article

Write Phonetically

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Create a Good Story Title

writing article

Copyright Your Writing for Free

writing article

Abbreviating Continued: When to Use Cont. & Cont’d

writing article

Write a Monologue for a Play

writing article

Write a Theatre Biography

writing article

Reink a Typewriter Ribbon

writing article

Avoid Plagiarism

writing article

How to Write Highlights for a Paper

writing article

How to Write Playful Banter

writing article

Write a Conclusion for a Biography

writing article

Write with a Cricut Maker

writing article

Avoid Queerbaiting in Writing

writing article

Write Dramatic Monologue

writing article

Post Stories on Wattpad

writing article

How Can You Tell Fiction & Nonfiction Apart?

writing article

Write a Dark or Sad Story

writing article

Use Wattpad

writing article

Outline a Biography

writing article

Write About Your Hobbies and Interests

writing article

Detect Plagiarism

writing article

Do Ibid in Chicago Style

writing article

Improve Creative Writing

writing article

Achieve Fame on Wattpad

writing article

Cope with Having Accidentally Plagiarized

writing article

Make Writing One of Your Favorite Hobbies

writing article

Avoid Self Plagiarism

writing article

Annotate a Script

writing article

Write Lesbian Erotica

writing article

Write a Radio Program

writing article

Teach Narrative Writing

writing article

Get a Self Published Book into Libraries

writing article

Write a Radio Play

writing article

Write a Touching Story

writing article

Write an Interesting Story

writing article

Provide a Writing Sample

writing article

Write Capital and Lowercase Letters in Binary

writing article

Create a Graphic Novel As a Kid

writing article

Write a Play Based on a Book

writing article

Find Your Writing Style

writing article

Become a Popular Author on Quotev

writing article

Write a Book Outline

writing article

Write Effectively

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writing article

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writing article

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What Is Article Writing? Get Free, Top-Notch Samples

Have you been tasked with the responsibility of creating articles, and you are starting to panic because you don’t know what to do? Sometimes, students are instructed to write articles by their professors. Therefore, you must be knowledgeable about what is article writing. Most scholars lack basic research and crafting skills to create their papers. Besides, they are busy handling so many academic and personal responsibilities that they don’t have time to handle their articles and other assignments. Instead of stressing yourself with urgent deadlines and unending assignments, you can go through various samples to guide you in writing a quality article. It will save you a lot of time, and ensure you deliver quality content.

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Tips on How to Write Interesting Article

If you expect your readers to be engrossed in the content that you come up with, you must know how to write interesting article. But first, do you even know what an article is? It is a piece of writing normally intended for either presenting in a classroom setting or for publishing in a journal, magazine, or newspaper. It is usually crafted for a big audience. Therefore, it is important to attract and retain the attention of the reader. This piece of writing can either be formal or informal, based on the target audience. However, it is crafted in a less formal style compared to a report. It is crucial that you write this paper in an entertaining or interesting manner but still give thoughts, facts, as well as opinions. The aims of articles include describing a person, place, event, or experience; presenting a balanced argument or an opinion; comparing and contrasting; offering suggestions; offering advice; and providing information.  

If you’re looking to create an exciting piece, you must come up with an eye-catching title. It should attract the attention of your readers and suggest the theme of your essay. Think about a newspaper or magazine article that you recently read. What made you read the paper? There is a high chance that the document had a catchy heading. If your title seems disinteresting, nobody would want to read it. For instance, if you’re writing an article about bullying, you can create a compelling title such as “How to Stop Bullying in the American Education System” or “Why Bullying in American Schools Isn’t about to End.” Such titles will entice your reader to find out more about the topic. Alternatively, if the intention is to propose a solution to an issue or express your opinion, you can directly address your audience. For instance, if you’re writing an article about education, you can come up with titles like “Why Your Grades Don’t Seem to be Improving despite Spending Hours Studying” or “What You Should Do If You Want to Join Harvard.” Make sure that your title isn’t long, and that it mirrors the article style, that is, formal or informal.

Next, make sure that your article contains an introduction, body, and conclusion. The intro clearly describes the topic to be studied and keeps the attention of the reader. Depending on how long the article is, your body should contain roughly two to five paragraphs. Here, you further develop the topic in detail. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the topic or your final opinion, comment, or recommendation. It is important to remember that before you start crafting, you have to consider whether your article will appear is it in a journal, magazine, or newspaper.

Furthermore, identify the intended audience. Are you targeting a specific group? Is it for medical professionals, teenagers, students, or adults in general? Also, what is the objective of the article? Is it to suggest, advice, describe, compare and contrast, inform, etc.? These three factors will determine the layout of your paper, its level of formality, language, and style. Determine the content that you will utilize and carefully structure your ideas into paragraphs. Every paragraph needs to contain a clear topic distance.

Other tips for creating more engaging and interesting content include:

What Is A Scholarly Article? - The Definition

Most people ask, “what is a scholarly article?” This type of paper is created by a researcher who is working at a university. It is analyzed by other researchers found within the same discipline/subject through a process known as peer review. Additionally, the paper is published in a scholarly journal, whether academic or scientific, and the target audience is academic. Finally, the language used is advanced, and it comprises a reference list.

Guidelines on How to Write an Article

Now that you’re familiar with the definition of an article, you need to know the steps on how to write an article. The most important thing you need to identify is what kind of article you’re writing on. Are you writing an argumentative article?  Here, you present arguments about the two sides of an issue. It could be that you present one side more forcefully compared to the other, or you present both sides equally as balanced. This is all dependent on you and what side you support the most. Or have you been tasked with merely writing an article summary? Maybe you have been instructed to write a comparative, analytical, or descriptive paper. Or is it an Aachen article? Writing your paper will be dependent on the type of article. Once you’ve determined this, here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Select Your Topic

If your tutor hasn’t already instructed you to write on a specific topic, then you need to choose a topic of your liking. For instance, if you’ve been told to write an article about depression, there are many topics you can choose from. Make sure you select a topic that is both relevant and interesting. Also, make sure that the topic you choose contains enough information. Some topics are interesting, but you can barely find information about them. If the topic is really broad, you can narrow it down that way it becomes more specific and much easier to handle. Next, come up with a draft and jot down everything that comes to mind.

Step 2: Address the Needs of Your Audience

Imagine you’re the target audience of this piece, for instance, engineering professionals, medical students, or women. As the audience, what are the questions you need to be answered? For example, if you need to write an article about social media, what do you need to know about social networking sites? You probably don’t have the answers to the questions; still, note down the questions. The next step will provide all the answers for you.

Step 3: Researching

Make use of as many research sources as you can to create your article. You can use statistics, quotes, and examples by famous or well-known people, anecdotes, references to other articles, books, etc. If you’ve been instructed to write a Trump article, there are very many research sources that you can utilize to find information, including the internet, books, etc.

Step 4: Begin Writing

Incorporate the new content that you have found, keeping your target audience in mind. You can either create a new draft or incorporate new information, depending on the information you collect. Also, double-check your work to ensure that you’ve incorporated every appropriate step during the process. If your paper goes on in different directions, you can break it down into main points using subheadings. It is crucial to synthesize complicated information and break it down into several steps to ensure that your audience follows.

Step 5: Proofread your Content

Whether you’ve written a nacirema article or any other type of paper, make sure to go through your content several times or have someone else go through it. Do this to identify if there is any information missing or to find any mistakes, including grammatical or plagiarism, in your paper. Furthermore, you can read your work out loud or use a professional proof-reader to make sure that your final paper contains no mistakes and is of high-quality.

Steps on How to Summarize an Article

Most times, we often paraphrase an article, so whether you’re crafting a feminism article or any other paper, you must be good at summarizing information. You should summarize a paper when what you require from the source is the concept expressed, and not a particular language utilized to express it. Alternatively, you can do so when you can articulate in lesser words what the main point of a source is.

Ideas on How to Summarize an Article:

Steps on How to Quote an Article

You need to credit someone else’s ideas or words in your essay both at the end of your article as well as next to that quote. So, you must know how to quote an article.  Use quotation marks (“) for an exact quote, or if your quotation is forty words or more, format it as a block quotation. Next, add an  in-text citation  immediately after the quotation to dictate where it comes from. It is brief, has the page number, goes in parentheses, and guides you to the complete citation on the reference page.

An example of an MLA format article:

     “Life is what you make it” (John 37)

An example in APA:      

“That article on global warming has changed people’s attitude” (Rios, 2009, p. 1)

Get Free Article Samples from Our Service for Free Today

If, for varied reasons, you need professional assistance writing your articles, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service will provide quality samples written by our specialists at no charge.

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